Saturday, August 25, 2012

17 Day Diet Update~ Starting Day 5 today

Good morning Peeps!

Just a quick post here to give you an update. I weighed in @ WW this morning & Lost another 2#!! Im down a total of 8# in 4 days!!!! Holy cow!!! I know its going to slow down soon but it is so motivating to see such rapid results. I feel great, I have lots of energy & am not bloated or gassy & the bowels are working like a champ (sorry~TMI~ I know) like I was before.

So if you are looking to shake things up a bit or if you are stalled in your weight loss, I highly recommend giving this plan a fair shake. So far, I am diggin it~ BIG TIME!!!! :)

Happy, Happy, Happy!!! :) :)  :)

Have a great weekend!!


Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm back!!!!!

Hello to all my dear girlfriends out there!!!

It has been a looooonnnng time since I have blogged & I am so sorry that I have been so out of touch. Life has been busy busy busy & I just haven't had the time or energy to blog. I am hoping to be more attentive & blog at least once a week.

So lets see, whats new here. Honestly, as I think about it, not much really. Just running to & from work & running my kids to and from activities, work & friends houses. I feel like some days my life is a blur. As far as my weight loss goes, well, I had a slip up...a BIG slip up & before I knew it, the scale was saying a number I thought I would never see again. It was very depressing. I was down to 173.8 in June and my weight on Tues of this week (my scale) said 187.5!!! What the heck!!!!! Its a slippery slope & I was sliding fast!  I am still going to WW but am finding that I am just stalled out & gaining & losing the same few pounds. Very frustrating & just not feeling motivates. My clothes were fitting tighter....I could fit into my size 14s but they are snug where they weren't before & that made me very sad that I had allowed myself to mess up bad enough to have such a big gain. So alot of the girls at work are having amazing success on "The 17 day Diet" by Dr. Mike Moreno so I decided on Tues that I would give it my "all out" effort & give it a try because I  needed a boost to get me going again & I will NOT weigh 190 ever again and that number was just a stones throw away.

So let me tell you about this 17 day diet. OMG! you wanna talk about RAPID weight loss girls!! Holy cow!!! I started on Tues at 187.5 (my scale) and this morning I weighed 181.5!!! A 6# weight loss in 3 days!!!! I had to get on the scale about 5x to believe it.This diet is pretty easy to follow & is based on a metabolic confusion.He pretty much states that if you follow the diet as planned, women can lose up to 12# in the first cycle. If I lose 12# in the first cycle, that is more than I have lost all year and I will become a true believer! It is very medically sound and very close to WW except that the first 17 day cycle you don't eat any bread carbs. You can have unlimited lean protein, 2 serving of low glycemic fruit (berries etc) before 2pm , 1-2 servings of healthy oils and unlimited veggies and you also take probiotics as well as 2 servings of yogurt or pro biotic rich foods like kefir or acidopholus milk (which is not sold in my town, not that I would want to drink anything with a name like that. It sounds disgusting). The girls at work are all averaging about 8# loss in the first week of cycle one & I think I may follow suit. It is exciting & encouraging to see the scale going down every day. so I will keep you all posted as to how its going. I went on Dr. Mike Moreno's FB site & "liked" him (and btw` he is smokin HOT HOT HOT!!!) I wrote him a message earlier today and he actually responded back to me with a personal message! It may be someone managing his site for him but I have a feeling he did it himself.

Here is my post & his reply.

    Sherri Lojewski

I started your 17 day diet on Tues & am down 6# as of this 3 days! I have lost almost 40# with Weight Watchers over the past 18 months & have been stalled for quite some time. This is a great plan, medically sound and has the p...
principles of the WW plan, just limiting carbs. I am excited to see what Day 17 will bring & what my weight loss total will be. Thank you for sharing your wisdom & a fantastic weight loss plan. :)

Dr. Mike Moreno Sherri well done . You will make any goal you have , thanks for the nice comments. 14 more days of cycle 1 . It gets easier and you will get more motivated. Please keep me posted.... dm

Can I just tell ya...I wanna stay on this plan just to let him know how I did in the first cycle!!! lol! I know that Jorge never responds & I think that is terrible. I am feelin the love from Dr. Mike! lol!!! ;)

So that's what new with me. We shall see what transpires. If you are interested in checking out the diet, google 17 day diet. Like I said, I needed a push to get me restarted & I think this may just be the answer.

The 17 Day Diet

The 17 Day Diet
If you need to shed pounds fast and in a safe and effective way, this book is for you! Unlike many diet programs that starve you down to size, Dr. Mike Moreno’s 17 Day Diet relies on proven methods to help you take the weight off and keep it off. His revolutionary program adjusts your body metabolically so that you burn fat, day in and day out. Each 17 day Cycle “Accelerate, Activate, Achieve and Arrive” changes your calorie count and the foods you eat. This variation that Dr. Mike coined as “body confusion” keeps your metabolism guessing, and you can expect to lose up to 10 to 12 pounds in the first 17 days! As an added bonus, the 17 Day Diet includes sample meal plans and a recipe section filled with tasty, easy and healthy food options. Whether you need to lose those last 10 pounds or drop 10 dress sizes, the 17 Day Diet is the perfect jump-start to a healthier, thinner you!

I promise to be a better blogger!

Love to you all!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Remember me??????

Hello all!!!
OMIGOSH!!! It has been about 5- 6 weeks from my last post since I have blogged and I am soooo sorry to have been away so long! Life is crazy busy now and the girls are in full swing with softball & soccer. Every day is filled with work & then coming home to pick up or take someone somewhere. When may is over, I think I will be able to breathe again. Sorry for my absence.

On the weight loss front, things are looking up! I weighed in at 173.8 last all time low for me in I cant tell you how long!! I want to break into that 160s & am hoping my Memorial Day to make that happen. I will then take another photo. when I hit 169.5 that will take me to 50# lost. Its only 4.3# away!!! So close I can taste it!!! I am hanging in there. It feels so hard lately and my enthusiasm waxes & wanes but I refuse to throw in the towel until I see 150 on the scale. I need to start toning up though..I'm very "soft" & I don't like that. Cant stand that roll of fat under the boobs....what the heck is it with that???!!

An update on the taste buds....I got them back!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)!!!!! Happy Happy Happy!!!!! They came back all of a sudden about 1 week after Easter. My little Easter miracle. The ENT I saw said he thinks a virus settled in one of the nerves. I am thankful to have my taste buds back!!!

I am gonna get caught up on the blogs today. I have missed you all!! I promise I will stay in touch more.

Love to all~

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Apologies & Atonement....

Hi friends!

Its been a while...I know....and I am sorry. Today is Saturday and I did not weigh in because I met a friend for coffee & to talk. We were the best of friends in high school and over the years have always stayed in touch. The past 3 years we have been very close & some incidents transpired & we  had some words last year & haven't spoken since.It was kind of ugly to be quite honest, and today, it was time to make amends. We talked for about an hour and a half at a local coffee spot, said our "I'm sorry's" and talked about things that were said regretfully and all is now water under the bridge, and I couldn't be happier to have my friend back in my life! There is something to be said about the power of forgiveness. It truly does free the soul!

As it would be, the scale at my house was looking very good too! I think I was down about 1#, but it was more important for me to have atonement with my friend. I have no regrets. My friend also commented that I had lost alot of weight. Made me feel good to hear that!

 The taste buds are still status quo. I thought they were getting better, but honestly, not really. Food in general just tastes yucky. I find myself searching for something that tastes good and I think that's why I'm not dropping weight like crazy. I should be for heavens sake!

Tomorrow starts a new month and I want April to be a month of focus and weight loss. I want to be on program 100% all of the time like Rosalie. That is my goal for the month.

On a fun side note, I went to Kohl's with my 30% off coupon that expired today and bought some really adorable Capri's. I LOVE Capri's and pray they never go out of style! I bought a denim pr, a white pr with really cute white embroidery around the front & back pockets , a pr of white Levis shorts for summer, and also another pr of black Capri's that are the Chaps brand which fit me like a glove usually. I had to special order a pr (they didn't have enough in stock) in a size 16 for some reason. I did buy a pr of them in 14s but they just feel too snug & I have the ole muffin top when I wear them. I know another 10# off & they will look better but until then, I will wear the 16s & have them look decent. I got them for $13 with my 30% off, Kohl's cash & free shipping. Cant beat that!   Everything else was bought in a size 14 still but I would rather have something fit properly than buy something smaller that I will look like a sausage in or will never wear. I also bought a few tops the other day & I think I will need to take the one back & get a medium...its just too big, even my hubby agrees. And to think that 1 year ago I was wearing an XL or 1X in Womens. I think underneath it all, there is a skinny chick waiting to be hatched. lol. I do have small wrists & ankles & these darned legs are getting so skinny!! I wish it would go from my belly instead. I know, I know, I need to follow the BFC! Im not kidding here though, the legs on pants are getting pretty baggy these days. I do wish I had nice curves though & a nice waist. I am kind of straight up & down. I need to wear a mid rise or something a little higher up to give the illusion of a waist. I envy people with nice curves although there are probably alot of people who envy a skinny butt & legs which I have.

So that's it for this girl tonight. Hope you are all doing great! Miss you all and sorry to be such a  stranger. Life's been busy with soccer & softball games after school & then throw work in too and by the time I get home, I'm exhausted!

Hugs to you all

Monday, March 26, 2012

Feeling hopeful today............

Hello friends!

Well, I don't want to jump the gun or get too excited here, but I think that my taste buds may be on the mend! I had some yogurt with my lunch today and I could almost taste the raspberry in it. It had a hint of taste to it and wasn't bitter like it has been. I couldnt get past taking a bit of yogurt and usually ended up throwing it out so finishing the whole container was a victory of sorts (in a weird way!).I came home and gave it my daily frosting test. I have been taking 1 tsp of frosting every day to see if I can taste it and today, it had more taste than it has all month! I could tell it was vanilla and it wasn't awful tasting like it has been. Perhaps things are regenerating?? I don't know, but I am feeling hopeful and just wanted to let you all know. I will continue to pray about it but perhaps things are getting better.

Thanks for your sweet comments & concern. You are all wonderful friends and I appreciate your emotional support during this challenging time . I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy. Its no picnic when nothing tastes good.

I am going to make some veggie soup now so gonna say goodnight!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends....please!

Hello all!

Well, today is Saturday and it is usually weigh in day for me but today, I decided not to go to WW. I just wasn't in the mood to rah rah about everyone else's success. Isn't that terrible of me to say? I have been in my pity party of one lately and the loss of taste has made me a bit despondent  & feeling hopeless that I wont regain my taste of anything pleasant (sweet).I feel like I have been pretty good, although it has been very challenging to eat since my taste buds have gone to the wayside. Its going on a month in a few days and it is VERY depressing to say the least. You would think I would be dropping weight like crazy not eating alot but not the case here. I feel so "stuck" and I want to get my weight loss going again and so I need your help all my BFC friends. Since fruit & yogurt and anything sweet for that matter taste absolutely awful, I would really like your help to try the BFC again. I LOVE WW....don't get me wrong, but I cant eat the things I used to and until my taste buds return( I pray they do!!!) I would really like to give this plan a good whirl & see if it can help me get "Unstuck". So if you all would, can you please give me some good tips that have worked for you and tell me some good things to start eating on the BFC. I will warn you, I am not a huge egg fan and they are one of the things that don't taste great. I can pretty much eat anything that isn't sweet and is rather neutral or bland. Chicken, fish (not a big fan of that) pretty much any kind of meat, etc all go down OK without bad aftertaste. Sprouted wheat bread and peanut butter are 2 of the things that I can tolerate best. No Natures Hollow, No coconut bread, no coffee (oh how I miss this one!!)...its all yucky to my taste buds & leaves a horrible aftertaste. I have a really hard time eating all the fat that is allowed on this plan & I think that's why I struggled so much with it before. I would like to try a lower fat version if possible. Your input is valued & appreciated. :) I know so many of you have had incredible success on this and I really need help getting rid of my belly. My legs & butt are pretty skinny now and I really dont need to lose any more in those areas. I need help with my apple middle. I want to lose this belly!

My weight is holding steady at around 174.5-175. I want to break into the 160s by Easter (169) and I am hoping this might give me the push I need. Also, would you please post how much you lost on your first few weeks following BFC & the things you noticed most. Thanks girls.

Not much else going on here....same old, same old... Hope all is well with you.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love & Hugs~

Monday, March 19, 2012

So I saw the Dr. today.....

Hi Friends
Well, just got back from the ENT Dr. appt and he found nothing wrong with me, as I suspected. I feel fine & didn't think I had a sinus infection or an ear infection. I was following up with a Medical Dr. as I was told by my dentist. He said that my dentist "needs to do better" and come up with a reason why this happened. He thinks it is related to the dental procedure/Novocaine. He did order a CAT scan as well as a B12 level but he said they are long shots as he thinks they will come back negative. So where do I go now? I don't know. I have a call in to the dentists office & am waiting for them to call me back. I am afraid I will get weepy & I don't want to do that but on the other hand, I don't want to live my life not being able to taste again. I pray this isn't my fate. I wish I never had to have this done. I cant stand the awful taste in my mouth and the thought of never being able to taste anything pleasant again is beyond words....beyond depressing.

So that's my update. Sorry its not a very upbeat post here. I'm just not feeling very happy these days.  I will just leave it up to God to fix this one. Thanks for listening.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

An update....with photos!

Hi friends!
Well, its been awhile (again) since I have posted so I figured I would give you all an update on the taste bud situation. Sad to report that absolutely NOTHING has changed and I still cant taste anything but bitter and sour. It is going on 3 weeks in a few days and it has been quite a miserable few weeks. I have been googling like a crazy person and have an appt to see and ENT (Ear Nose & Throat ) specialist tomorrow. Praying he will be able to shed some light on the situation and offer me an effective treatment plan. I hate to sound like such a downer lately but when all you can taste is metallic/bitter 24/7, it makes for one to become a bit cranky, and I have definitely become  a bit cranky for sure. Fruit tastes terrible. coffee tastes awful too. Anything remotely sweet gives me a horrible bitter aftertaste. Here's a good analogy for you. Imagine the taste of getting hairspray in your mouth....that's what my mouth tastes. It is disgusting! Ive read that disruptions in taste can be re: to ear & sinus infections. I feel great but perhaps I have a "silent" infection??? I don't know but it is very depressing to eat anymore. Please say a little prayer that this will end soon.

Now, You would think that I would be dropping pounds left and right now, wouldn't you?? Well, not the case! I lost .2# last week (that's not 2#, its .2 or 4 ozs! *sigh*), and stayed the same this week. My scale says 174.5. WW scale says 176. Damn clothes! Why cant we weigh in behind a private screen naked! lol. I should invent some weigh in clothing that is feather light for those who weigh in at WW. I think I would be rich, sipping a cold drink somewhere on a sandy beach somewhere warm! Anyone out there who can sew and want to join me in inventing this???lol!  Anyways, I am 174.5 on my scale and that is what I am going by. Period! My goal is still to hit 169.8 (minimum) by Easter and by golly, come hell or high water, I am gonna fricken do it!!! Grrrrrr!  I know that I need to be more active so with the weather being so nice, I am going to get out and walk at least 2 miles each day. Tomorrow morning I plan to hit the gym in the am & then take an evening walk after supper. We have had beautiful warm weather and I need to take advantage of it while it lasts. My sister and I walked about 2 1/4 miles today and it felt great to do that again. She is wonderful company and the time goes by so fast and there is never a loss of conversation. I LOVE my sister!!! She is really starting to show her weight loss too!

I put on my pair of Capri's today that I wore at the start of my journey at my parents anniversary party in Sept 2010. I will try to post the picture for you all to see how big they are on me now. Even though the scale has been at a snails pace (my fault for dilly dallying these last few months) when I put on these pants, I am reminded of how far I truly have come and it gives me the push to keep going. I cant wait to see that 169 on the scale and to buy a pr of size 12 jeans and not have them be tight. I can put on a 12 and zip them but I have muffin top explosion and its just not a pretty sight! lol.

                                         Sept 6, 2010   I am in the black & white sweater (2nd from left) Sorry the picture is not closer so you can see but I was very good at trying to hide & conceal my "largeness" behind other people. BTW~ This is my family. :) Favorite sister & WW buddy Rose is on the Far Right in the light blue blouse. :) You should see how great she looks with 35# off. Wish I had a good pic to post of her but I dont.

    Aug 2010 @ my 25th class reunion with a classmate. I know its not a great picture but you can see that my fat was hanging over the edge these capris .There was no extra room!

Here are the updated photos. These capris are like clown pants on me. I know you cant tell from the 3rd picture, but the crotch of these pants is way low! In the Sept 2010 photo, these capris fit just perfect & there was no extra room whatsoever.

Well girls...I will say goodnight for now. Wishing you all well. You are all in my thoughts.

Hugs & thanks for listening to me ramble about the tastebud dilemma. Its been challenging, scary & kind of consuming my life lately. You are all good friends to listen. Thank you!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A little bummed here.....

Hi friends!

I finally got on the blogs for a bit. Still have many to read to catch up. I'm sorry I haven't been around. I had the weirdest thing happen to me since my dental crown prep was done March 1st and I have been in a bit of a depression about it. It seems that since I had my temporary crown placed, I have no taste sensation. I cant taste anything but VERY salty things, and I mean VERY salty! Not a good thing for the BP. Glad I don't have issues there. I have had a horrible bitter/metallic taste in my mouth for almost 2 weeks now & its getting old. I so desperately just want a taste of something sweet but whenever I try, it has no taste whatsoever and then my mouth gets such a horrible bitter taste, it just isn't worth it. I have called my dentist twice and he is baffled. I am hoping that once the permanent crown is placed on Thurs that things will go back to normal....I am hopeful .It is making me feel very despondent that I will never taste again. I made an appt with a Ear, nose & throat specialist for Monday and hopefully he can help. I cant imagine living my life like this with no taste.

Weigh loss has been very slow lately. I want to get into the 160s (169) by Easter. I am about 5# away. Not being able to taste has made it more challenging to stay on plan.

I have to pick my daughter up from soccer so I must sign off for now. Hope you are all well. I do miss you all and will get around to responding to your blogs.  I promise.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

A very quick post...

Hi Friends!

Well, it took me over an hour but I think I got caught up on your blogs. I didst see a post from Katie though.....anybody know if shes been on the blogs??

All is well here. I had today off and went to get my temporary crown today. The permanent crown will be placed on March 15th. I'm 2/3 of the way done with this saga and I will be glad when it is over. Ive had enough Novocaine, thank you very much.

Diet wise, I feel fantastic!!!! Got on the scale this morning and it looks promising....looks like down 2-3# this week, HOWEVER I never get too excited until I get on WWs scale. Theirs is the true number I go off of. I have been very good not eating between meals and only eating when I am truly hungry & stopping when I am comfortable SATISFIED, NOT FULL. Its been a sacrifice and it makes me happy inside to know that I am doing something this lent that isn't easy. I feel good, in control and am amazed at how little my body truly needs to function. Don't worry Rosalie, I am eating enough. lol. I find that dinner is by far my favorite meal so I always have a great supper. Tonight I had taco salad. It was weird eating it because I was still numb from the Novocaine, but it was almost 4pm and I was really really hungry so I made that jaw of mine work. hahaha!

Hubby is missing me and I need to go & pack my lunch so I will bid you all a short farewell for now. I will post on Saturday to let you know how my weigh in went.

Have a great rest of the week!!!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

I guess I've been away too long...18 days without posting!

Hello friends!

I couldn't believe it when I signed in to my blog (which by the way, I went to sign in and forgot my password!!! Had to reset it...that's pretty bad that I forgot that!) and saw that I have not posted in 18 days!!! OMG! What the heck??! So I want to apologize to you all and let you know that I have no excuses and I have not fallen off the face of the earth....just haven't had the extra time to be online lately. I am a part time person at work and I worked every day last week, which might I add, I don't like to go in every day. I love my part time status as I feel like I can manage the house as well as my life by getting exercise in, cooking meals, cleaning (which I really don't like to do but I suck it up & do it anyways! lol) etc.

So here's a quick update on whats been happening here. As I said, I worked alot last week. The week before I had to have a root canal and ended up having some pain after & had to go back to see the endodontist. The tooth is fine, he just shaved the temporary filling down and had me take Motrin for 3-4 days every 4-6 hrs and surprisingly, that did the trick. I get my temporary filling this Thurs (yay! To finally chew something on the right side of my mouth will be wonderful! Left side is getting a little tired of doing all the work! I have been eating only soft foods and have become very creative with oatmeal.....hahaha! I had a tooth break off under the gum line after my last root canal and had to go through a crown lengthening procedure that I wouldn't wish on my worst I am bound and determined to NEVER EVER let that happen again!!! I will leave it at

Weight wise, I will be honest, it has been tough. I haven't lost anything in 2 weeks....stayed the same this week. I am catholic and last year I gave up diet pop for lent. (I know all of you BFC-ers are gasping!) It was too easy for me and I wanted to give up something more challenging for lent this year, so I decided that I am not going to eat in between meals as well as nothing after 7pm and I will only allow myself to eat when I am physically hungry  (ie stomach growling) I think the reason that I have been "stuck" is because I have just been eating too much food ,even though my diet has been clean. This has really helped me to refocus and so far so good. It is most definitely challenging to do and it is not easy but I will not waver. It is a small sacrifice that I can make. I am still doing WW, but I have also been incorporating the principles of a plan that I followed about 13 yrs ago that I was unbelievably successful on. The plan was called "Weigh Down Workshop". It is a christian based weight loss program that my mom introduced me to in June 2000. My mom started it in March of 2000 and lost 77# in 7 months! She looked fantastic and I was stuck on WW with about 30# left to lose (sound familiar??) so I learned the basics of the program , started in June and by Dec 2000 I was down 33# following this plan...6 months! I ended up losing a total of 58# and was down to my lowest weight that I can remember, 166. Every time I got on the scale, my weight was down. It taught me not to be a "slave to the scale" and not weigh myself every day. I would weigh myself about every 2 weeks because I almost couldn't stand to wait any longer. I had to have my husband hide my scale but it was a positive thing for me because many times, when I weighed myself every day, I would allow that number to determine my happiness and self worth and it helped me to refocus. There is alot more to the plan that I wont go in to. If you are interested you can go to and check out the testimonials, etc. It has helped me not only to control my eating but has also strengthened my faith. Its not for everyone, but I know personally, it helps me...but it's not for everyone.

So guess what??My tummy is growling right now and I am going to go and have a bowl of my homemade chicken barley soup that I made today and a piece of homemade banana baked oatmeal (ww recipe YUMMY!!!). I hope you all are doing well. I have missed you and promise to catch up on your blogs tonight. Again, I am so sorry that I have been away for so long. Wishing you all the start to a great week! Its almost March!!!!!

Love & belief!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Woo hoo!!! New jeans!!!

Hey girls!

This is gonna be a short post, but I just had to share this exciting news! I went to my favorite consignment store to pick up the clothes & shoes that didn't sell as well as collect my money from what they did sell. I consigned all of my clothes that were too big, many of them size 16-18W jeans & lots of 1x tops. They were very successful in moving alot of the clothing for me and I made almost $46. Not too shabby & way better than what I would have gotten from them at a garage sale. Anyways, back to my main thought of this post. So as I was scoping the store to find my unsold items, I found  a few pr of  jeans & decided to try them on. One pr was a pr of size 14 Gap black denim jeans. They fit perfectly, actually, they are almost a little loose, but they feel good & look good so I bought them. They were brand new with tags on ($59.50) and I got them for $15.99. SCORE! Then I found a pr of Tommy Hilfiger jeans that were in a size 12 that looked brand new. I looked at them, then put them back, then decided to try them on for kicks & giggles and guess what???!! THEY FIT!!! They zipped and everything... and did I mention...THEY ARE A SIZE 12!!!!!! Misses SIZE 12!!!! O M G!!!! I almost fell over in the dressing room....actually I think I almost had a mini stroke in there! I went out to see what they looked like in the 3 way mirror, and then I asked if they had a hand held mirror so I could see if they looked OK to wear in public. Well, they are a tad bit snug still but without a doubt I could wear them out in public, no problem, but I think I will wear them when I am down another 8 or so pounds. I think when I get into the 160s they are gonna fit like a glove! I am so excited!!!!! I haven't had a size 12 pr of jeans hanging in my closet in YEARS....and I mean YEARS!!!!

So that's whats new with me. 2 new pr of jeans for me today. On a sad note, I have to have a root canal next Wed. :( Booooo hiss! I think my dentist was on crack or something when he was drilling my teeth as a kid because every filling I have seems to be overly filled, and now as I am in my 40s, the teeth are starting to fracture & need root canals.( sigh) No fun getting old fun at all! Thank goodness I love my endodontist. (root canal dentist) He is fantastic! (this is my 2nd root canal)

Hope you are all doing great this week! I think I am going to weigh in tomorrow at WW as I cant go on Saturday due to my Cardiac Symposium. I will keep you all posted. Still catching up on blogs so if I haven't commented on your blog, I apologize. I am getting there!

Hugs & Happy Dancing!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy February! Im only a week late!

Hellooooooo there!

I'm back!! Life was a bit crazy last week so my apologies for my absence. I feel like I haven't stopped running the past 7 days . Anyways, its time for a post from me, whether you like it or not! hahaha!

Things are going well over here on the weight loss front. I have committed to doing the Simply Filling Technique on WW and it is proving to be successful for me, so far. The first week of SFT (Simply Filling Technique. I am going to abbreviate) I lost 2.6#. Last week I lost .8# for a grand total of 3.4# lost in 2 weeks! Hooray! I am finding this aspect of the plan to not only be very satisfying, but I feel really good eating this way. It encompasses eating more whole, unprocessed foods like fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains (brown rice, barley, quinoa etc) as well as dairy, healthy oils and water. It is a no brainer to me and I think this is whats going to make the difference for me in getting back on track. I will keep you posted weekly and at the end of the month, I will have a grand total to share and hopefully it will be great! I am feeling really energized again and I was thinking to myself the other day...." in 4 months it will be sunny , almost summer and the month of JUNE!!! I am bound & determined to look great this summer and I cant wait to get some new clothes in a size 12....or better yet, my ultimate dream size of a size 10! Its gonna happen...just sayin....

So I am gonna be brief tonight as I need to go and make supper for the family. Hoping you are all doing well. I have missed reading your blogs and plan on taking some time in the next day or so to catch up & write comments.

Love & Hugs

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Update...Saturday Weigh in Edition.

Good afternoon Girls!

Well, I am happy to report that my weigh in this week was very good! I am down 2.6#!! Yay!! I did have  a 2# gain last week so I am back to baseline + a little more. My total weight loss for January was a whopping 1.6#....not great but its not a gain so I will take it! My goal was to have 5# off this month, so I am 3.2# behind the "8 ball" going in to Feb but it is what it is and I am moving forward. My friend Tairrah who I work with (sounds like Tara) has been on WW since March 2010 and she hit 70# loss today. Isn't that awesome??! She was a pretty big girl when she started, pushing 300# and now she is 210. (she had lost about 10# prior to joining last March). I am so proud of her!!! She is very shy and I think she has always liked "disappearing" into the woodwork but what a difference I have seen in her since she has lost the weight not only physically but socially. She is 27 so she has youth on her side and a way better metabolism than that of a 45 yr old premenopausal woman (me), but she has worked hard and I made sure when they were sharing today that Pam (our Leader) made sure to ask her about her loss. So many people were inspired by her and I think it made her feel really good to talk today in front of the group. She is a really sweet girl and she inspires me and always checks in to see how my week is going when I see her at work, and I do the same with her. I saw her eating one of the Panera "UFO" cookies and she STILL lost 3# this week....and I didn't even have a bite of one! (Sigh) Oh well, tis my fate. I just have to work harder as my age & hormones are not on my side.

I did make an appt for my initial health assessment at my gym on Wed and I cant wait to see where I will be in 3 months. They provide you with a 1 hr training session with a certified personal trainer to design a fitness plan for you and every 3 months you can get a re-assessment to see how far you have come. I want Jamie (my trainer that I signed up with) to design a plan for me that will work my arms, back & abs. My legs are pretty thin so those only need a little toning up and I think the elliptical & walking and a few leg machines will take care of that. Ive always had pretty nice legs for the most part. Its the darned belly that's always been the problem. I would like to see how toned I can get my belly in hopes of avoiding the tummy tuck, if possible. As I think about it more, I really don't want to go through that pain. It is pretty miserable, so I am told , and every pt I have taken care of after a tummy tuck, is pretty miserable. I am going to work hard and make getting to the gym more if a priority, at least 3-4 times a week. I know I can do it and I think the exercise will be a catalyst to get my weight loss back on track.

So that's it for me today. The hubs took my car to Syracuse for an overnight umpire clinic so I am stuck with his gigantic Dodge Ram truck this weekend! Uggh! Its like driving a monster truck to me, but my  Jeep Grand Cherokee (which might I add is the BEST car I have ever had!!!) handles better than his truck and gets much better gas mileage and I feel better knowing he is in that vehicle rather than his truck. I don't have big plans other than going to church & the gym tomorrow so its all good. My oldest dtr is spending the day with her boyfriend & his family so I am taking my youngest dtr out for dinner tonight. We were thinking maybe Olive Garden but not sure where we will end up. I have the monster truck so I would like to keep driving to a minimum.

I hope you have all had a fantastic week!!!

Hugs to all!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's time for a post from me...

Hello friends!

I haven't been online a lot, just a quick check in here & there. Ive been busy and when I hop on the blogs it takes me a good hour, sometimes longer to read all of your posts and comment (when I can if the computer allows me to) so I am back and I just wanted to check in and let you know whats been going on over here in my little corner of the world.

Last weeks weigh in was nothing short of a huge disappointment. I gained 2#! Man did that make me mad! It seems I have been on hiatus since I had that bad head cold and I had lost my desire to exercise and was eating over my points , so I sucked it up, took my lumps, and am moving on. I have been very good this week and I pray that the scale will be my friend on Saturday morning. Our Anesthesiologist had lunch catered in from Paner'as and I am proud to say I didn't go near those sandwiches and those cookies that were the size of UFOs!! lol! I kept telling myself that it wasn't as good as I thought and that it wasn't worth it. It worked! :) Its all in our heads and although I am a work in progress, I proved to myself that I can overcome that kind of temptation. My lunch was so good too. I packed some homemade veggie soup (1 cup) a turkey pita sandwich on 9 grain pita with some lettuce, 1 slice of provolone (light) and  a smidge of ranch dressing, and I had a small yogurt with a few blackberries & raspberries. It was really yummy and I was not only proud of myself, but I had a very happy tummy and I fed my body with good things. I had a really yummy grilled chicken salad for dinner with ranch dressing (2T of the real stuff. No fat free dressing...YUCK!) and I topped it with a little cheese and 3 oz of baked fries. OMG...soooo good!!

 I wanted to be down 5# this month and I am sad to report that I am not down anything this month. I guess that's what you get when you get comfortable. I think that's whats been happening to me and why I haven't lost any significant amt of weight since Oct. I think deep down, I have become complacent & content with where I am . I haven't weighed this little in YEARS and I haven't worn a size 14 since 1999. I really believe this is what has sunk into my skull and it is the reason for my plateau. Its all psychological. So its a matter of getting my thinking back on straight  and refocusing again. I have lost the month of January and I take responsibility for that but I refuse to allow another month to pass and not lose any weight again. Before we know it, spring will be here and I want to be in the 160s by then. I read Amber's post about having her wedding dress fit again and I have decided that when I get down to 161, I will crack open the sealed box and try it on. I am actually kind of excited about that thought. That would be such a huge accomplishment and I promise I will have my husband take a picture and I will post it for you to see. My daughters have both said they have no desire to ever ear my wedding dress (which might I add, made me look and feel like a real princess) so why not crack that baby open & try her on again!!! My new motivation!

I am hoping that my posting issues have resolved. It seems I am able to post on blogs again without getting the blank screen so fingers crossed, lets hope that's the end of that dilemma.

I hope you all are having a great week!!! Its so hard to believe that February is right around the time truly does fly! Enjoy every moment!!!

Love & hugs to all!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Somebody please tell me what is happening???

Hi everyone!
OK, I am not a happy camper here! It seems that blogger has changed something and I am unable to post comments on certain people blogs (Minichick & Pattie). I am BEYOND irritated with it and I am not sure what I am doing wrong and what I can do to fix this. If you can help me, I would really appreciate it! I am not technical in any way and I feel so badly that I am unable to leave comments. I want Minichick to know how proud I am of you for making WW lifetime!!! What an amazing accomplishment girl!!! Wooo hoooooo!! ( doing the happy dance here!!) And to Pattie, you know how I feel and I have tried to FB you with my thoughts. I am so sorry I cant figure this out girls and please know that I am able to read your blogs, just not able to respond. I am really hoping someone can help me out so I can fix this.

On the weight loss front, well things are not looking good this week. When I got on the scale yesterday am it said I was UP 5#!!! OMG!!!! I was freaking out!!!! I decided to do a week of BFC plan to shake things up. It is so far off from what I do on WW, but I think I need to do something to get the ball rolling again. So far so good. Yesterday was a good day and today has also been good. I want to give a shout out to Dawn and let you know that I made your chocolate muffins the other day and when I first tasted them, I have to be honest, I wasn't crazy about them. They were just kind of bland to me. So I decided to slice the muffin in half (I made them in a full size muffin tin and they came out great! They look prefect!) then I added 1 T. Natures hollow Raspberry preserves split between the 2 halves and a few raspberries on top and can I tell you, it is OMG good!!! I didn't add the chocolate chips to the batter. I added 1/2 tsp of mini choc chips on top before baking them and together with the raspberry, the chocolate muffin and the choc chips on top, it is a decadent dessert! I figured the S/C value of each muffin to be 4 gms sugar and 9 gms of carbohydrate. I only added about 6 raspberries on top and then the natures hollow added in makes it a little more but to me it is worth it! It was nothing short of a little taste of heaven! Thank you Dawn for sharing that recipe!

Well, tomorrow is weigh in day and I am not looking forward to it but I will get on the scale and take my "lumps" and move on. I am just so disappointed that here it is Jan 20th and I am still spinning in neutral. I need a really BIG kick in the pants please! I'm tired of everyone passing me by!!!!

I hope you all had a great week! Sending you all hugs!
p.s please know that if i haven't commented on your blog its because I am having problems. It seems to be random with who I can & cant blog a comment on but I am having the biggest problems with Pattie & Minichicks sites. I am so sorry girls!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

So you wont believe this.....

Hello and Happy Sunday friends!

Well, prepare yourselves ladies for a rant because here it comes. You just wont believe this, but yesterday the scale (and a MEAN scale at that) said that I was UP a pound!!! Seriously???!! REALLY???!!! You have GOT to be kidding!!! I was so mad, frustrated, irritated, pissed off (sorry for that word but you know what I mean) totally ready to scream!!! How can you be sick all week, eat well and GAIN weight??! It isn't fair! I was DOWN the last time I got on the scale...not up!! My WW leader Pam said that when we are sick that sometimes the body will gain weight and not to worry, that it will come off by next weigh in. I am sure this does happen, but cmon, why me for Pete's sake?! I just don't know what I have to do to get the weight loss ball rolling again. I prayed last night and this morning in church for God to guide me on what I need to do. I realize I didn't exercise last week due to my cold and perhaps that is a factor. I don't know. I just cant take this idling much longer. Its gotten REALLY REALLY OLD!!! I haven't lost anything significant since October....OCTOBER!! That is ridiculous! I'm sorry to rant here, but this is how I am feeling inside. Just ready to scream!! I decided to take a no weigh in pass at the scale at WW yesterday. I just couldn't face seeing a gain on their scale too.

So girls, I'm feeling a bit at the wits end here today. I have faith in WW and their plan. It has helped me shed over 40# this past year, and I love & believe in the program, but why am I so stalled? I have to wonder if deep down inside, perhaps a part of me is becoming complacent or perhaps content with being in a size 14 and weighing 179?? I haven't been a size 14 in so many years, I almost have to wonder. I'm out of the WOMEN'S sizes now and can shop in the misses sizes. I am wearing a Large or sometimes Medium top these days. Maybe, just maybe, I am getting a little too comfortable? So its time to get UNCOMFORTABLE! I need to remind myself. I am not done with this journey! I am going to lose this last 30# if it kills me to do it.

OK, I'm done now. Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations. This just isn't what I had planned on how my new year was going to start out. I'm not giving up! Just going to work harder.

Hope you all have a super Sunday! Shrimp Scampi over  shiritaki noodles for me for dinner tonight! Cant wait!!!! YUM!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday!

Good morning friends!

Its a snowy morning here in PA and we are anticipating more cold & snow over the weekend. We've been lucky to have such a mild winter so far and to see this snow it does finally feel like January. I don't mind the snow, just the long winters. In my old age, I am going to move somewhere warm....just sayin.

So enough about the weather. It seems I have been bitten by the nasty cold bug and its going on a week now. Ive had the runny nose, sneezing & plugged nose & ears & a sore throat. No fun and yuck! Thank goodness I am finally feeling better. I'm not a good sick person & my hubby doesn't want to get near me. HAHA! Cracks me up...he isn't a germaphobe but when I get sick, he just about quarantines himself from me. I have lost my taste buds with this cold so food just isn't enjoyable, which really stinks. I have been eating homemade chicken barley soup that I made on Sunday and that has been soothing to the throat and I am drinking lots of water and taking Mucinex D which might I add is a Godsend!

On the weight front, things looked good on the scale this morning. I never know what WW scale will say but I am thinking I am definitely down at least a pound. I always hope for more though. If you remember, I have been doing the Simply Filling technique but with the cold, I have deviated somewhat and have eaten some processed things this week but all in all, things have been good. I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday and bought Jorge's new book that Rosalie is in. It pretty much is a review of BFC & the quick meals are a nice reference for low sugar alternatives when dining out. I am trying to make better choices & eating lower sugar things. I do whole heartedly believe in the sugar/fat storage thinking. I wish that I were more disciplined to do the BFC all the time and I applaud all of you who have adopted it as your lifestyle. As we have said before, it doesn't matter what plan you are following. If you are seeing results and feel it is something you can sustain for life, then that is the best plan for you. Although my weight loss has been slow, WW is the best plan for me and is easily adaptable to my busy life. I have tried I believe EVERY diet known to man and this one has been the one that I have had the greatest success at, so I am just going to keep on keepin on! :)

I've been having problems posting comments on your blogs. I will get a comment all typed up and then I hit publish and it bleeps it away. It is very frustrating and I am wondering if that is happening to any of you? I have read your blogs girls and if you don't see a comment from me now you know why. I hope this is a temporary thing. A note to Pattie~ You are in my thoughts & prayers daily. Praying for your peace my friend.

So with it being a cold snowy day, my plans are to do a little cleaning. Not that I WANT to, but the ole ponderosa is in need of a good scrubbin! I hope you all have a great day today and a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good morning...time for a post from me!

Good morning friends!

Oh my goodness, I just realized I haven't been on the blogs for a few days. Seems that I have succumbed to the throws of a nasty cold...yuck! :( I just haven't had the energy to sit at the computer. I'm hoping it passes soon. I really hate being under the weather! I had plans to hit the gym today but I am just too tired & congested , my throat is so sore & the nose is in a constant state of running so I think I will hold off until things improve. Not trying to be a whiner here so sorry if it comes off that way. Just wanted to let you all know why I haven't been around. I did try to post on your blogs to get caught up with whats new with you all. My heart goes out to Pattie & her family. There are no words to describe such a  catastrophic loss. You are in my thoughts & prayers Pattie.

Not much new here on the diet front. I am trying to eat "clean" & rid my body of processed food. I do love my turkey bacon though and nitrites & all, I am still gonna eat it! Weight watchers has a part of their weight loss plan called "Simply Filling". Now I know many of you girls are BFC girls, and you know that I am a WW girl, so oblige me here for a moment. The Simply Filling Technique is where you eat mainly "Power Foods" which are whole unprocessed foods. Fruits, veggies, lean proteins low fat dairy & 2 tsp of healthy oils/day. It has worked great for me in the past , where I have lost 3-4#/week. The hardest part is the preparation. When you are eating "good" you have to be prepared & have those good foods on hand so that is my plan today. Since I am not going to the gym today, my plan is to prep some healthy meals for the week with Simply Filling foods. I started eating SF on Sunday and I got on the scale this am and am down 2# already! Now, mind you, when weigh in day on Sat rolls around, we could be talking a different story because my weight fluctuates 1-2# daily (which might I interject here drives me CRAZY!!!! Sigh...I know its a girl thing but still) I feel better eating this way and there is some flexibility with the program as you have 49 extra points that you can use toward foods that aren't power foods. So we shall see what happens. I am tired of spinning in neutral and it is time to SHAKE THINGS UP!!!!!!!!! My goal is to lose 5# this month to stay on target for reaching my goal weight of 150# by June 20th.

So that's my thoughts for today. I hope you are all having a great week!!!
Keep on Keepin on Girls!!! Its a NEW YEAR and we are on our way to being our BEST ever!!!!
Hugs to all my peeps!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some pics & a quick post....

Good morning friends!

Well, I am off to the gym to work out but wanted to share some photos with you. I started my weight loss journey in the fall of 2010. These are my before photo & an updated photo taken last week. I was blown away by the difference in my profile. So when you feel discouraged that the scale isn't moving to the number you want it to, take a look at some photos, take your measurements or put on a pr of jeans that you haven't been able to wear in a while and let that be a source of encouragement to you in your weight loss. Just seeing these photos really opened my eyes to just how well I am doing.
 I must go now as I have a date with the elliptical at the gym! :) Oh, and by the way, I rejoined my fitness center that I belonged to last year and I am soooo happy I did! It wasn't cheap as it is an amazing facility. It's like the Taj Mahal of fitness centers, but I decided that I am worth every penny!!! :)  I was there 2 hrs on Tues. I did 65 mins on the elliptical & 20 mins on the bike and then walked the track a few laps to cool down. I burned over 650 calories!!  Gonna go & burn some more fat today!
Here are my pics. Can you see the diffference??

Me~ Aug 2010 About 216ish :(   (NOT happy & looking pregnant!!Uggh!)
Me~ Dec 31, 2011 weighing 177.4 (38.6# less!!) :)
To each of you, have a fantabulous day!! I will catch up with blogs later tonight.
Love & Belief always!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!!!!

Good evening friends and a very happy new year to you all!!!

Its 8pm on the east coast and I am sitting here in my workout clothes getting ready to hit the treadmill but I wanted to just make a quick post and share some thing great that happened to me yesterday. 

I took my 13 yr old daughter & her friends to the mall yesterday and after dropping them off, decided to pop in to Chico's to see what they had on sale. Nothing great there. Then I went to Christopher & Banks...nothing there. As I was walking to leave the mall to head out to my car, I passed Macy's & thought I would check them out. Well, can I just tell you, I got some amazing deals!! I have been holding out to buy any new clothing because I don't want to load up of clothing at this size only to find it too big & then have to sell it to consignment in the fall. Well, Macy's was having a BIG New Years 75% off sale on alot of sweaters & some summer stuff mixed in too. I found 4 tops, 2 sweaters (1 a MEDIUM and 1 a Large) as well as a casual 3/4 length cotton tshirt (sz Large)with a little bling on the front and a really adorable purple top (more for summer, Size MEDIUM!!) and I got them all for under $30!!! I believe it came to $29.60. Outside of the fact that I got all of that for under $30, the best part for me was to find that 2 of them were in a size medium! I haven't worn a medium in over 10 years!!! I almost couldn't believe it ,but by gosh they fit!!!! I tell ya girls, there is no food on this planet that can possibly make me feel better than having a size medium fit.

We didn't do much last night and I went to bed around 11:30pm only to be awakened by fireworks & drunken neighbors screaming at midnight. (sigh) Oh well. Its been a good day today and although I feel tired, I am going to hit the treadmill for 30 minutes tonite. I didn't get a chance to put my goal poster together yet, but I have an idea of what I want it to look like. My sister and I chatted for over an hour last night on the phone and she has another 65# to lose and I have 30# left to lose so we were getting a strategy together. My monthly goal is to lose 5# each month to reach my goal weight of 150 by June 20th. My sister plans to lose 6# each month to reach her goal by Dec 2012. I feel they are all attainable monthly goals & it feels good to have a "plan of action" in place.

Today was my hubby's 51st bday. I made him BBQ ribs, coleslaw & reheated some fried potatoes from the other day. I had a little bit of the pork  some coleslaw. It was really good! We celebrated with a DQ ice cream cake for dessert. I had a very small slice & the best part is, I felt very in control.

Wishing you all a very ahppy, healthy & SKINNY 2012!!!!