Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy April!

Hello friends!
I know its been a usual, no excuses. Just busy here! Just wanted to share a quick update with you all on how the 17 day diet is going. I am on Cycle 3 where I get to add in more foods and I can enjoy my 2 carb servings anytime of the day, & not just before 2pm. I will be on C3 until April 20th & I have to say, I LOVE cycle 3!!! Omg!! To have a piece of Trader Joe's sprouted wheat toast again was noting short of DIVINE!!! I went 34 days without a piece of bread or toast and although it was challenging at times, for the most part, it wasn't that bad. The cravings for sweets are pretty much gone and I feel as though my carbs are under control. Its a good feeling. So in a synopsis, I am on day 39 of eating this way and I am down about 12#. It has been a slow process but I have gone from 185.5 to 173.5 (on Saturday). I took my measurements and I have lost about 3" from my belly & waist. I'm pleased with the progress so far & its actually not been bad at all. I'm hoping to be at 169 by the end of April. I think I can do it! I'm ready to be in a size 12!

I'm tired tonight so I am off to get showered and then heading to bed. Just thought I would drop in and say hello.

Hope you are all doing well.... :)