Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Post March 29, 2011

Good afternoon friends!!

Well, another day home with my daughter. She has strep throat and cant seem to shake the high fevers. Shes been running 100's-102. When they tylenol wears off, the temp goes back up...uggh! She is on an antibiotic since yesterday when I took her to the Drs but it hasnt kicked in yet. I dont know if she will be going to school tomorrow. My mom has offered to watch her for me so I can go to work. I have missed 2 days because she has been sick and tomorrow we have a big pt load...65 cases!! Uggh!!

Anyways, all is good here. The scale was looking good this morning and I think one more pound down and I will be at my 10%. I am shooting for 2# but I know my tracke record and I will be happy with 1#....it will make me hit that 10% milestone. I would REALLY love to lose 3# this week and get to 190. We shall see what transpires over the week. I still feel very encouraged & positive and am looking forward to Sat for weigh in. My daughter has a softball game that I have to have her at by 11am so I might drop her off, weigh in & attend my metting and then head to the game afterwards. I like weighing in later because it gives you a chance to lose some water weight (pee) a few extra times. I know, TMI, huh?

Well, I need to dust & vacuum my bedroom...it is pretty bad. I cleaned our bathroom which also desperately needed attention too. I love it when everything is so nice & clean. Just wish it stayed that way!

Well ladies, have a great day!!!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Post.. March 28th

Good morning friends!

First off, I want to thank everyone for sharing in my excitement about the new size and all of your sweet & positive comments. I cant even begin to express how excited I feel!! Yesterday morning, I was laying in bed and I hopped out and decided to try my 14 shorts on again! Isn't that crazy?? I'm like a kid on Christmas who just got a new toy. Its been such a long time since I have been able to shop in the Misses area, let alone in the 14s !! If you really want to feel good, try on some old clothes that used to be tight.....man, its beyond words how good that feels! I cant wait to take a new picture!! I cant even believe I just wrote that!!! I have always been one to avoid the camera. Gonna wait til after my Sat weigh in when I hit my 10% and I will post a new pic for you to see. Problem is, my USB port isn't working right & wont download my camera pics. Might need to buy a new USB.

 Welcome Kay & Randi! It is so great to have you in our little blogging "sisterhood". There is such great kindness and wisdom here and we are all excited to have you join out group!! Rosalie, you are my inspiration and such a great friend & cheerleader! I love to read your daily posts and I think you have the most dramatic weight loss photos!! When I feel down, I always look and them and remind myself that I too will be there soon...I just have to be patient & persistent & NEVER GIVE UP as you always say. Amber, you too have such a wonderful blog and you too have inspired so many that it is possible to be a success story. Thank you for the "blogging Love" post. I think it has really helped others who are looking for encouragement on their weight loss journeys.  Kasey, I miss you girl but am glad you are OK. Please dont be a stranger....we miss you (and Diana) on the blogs as you both always have such great perspective & wisdom.  Diana, I'm so sorry your neck is still hurting. Healing ((hugs)) coming your way my friend! Get better soon!!! Lindsay, you are such a great encourager and I know you too will very soon be ditching the belts to buy smaller things. Hang in there...you are doing great!  Katie, you are doing great too and are so dedicated to the BFC!! I always love to read your perspective on things. Helen, what can I say...you are such a sweetheart!! Everything you say is with such kindness and love and great wisdom too. You are a gem....as all of you are!!!

 As I have said many times before, I feel like we have been friends forever, even though I have never met any of you in person. I wish we all lived closer so we could get together and encourage each other in person. Maybe some day we will all have the opportunity to meet face to face. :) You truly are the best sistas evah!!!

Anyways, I'm home with a sick little girl today. My youngest daughter started with a fever of almost 103 , chills, sore throat & headache yesterday afternoon and still has a temp of 102 this morning & feels yucky. Got her an appt with the Dr @ 11am. My poor baby girl! She has had so many illnesses this winter. Our weather has been so labile, one day its 50-60s the next in the teens to 20s. Its no wonder people are getting sick again.

Gonna make some chicken soup after the Dr. appt today & do some cleaning since we are both home bound today. I had to call in @ work because there was nobody to stay with her. My husband said to let her stay home alone....I cant even believe he said that! I said "with a fever of 102.8?!! Are you crazy!!"" Men...they just dont get it!! My boss is so wonderful and so understanding. I am blessed to work with the very best people!!
Well gals, have a wonderful start to your week!! Please be sure to drop a comment if you can. I always love to hear from you all!!

Love & belief always!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday excitement!

Hello to all my skinny bloggin buds!

This is going to be a quick post but I wanted to share something really exciting that happened to me last night. I went to Kohls to look for a new pr of Levis cuz mine are nothing short of deplorable and way too baggy. I didnt find a pr that worked for me but I did find a pair of Levis shorts in a size 14 MISSES!!! Yes, thats right, MISSES...NOT WOMENS!!! The is no 14 "W", its a 14 REGULAR!!! And in Levis!!! They are a smidge snug but I know by the time the warm weather rolls around, they will be a perfect fit! Also found a cute pr of capris that were a size 16 regular and they are still a smidge snug too but come summer, they will be perfect too. I can remember having to shop for pants in the WOMENS section and all I wanted was to NOT e shopping in that area of the store. I can remeber combing the store to make sure I didnt see anyone I knew because it was so humiliating for me to be there. Anyways, I cant tell you how wonderful it feels to be back shopping in the REGULAR part of the store now. Sorry Womens dept, Im not comin back to visit you ever again!

My resolve is even stronger now since I have found my way into the 14s. I cant wait to get even smaller and be in the 12s & then the 10s!! I think I will burst into tears when that happens. Still cant wait to get rid of the back fat but slowly but surely, I know it will leave my body. I just wish it was today!

Well, thatst it for me today ladies! Have a happy Sunday!!

Love & belief!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weigh in Day! Sat March 26th

Hello to all my friends!

Well, today was my weigh in day at WW and I am happy to say that it was a good week. I lost 1.2# for a total now of 20.2# lost with WW and 25.5# since I started my weight loss journey last yr. I am .8 lbs away from hitting my 10% weight loss. I was really hoping it would happen this week, but oh well, it will definitely be next week for sure and then some! I am validated by  my baggy clothing and when I looked at myself in the mirror this morning I can really see a difference and I am starting to shrink a bit. I am soooo excited to get into the 180s and I really believe that by Easter I will be there and quite possibly in the mid 180s with diligence & hard work. My sister also had a good week...she lost 2# and she is 2# away from losing her 10%. Our plan is to work hard this week and hit that 10% together next week. It is very motivating to have something to reach for and if you don't have something to help you "stretch" your thinking and your goal, well, you really need to get one and fast! I told my sister this am that I am not stopping until the job is done this time. So many times before I have started a weight loss journey and quit before I ever hit my goal. Matter of fact, I came close to goal once but never completed it...but this time is different. I refuse to live the rest of my life overweight and unhappy with the way I look. I want to wear cute & sassy clothing and I want people from my past to either not recognize me (because I have gotten so thin) or have their jaws drop because they cant believe it. I deserve to finally be happy with myself, My husband deserves to have a wife who isn't obese(hate that word) and my children deserve to have a mom who is a great role model inside & out and I am here to tell you all, look out cuz it IS happening THIS YEAR!!!

So our WW meeting was good today. I always seem to come away with some valuable info and I love to share it with all of you in hopes that it will help someone out there. The topic was how "Setbacks can make you stronger". Many of us have had setbacks in our weight loss journeys. Mainly, they are the yo yo up & downs we experience on the scale but there are others. She asked all of us, "When you have a setback, what have you learned from it"? After working through the emotions that come with a setback,sometimes we can find a way to approach it differently the next time. The most important thing to remember with a setback is, it is not the end of the world and that it is important to just forgive yourself and move on!!Every week, we get a really nice booklet called the WW Weekly and it has lots of tips, as well as inspiration, recipes, etc. So I am going to share a few little tips from it with all of you today.

What can you learn from a Yo yo?
5 ways to get back on track

#1 How do you feel when you've had a slip up or setback?

If your answer is "discouraged" remember....there's no such thing as failure, only feedback. Every lapse can give you valuable info that can steer you to a better choice next time.
Keep an open mind every time you step on the scale. If you lost weight, great! Check your tracker to see what strategies are working for you. If not, do the same thing! Check your tracker to see where you might make changes that will lead to greater success the next week.

#2 What are some past behaviors that hurt your weight loss efforts? Take a moment to think back to a time when you veered off course. Did you overindulge at a party? Nightly snacking? Did you give in to emotional eating? Skip your workouts for a month?
Now consider the what triggered the slip up and look for ways to prevent it from happening again. If you tend to overindulge @ parties, have a snack before going. If chips call you by the bagful, then divvy them up into individual servings or don't keep them in the house if they are a trigger food that you cant control yourself with.

#3 Whats helped your weight loss efforts?
If you see a lower number on the scale, do you say, "Lucky me"! Well, its not luck~ its you developing the habits you need to lose weight and keep it off.  Think of strategies & tools that you used to achieve that loss. Were you exercising more? Shopping for healthy foods? tracking what you are eating more faithfully? Be sure to jot down what works for you and perhaps revisit these tactics to get you back on track.

#4 What can other accomplishments in your life teach you?
Think of times in your life when you scored~ you learned to drive a stick shift, landed a job you really wanted, won an award, threw a fabulous party. What behaviors helped you to reach that goal? Maybe you put extra effort or took the time to research your options or observe techniques of others who have been successful.See how you can encompass some of these methods and dedication to your weight loss efforts. When you feel yourself start to lose steam on your weight loss journey, call to mind the glory of achieving one of your past successes. Feels amazing, right? You have the power to reach this goal too!!

#5 Do you often feel deprived on a weight loss program?
The very concept of "dieting" implies a temporary detour from your normal behavior~ you'll go back to your old familiar lifestyle as soon as you shed this pesky weight. That kind of thinking can set you up for the dreaded yo yo. Instead, dedicate yourself to making smarter, permanent eating choices that are healthy for your mind & body.

I thought this was a great article and I wanted to share. Hope it is helpful to you if you are feeling this way.
Have a happy weekend!!

On my way to the land of 180s!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Morning!!! TGIF!!!

Hello dear friends and Happy Friday!!!
Boy, am I glad the weekend is almost here, however they always seem to go too fast. (sigh) My youngest dtr has a soccer tournament Fri, Sat & Sun so it looks like I wont be getting much done around the house. My oldest daughter starts softball next Sat so I am gonna ave very little free time to do anything. I love watching my kids at their sporting events, however my house really suffers as I cant clean it like I want to and it is too big to clan it all in one day. It is just over 3000 sq ft and it takes me a good 3 days to REALLY clean it like I want to . Anyways, who wants to talk about cleaning for heavens sake!! Lets dive into our weight loss !!!

So, trying to think of a topic to talk about today and still kind of coming up empty so I will just type away and see how it flows. I'm kind of a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of girl so I am a good "winger"(usually!). Ive had a really great week and when I got on the scale this morning it said I was up about 1# but that's OK. I am planning no carbs after 3pm today and no eating after 7pm and lots of water!! I have to tell you, I really think getting off the diet soda is one of the keys to losing weight. I never thought it was before but I am finding that I really don't need it and I feel really good being off of it and I am "eliminating" so much better!! Lots of tinkle breaks during the day but I don't mind because I don't feel the bloating like I used to. Diligence is key and just continuing to press on every day. As Rosalie said, it has nowhere to go but off of your body, right?! I feel like my weight is a roller coaster too. I can fluctuate 2-3# on any given day but I try to reassure myself that it is probably just water weight or a plumbing issue (TMI) however, I have to tell you, I don't have issues in that #2 area anymore, but I used to so I know how miserable it can be. My sister has terrible #2 issues. She has had a colonoscopy, seen specialists and they say there is nothing wrong and that she needs to increase her fiber & water intake. Duh!!! She can go for 3+ days without going. I cant imagine! Anyways, how did I get on THIS topic??? lol...sorry!! I'm sure my sister wouldn't appreciate me talking about her bowel troubles. Shhh....dont tell her, ok?

So tomorrow is weigh in day for me at WW and I am super hopeful to lose that stubborn 2# to hit my 10% weight loss goal. I really have been trying very hard and I give up many fun things to stay on track. My work friends do a Girls Night out once a month on the first Friday of the month and they go to different restaurants. Because I weigh in on Saturdays, I don't go because it is all around eating and drinking and I don't choose to do that, and especially the day before weighing in!! I could go and socialize but I don't want ot be the only one sitting there sipping on unsweetened iced tea. Just not my idea of fun, especially when I am wishing I could be joining them, so I just choose to not go. The girls I work with know I am following WW plan & they never make me feel badly for not going. I LOVE my co workers!! They are an awesome group of gals!! I sell Mary Kay products and they have all been hounding me to have a party for them so the first Friday in May, they are all coming to my house and we will be doing a tureen dinner and makeovers. They are all so excited and I am nervous that I wont get my house clean enough after having the flooring done. (I am having new ceramic tile laid in my kitchen & foyer April 14th. Cant wait for a pretty new floor!!!! Although I am by no stretch of the imagination a "clean freak" like my mom & dad are, I always want a nice clean house for guests to come in to. Our anesthesia Dr. (a woman) told me yesterday that she is inviting herself to my party. Cracks me up because she is the most no fuss no muss woman I have ever met, however the girls tell me she cleans up nicely. She wears no makeup and I don't think she combs her hair before work. She wears an OR cap all day...why bother, right? But she is awesome at what she does and I have great respect for her as a physician. If I was "crashing", I would want her to take care of me. She knows her stuff and while she is a very direct person (unlike me) I really like her and I feel secure having her around and I can tell she likes me. She always comments on how much she likes my hair and I think she loves spending time with the girls. She is super intelligent and sometimes those type of people have trouble in social situations. Her hubby is also a physician and he will be on Jeopardy on June 15th. They are both VERY smart!!! I mean Jeopardy....geez Louise... I wish I could answer half of those questions!! I do great on the medical and tv stuff. haha!

Well, good gracious, I was all over the place today!! Sorry. I will let you know what transpires at weigh in tomorrow so stay posted!!
Have a happy Friday!!
Love & belief!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Wednesday!! 3/23/11

Hello to all!!!

Looks like we all have some new followers on our sites and that is awesome!!! I think that blogging about my weight loss journeys really helps me to stay on track because I know that even though people cant see me, they are watching me. Ok, I know that sounds weird, but you know what I mean. A big Welcome to all the newbies!!! If you don't wish to post, that's ok, but we all LOVE it when we get feedback so please don't be shy. There is so much wisdom in this little blogging community!! Don't be afraid to chime in anytime.

So I'm not feeling too inspired with a topic to chat about lately. Ive been doing really really well on my program/new way of life and the 2# that were up on the scale last week are now officially gone again. I am positive it was water weight because my hands are no longer puffy. I have given up soda for lent and although I know many of you who follow the BFC strictly, that is the one area that I have continued to give myself  "leash" on. I have had a true love affair with Diet Mountain Dew for over 20 years now and it has always been my favorite pop. I love the flavor & the little caffeine kick too, however earlier this month, I was looking at my delightful "nectar of the gods" and realized that it is NEON GREEN and I had an epiphany moment and realized "how can this possibly be a good thing for my body"? Right then & there I made the decision to stop drinking it and I haven't had one since. My plan is to give it up entirely. I allow myself to drink coffee w/cream, Vitamin Water and water and I have to say, although there have been times when I REALLY missed having a Dew or a Diet Coke, I feel better not drinking it. I have really upped my water intake considerably this week and I think that's why I am back to baseline weight again. Our liver has to metabolize everything we feed our bodies and I am tired of nourishing my body with chemicals. Although I am a pretty good eater in general, its the diet sodas and a few other things that aren't good for me and I am making a conscious effort to eliminate them from my diet. Good things in, good things out!! :)

I was watching Biggest Loser last night and I have followed it for years. I love to see the transformations and so many of the contestants really are starting to look great! The amazing thing is, for as fast as they are losing, I really don't see a whole lot of excess skin hanging. I'm sure underneath everything, there is some, but the women really are looking great! It inspires me to see that and the cast they have this season is such a nice bunch of people. I want them all to win because they have such genuine hearts. Its really a beautiful thing to see that kindness toward others shine through a world where "its all about me" mentality.

My jeans are really starting to feel baggy and I think I am gonna splurge on a new pr of Levis. Gonna head to Kohl's later today and get  a new pair. I also am planning to take a new photo on April 1st. I will post it on my site along with the other before shots. Hopefully we will be able to see a difference. I love going to see my mom because she pats my belly and says "I can really tell you're losing weight. Your belly is really going down". I know shes my mom, and maybe shes just saying it to be nice/encouraging, but it feels good to hear it!!

Many of you know I am doing a combo of Weight watchers while watching my sugars & carbs. On weight watchers, there is no counting sugars & carbs but they are factored in to your daily points target. I try to keep my sugars & carbs as low as possible but there are a few things I will not bend on giving up. One is my yogurt and my fruit. Yes I am losing slower but I'm ok with that. This is working for me and I don't feel deprived. I have been choosing the lowest glycemic fruits like raspberries, blackberries & strawberries & blueberries to eat and I portion them out. (On WW points plus program, fruit is free and unlimited!) I don't eat unlimited amts of them. It helps me to not feel left out. After a few days, I am craving my yogurt. It feels like dessert to me. I know it has aspertame in it and its an excitotoxin, etc. But like I said, its one food I am not bending on just yet. I feel like the diet soda has been a huge leap for me!! One step at a time.

Well, I better get moving and quit rambling. Have a great day my friends!!!
Don't forget to post your comments and if you are visiting, feel free to sign on as a follower. Love having you with us!

NEVER GIVE UP and Keep on keepin on!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!!!!

Hello to all my weight loss buds and HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant believe how fast this year is going by already. In just 11 days, it will be April...APRIL!!!! Can you stand it? Yesterday was weigh in day at WW but I opted out of getting on the scale because for some crazy reason, when I got on in the morning, it said I was up 2#!!! I mean, come on!!! I had a great week, I followed my plan, I tracked, I exercised...what else can a girl do, and then to see a 2# gain?? For some reason, when I see those gains in my progress book, it depresses  me and I find myself getting off track, so I decided that I would just attend the meeting and not count my weigh in. I know next week will be better. It had to be water weight because my hands were puffy. I told my mom and she gave me her usual speech "you didn't put it on overnight, so you wont take it off overnight". I know, I know...I just want it off NOW!!! (please?????) Sometimes, being patient with weight loss is so difficult but it is when we hang in there for the win, that we become the winner, and I AM going to be a winner this time around and I refuse to quit. That darned scale DOES NOT define me and I am going to reach my goal this year!!!!

Its a beautiful sunny day here in Erie, PA! A little chilly, but the sky is blue with white fluffy clouds and all the snow has pretty much melted. Theres something about a new season that re energizes me! I went out to the movies and lunch with my sisters yesterday. We saw the Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew Mc Conaghey (he does take his shirt off too and while not the greatest shot of him, it was still nice what I got a glimpse of! In case you don't know, I LOVE MATTHEW McConaghey!!!! I want to run my fingers through his curly locks! oh...sorry, I digressed! I cant help myself when I get to talking about him! he he he!) Anyways, it was a GREAT movie and I would highly recommend seeing it! I started reading the book while on vaca and it pretty much follows the book. Then we went to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch and we all had the salad bar. It was very good and because it was my sisters Roses bday this week, we got  1 dessert to share in honor of the bday girls special day. She chose Italian cream cake and I have to tell you, it was fantastic!!! I had about 5 bites and it was worth every calorie!!! a vanilla walnut cake with a cream cheese like frosting and then toasted coconut on it!! YUM!

My sisters and I have a great relationship and every month we go out to lunch and spend the day together. Next month we are taking a road trip to Cleveland to go to Trader Joes!! I cant wait!!! I am out of my sprouted wheat bread and I need to stock up. My other sister Chris has never been there so shes pretty jazzed about going. We are then going to go out to lunch & then come home. I do love my sisses!! They are the best...next to all of you!!! You are all my sisters too ya know! :)

So that's it for me today. Nothing else exciting to tell. Have a great Sunday and I hope that you are having a beautiful sunny spring day wherever you are!!

((Hugs)) to all!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A great food find to share...

Good morning!!

Well, I took some great pictures of some foods that I have made & a new product find and for some reason, my USB port isn't functioning to allow me to download them....grrrrr!! So you will have to use your imagination now. My apologies....darned technology!!

So I have made the most delicious breakfast every morning for the past 3 days. Its nothing new to any of you I'm sure but I'm telling you, I have been enjoying it so much! 1/2 c egg beaters scrambled (0/0) with 1/2 oz melted 2% milk cheese (0/0), 2 slices turkey bacon (0/0), 1 slice Ezekial sesame sprouted bread toasted and 1 c chocolate unsweetened almond milk(0/) and my coffee. YUM YUM YUM!!! The total sugars is zero and the carb count is 18 so it is a 0/1 breakfast. What a bargain and I have a happy tummy ! I also had about 3 strawberries (1/2 c) sliced and a few blueberries. (6/1) totally worth it to enjoy the fruit with it!!

So the other day I went to Super Wal Mart and found these FLAT PITAS that are really fantastic! They are called Josephs Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Pita Bread. There are 6 flat bread "loaves" in each pkg and they were sooo cheap....only $2.08/pkg!!! The best part is , not only are they very good but there is no sugars in them and 1 flat bread is only 8 gms carb & 4gm of fiber and 60 calories so you could actually have 2 of them (they are the size of a lunch plate) and it will only count as 0/1 for 2!!! I made a pita pizza the past 2 nights in a row (I was gonna post a picture to show you how yummy  it looked but as you know, my USB port is acting up!!)). Sooo...I took 1 flat pita (0/1), 2T pizza sce (2/0) 1 1/2 oz part skim mozzarella cheese (0/0) , 3/4 oz Hormel mini turkey pepperoni (0/0) and 1/4 cup canned mushrooms drained on top (0/0) and baked it on a piece of foil in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. I honestly felt like I was really enjoying "real" pizza. The taste was just awesome and although the "crust" was thin, it was great!!! I have tried the smart & delicious tortillas & I just don't care for them for some reason. I find halfway through whatever I am eating on it, I start getting "gaggy" & cant finish it. I just dont like the taste at all so this is a real saving grace to find such a carb friendly bargain!! If you see them, don't hesitate to buy them...they are worth it!

Not a whole lot going on here today. I am going to go pop an exercise DVD in and then shower & putz around the house. Have to take my oldest dtr to the oral surgeon for evaluation of wisdom teeth & whether or not they need to come out. She is NOT happy with me on this but her orthodontist wants her to have them removed and I told her that we didn't pay $5,000 for braces only to have them get shifted around because of her wisdom teeth. she doesn't see the point but then again, I am dumb as a box of rocks! haha! Didn't we all think our parents were that when we were teens? I remember thinking to myself "my mom doesn't know anything". Now, I think she is the most intelligent person on the planet! Funny how that changes when we go out on our own! I cant wait for the day when she sees that I always have her best interest at heart.

So that's about it for me today. I hope you are all having a great week! Only 2 more days til I weigh in and the dang scale hasn't budged an inch!! I really want to hit my 10% this week!! Gonna really step it up with exercise and being diligent. I have had a really great week food wise making good choices and staying on plan. Keep those fingers crossed and keep on keepin on my sista girlfriends!!!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Morning! 3/16/11

Good Morning Friends!

Well, here it is hump day already! I am having a very good week and feel super motivated to get this weight off. I have to tell you, I almost look forward to my next weigh in day to see what the scale will say. Crazy, isnt it? Well, perhaps I'm just the crazy one! lol.

Anyways, yesterday, I was tidying up my closet and putting cruise clothes away that I didn't get around to doing and for some reason, I looked at the back of my closet and I have all of my old uniforms hanging there that I wore when I worked in the main hospital (we had to buy our own). I now work in a surgery center and our scrubs are provided for us and laundered for us too! (an awesome bonus!) Anyways, I thought, "I'm gonna try these on and see what they look like now." My jackets used to be snug fitting and I would always snap the last button so that it covered my big belly. The snap used to just make it closed and I always had to readjust my jacket throughout the day to keep the belly covered. So, to my unbelievable surprise, when I tried them on yesterday, they are now HUGE on me!! I can pull ALOT of fabric and I showed my hubby last night and he just smiled and said "keep it up".They are all XL jackets and there is no doubt in my mind, that I now can say I would definitely be wearing a Large. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I just couldnt believe it! It is truly FINALLY starting to show and I have also noticed that my 16W jeans are noticibly bigger in the hip area and I am thinking I could probably wear a straight 16. I am not going to buy anything new just yet. I would like to get down another 10# before I do that. I still have lots of 16s in my closet that will work for the time being. I have no 14s in my closet (probably because I havent worn a size 14 since 2000!) and I gave them all away to my friend after she had lost alot of weight from having gastric bypass surgery. So that will be a great day when I can go out and purchase a pr of size 14 jeans!! Gosh, I cant wait!! I am now able to wear just the regular Size Large in our scrub pants at work which is a really exciting thing too! Scrubs are so sloppy looking and the XLs are huge on me now to the point where I have to roll them down at the waist!! wahoooo!!

So thats my exciting news thats been happening over here. I am finding that I enjoy digging around in my closet and trying old things on. It just validates that what I am doing is working and I think its whats been the most motivating factor for me to keep me going. I also have been exercising more. I have a stationary bike that also works the arms and I have been doing an hour a couple of times a week. My plan this week is to do at least 3-4 days. It doesnt aggravate my achilles tendonitis so I think this will have to be my form of activity for now. I actually enjoy it too (outside of my tush hurting from sitting there so long)! I sit in front of the TV with my water bottle & put on a good show and I pedal away! If a good show is on, the time flies! I hope that this will make a difference at my weigh in on Sat morning. I am hoping for a 2# loss this week so that I can  hit my 10% weight loss. Keep your fingers crossed...I am trying really hard!!

Well gals, hope I dont sound like I am rambling on & on here. Have a wonderful hump day!
Keep in touch!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weigh in day!

Hello to all my BFC sisters!

Well, today is Saturday and it was WW weigh in day. With my sister being in North Carolina still (she's on her way home today...yay!) I have to tell ya, I really just wanted to blow off my WW meeting and weigh in today but I told myself "you are paying for this, so you're gonna go"! I honestly didn't think that I had much of a loss this week. I kept pretty honest to program and every day I got on the scale, it kept giving me the same number. Anyways, I hopped on this morning and it was the same number (again) however after a couple of bathroom breaks (TMI) I noticed it was a little lighter. Regardless, I planned on going and teetered with opting out of weighing in (you can take a no weigh in pass if you need to) but decided to bite the bullet & spin the wheel and see what it said. So to my surprise, I am down another 1.2# this week and I am 2# away from losing 10% of my body weight and 7 # away from hitting 25# with WW!!! New number is 194.2!!! I thought at most it would be about 1/2# but 1.2....I will take it!! So I am down 19# total now with WW since starting the program and a total of 24# from my highest weight last year in March. My jeans are fitting better, people are starting to notice and it feels great!!! I haven't seen this number in over 7 years!!! Progress is FINALLY being made and it is motivating me to keep on keepin on!!

Our topic today was celebrating your successes along your weight loss journey. Our WW leader Pam asked us what we are celebrating? I told her that for once in my life, I FINALLY have my head in the game!! I also told her how fun & exciting it has been to have people notice that I am losing weight. My goal for this week is to hit my 10% and lose that 2# and I would like to have hit my 25# mark by the end of the month. I know its lofty but as Pam said we need something to work toward and I am going to give it my best try. The great thing about setting goals is even if you don't hit it in the time frame you wanted to, you can reset your goal date and continue to work toward reaching it. The most important thing is to never forget your goal and what you are working toward!! I am living life....One bite at a time and enjoying the journey to a NEW ME this year!!!!!!

So....what are you celebrating along your weight loss journey? Would love to hear them!! Please post in the comments section and lets all cheer each other on to victory!!

Love & Belief!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

People are starting to notice....

Hello friends!

This is going to be  a short post but I wanted to share this with you all. I made a gigantic pot of veggie soup today for the week (and next week! It made 47 cups!!!) and with my sister being out of town, I decided to take some soup over for her hubby (love him too! Great guy!) and my beautiful niece so they could have something for lunches or supper. Anyways, I havent seen my niece since Thanksgiving and when she came over to give me a hug her first words when she saw me was "Oh my gosh Auntie, how much weight have you lost?  I hugged her back and said "SHUT UP...seriously?" and she said "I can totally tell you have lost weight...you look really great!" Well, can I just tell you...that totally made my day to hear that...and I told my niece that she made my day! So can I just tell you....it absolutely fuels my fire to finally hear comments that people can see a difference in me and its very exciting and makes me even more determined to stay on track. Even though its pretty much just my family who has been noticing, it still feels wonderful to have that validation.

On a side note...have you ever noticed when somebody tells you that YOU made THEIR day, many times it makes YOUR day to hear that back! Kinda cool... dont you think?
So thats it for me tonite! Im tired and need to get my beauty sleep;) To everyone who signed my blog this week, THANK YOU!!! You are all the best!!

Have a great Monday!
Love & belief!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Doin the Happy Dance!!!

Ok, Ok ,OK.....I am doing the happy dance today....do you want to know why???

Well, its because I lost 3# this week!!! I am down to 195.5!!!! OMG!!(pant pant) OMG (pant pant)
 I cant believe it!! I am only 6# away from a new decade!! 6 pounds and I will be in the 180s!!!! And....I am 3.5# away from losing 10% of my body weight!!! Even though I feel like my weight is coming off at the rate of a trickle, it is finally coming off, slowly but surely and my pants are getting looser and I feel really good about myself! My sister told me today that she can definitely see a difference in my tummy not being so puffy and my mom & dad told me the same thing a couple of weeks ago, so that made me feel really good to hear those positive comments!

      So.....I am officially ...Doin the Happy Dance...Doin the Happy Dance....Doin the Happy Dance!!!
So, if you had a great week whether it involved a victory at the scale or a NON scale victory (ex: you ate really healthy all week, you exercised x number of times this week, you said positive affirmations to yourself instead of negative, you bought a size smaller in something etc. Anything that is a positive thing that you did or had happen to you  this week) Be sure to share your  your Victory or NON Scale Victory in my comments section and we will all cheer for each other!!!

Went out to lunch with my sister to Wendy's after we weighed in (she lost 1.2#...Yay Rose!!) and had the 1/2 Baja Salad. It has lettuce, a little chili, pico de gallo & guacamole. OMG!! It was Sooo good!!! I love spending time with my sister, we never have a lack of things to talk about and we are each others weight loss buddies. She is going to North Carolina this week to see my nephew play baseball at his spring training. I am going to miss talking to her but at least we can text each other and I can call her if need be but I don't want to bug her too much.

Well ladies...have a fantastic Saturday and I cant wait to hear your Scale & NSV's (non scale victories!)
Inch by inch....we ARE getting there!! Every little bit counts!

Love & belief!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Did you know......

Good morning to all my Bloggin buds!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Sunday was crazy & I worked Mon & Tues and was just exhausted when I got home. Anyways, its a new month and spring is right around the corner.....CANT WAIT!!!! I just got off the phone with my sister and we had our usual weight loss pep talks to each other. We decided that we have been dawdling in our weight loss efforts since Jan and its time to get off of our keesters and be losers again. I love a new month because its a new beginning and a clean slate and a time to collect ourselves and refocus on what we want & where we are going. I am 9# away from being in the 180s...9 pounds!!! I mean, cmon Sherri, that is nothing short of crazy!! I haven't been in the 180s in ....geez, I honestly cant remember. Its definitely been at minimum 10 yrs. So for me, my goal is one decade at a time again. I know I have blogged about this before, but when I look at the big picture of what I need to lose, it is overwhelming, but the one bite at a time approach is much easier to swallow. My goal is lofty...but I am going for it....I want to be in the 180s by the end of the month....I'm gonna give it my best shot!!

So I read an article recently that said we, as women, say to ourselves a minimum of 13 times each day something critical about our bodies. So I thought to myself, I am going to be more aware of what I am saying to myself & when I say something unkind or critical, I am gonna stop in my tracks & take note. Well, I have to tell you, it is true and then some! While I didn't keep track of how many times I said something critical about my body, I can tell you, without a doubt, that it was well over 13x in a day!! The article went on to say, "why are we so unkind to ourselves"? We would NEVER say such unkind things to our best friends, so why are we saying these negative things to ourselves? We need to start treating ourselves kinder instead of saying "I hate this body part" or "I look so fat" we need to focus on being nicer to ourselves. What you think about, you bring about and when you tell yourself those things, sooner or later, your brain starts believing it. I think this is why its so hard for us to accept compliments from others....because we have spent so many years chipping away at ourselves by saying these things, that we don't believe it when people start to notice. I know that I am personally going to work on changing this behavior and I hope that in reading this, you too will step back and see what you are saying to yourself and if you are saying unkind things, that you will become more aware and start saying kind and positive affirmations to yourself every time something negative comes out.

My positive affirmation is going to be:
I am making positive changes this year that will lead me to a healthier and better life. I am pretty and smart and I will, without a doubt, attain all of my weight loss goals by the end of 2011. I am on my way and I cant wait to meet the new me!!

So I ask you...are you saying negative words to yourself each day??If you are, write yourself one or two sentences stating a positive affirmation about yourself and repeat it back to yourself when you find yourself saying those things.

So that's my thoughts for today. I am off to exercise. I rode the stationary bike for an hour  last evening while watching the Biggest Loser and I am going to do that a minimum of 4xweek. I felt great afterward and so proud of myself for staying on that long.

Have a great day my friends!!
Love & belief!