Sunday, January 15, 2012

So you wont believe this.....

Hello and Happy Sunday friends!

Well, prepare yourselves ladies for a rant because here it comes. You just wont believe this, but yesterday the scale (and a MEAN scale at that) said that I was UP a pound!!! Seriously???!! REALLY???!!! You have GOT to be kidding!!! I was so mad, frustrated, irritated, pissed off (sorry for that word but you know what I mean) totally ready to scream!!! How can you be sick all week, eat well and GAIN weight??! It isn't fair! I was DOWN the last time I got on the scale...not up!! My WW leader Pam said that when we are sick that sometimes the body will gain weight and not to worry, that it will come off by next weigh in. I am sure this does happen, but cmon, why me for Pete's sake?! I just don't know what I have to do to get the weight loss ball rolling again. I prayed last night and this morning in church for God to guide me on what I need to do. I realize I didn't exercise last week due to my cold and perhaps that is a factor. I don't know. I just cant take this idling much longer. Its gotten REALLY REALLY OLD!!! I haven't lost anything significant since October....OCTOBER!! That is ridiculous! I'm sorry to rant here, but this is how I am feeling inside. Just ready to scream!! I decided to take a no weigh in pass at the scale at WW yesterday. I just couldn't face seeing a gain on their scale too.

So girls, I'm feeling a bit at the wits end here today. I have faith in WW and their plan. It has helped me shed over 40# this past year, and I love & believe in the program, but why am I so stalled? I have to wonder if deep down inside, perhaps a part of me is becoming complacent or perhaps content with being in a size 14 and weighing 179?? I haven't been a size 14 in so many years, I almost have to wonder. I'm out of the WOMEN'S sizes now and can shop in the misses sizes. I am wearing a Large or sometimes Medium top these days. Maybe, just maybe, I am getting a little too comfortable? So its time to get UNCOMFORTABLE! I need to remind myself. I am not done with this journey! I am going to lose this last 30# if it kills me to do it.

OK, I'm done now. Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations. This just isn't what I had planned on how my new year was going to start out. I'm not giving up! Just going to work harder.

Hope you all have a super Sunday! Shrimp Scampi over  shiritaki noodles for me for dinner tonight! Cant wait!!!! YUM!


  1. I'm sorry, Sherri. No matter what causes us to gain weight, it can be frustrating. How are you doing with your veggies? Try doubling up on your veggies and see if that helps. Also, make sure you are drinking water throughout the day. The scale will be down next week. As long as you are doing all that you should, the scale will eventually go down.

  2. Oh, did you see that cookbook at your meeting?

  3. HI Sherri, I can hear the frustration in your words. If I had a nickle for every week I said to my hubby "I'm not losing and more weight".
    But I just kept eating the BFC way and the weight has to eventually come off.
    Don't give up I have faith in you :-)

  4. hey, sherri, i am no champion at losing weight (yet), however i am aware of a few things that may have contributed to your weight being up. the act of digestion increases metabolism=burn calories, so if you were unable to consume food, less calories burned. also, the body perceives it in a state of starvation( even though it is not) and tends to hold on to fluids, soon as you return to your normal, healthful way of living that weight and then some will be gone. never give up!:)

    1. Thanks DEborah! I most def was retaining fluid....still am. My rings usually twirl on my finger & lately they are tight, even with the cold weather. I know it will even out. Just have to be persistent & patient!

  5. I believe it is a challenge to see if you fold or not? Who's going to win? Sherri or the dang scale? I say Sherri! I feel your frustration. Today I put on some jeans that I had worn before I bought my new ones and the waist is TIGHT!!! I mean belly roll tight! I am thinking what the heck??? I weigh like 2 lbs more? Well...I think it is my lack of exercise and I am fooling myself on thinking I haven't really gained. I have gained fat because of my bad choices and lost muscle because of my bad choices! DANG!!!
    We will get through this. It is a new year, a new day, lessons to be learned...we are like our kids, we always have to learn everything the hard way:)
    As Nike would say....Just do it!!!

  6. Well I would say we are all having a BAD WEEK in one way or another! I know just how you feel, you do everything right, you don't cheat, you were even so sick you ate less than usual and then that stupid scale won't budge the right way! Very frustrating! However, you did say when you went to Macy's that you were fitting in clothes that normally wouldn't fit right?! So you are getting skinnier! I'm the same way, the scale will stay the same FOREVER, but my clothes will get looser. Finally the dumb scale then has no choice but to grudgingly go down a couple more pounds when the evidence of our skinnier bodies is upon it! Just keep going Sheri, it's like Rosalie says, "The weight has has no where to go but off"! PS: I LOVE shrimp scampi!!

  7. ...soon, very soon-those lbs will come off. We're going to watch it happen for you-and do that happy dance together.

  8. it will come off. Just be patient. I have faith in the program and in you. I think we hold onto water weight when we are sick, too. Hang in there!

  9. Oh Man! I totally hear your frustrations, I'd be frustrated too! Just get mad about it and stick with it. You'll get there, I know it. It's really hard being sick and trying to lose weight. I'm ready for the happy dance too!

  10. My dearest Sherri, I can feel you pain and I know each and everyone of us has been in your shoes. Our bodies seem to do some strange things but if you just keep your head in the game like you have been doing it will come off. What I have to keep reminding myself is that I feel so much better when I eat healthier so I need to keep plugging along. Just stick to your guns and it will come my dear. Love ya


  11. Thank you for all of your support! I know this is a temporary setback but it is frustrating to feel like you are going backwards when all you want to do is go forward!!!!
    You girls are the best!!!!!
    Kudos to each of you! ( & I dont mean that granola bar although that would be nice and tasty, wouldnt it?! haha!)