Saturday, March 5, 2011

Doin the Happy Dance!!!

Ok, Ok ,OK.....I am doing the happy dance you want to know why???

Well, its because I lost 3# this week!!! I am down to 195.5!!!! OMG!!(pant pant) OMG (pant pant)
 I cant believe it!! I am only 6# away from a new decade!! 6 pounds and I will be in the 180s!!!! And....I am 3.5# away from losing 10% of my body weight!!! Even though I feel like my weight is coming off at the rate of a trickle, it is finally coming off, slowly but surely and my pants are getting looser and I feel really good about myself! My sister told me today that she can definitely see a difference in my tummy not being so puffy and my mom & dad told me the same thing a couple of weeks ago, so that made me feel really good to hear those positive comments!

      So.....I am officially ...Doin the Happy Dance...Doin the Happy Dance....Doin the Happy Dance!!!
So, if you had a great week whether it involved a victory at the scale or a NON scale victory (ex: you ate really healthy all week, you exercised x number of times this week, you said positive affirmations to yourself instead of negative, you bought a size smaller in something etc. Anything that is a positive thing that you did or had happen to you  this week) Be sure to share your  your Victory or NON Scale Victory in my comments section and we will all cheer for each other!!!

Went out to lunch with my sister to Wendy's after we weighed in (she lost 1.2#...Yay Rose!!) and had the 1/2 Baja Salad. It has lettuce, a little chili, pico de gallo & guacamole. OMG!! It was Sooo good!!! I love spending time with my sister, we never have a lack of things to talk about and we are each others weight loss buddies. She is going to North Carolina this week to see my nephew play baseball at his spring training. I am going to miss talking to her but at least we can text each other and I can call her if need be but I don't want to bug her too much.

Well ladies...have a fantastic Saturday and I cant wait to hear your Scale & NSV's (non scale victories!)
Inch by inch....we ARE getting there!! Every little bit counts!

Love & belief!



  1. Oh Sherri, I am SO happy for you!! I am doing that happy dance and sending you a Standing Ovation it comes: clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap...and share it with your sis, because you girls ROCK!!!

  2. Hey girl, I am so proud of you!! that 180 will come in no time - just wait and see.
    I bought 2 pairs of jeans today in size 8 - That felt so great.
    Have a great day tomorrow. :-)
    (----) big hug

  3. Congrats on your weight loss -- I know those positive affirmations you said this week really do work! I can feel the love you have for your sister - it shines through your writing. Treasure that special bond always.

  4. Yeah Sherri congrats on your weight loss. Keep it up and you will be passing me soon. I did happen to get my butt into the gym 4 times this week. It sounds like you had a great time with your sister too that is great you guys are so close to each other to help motivate each other.

  5. Whooo hoooo!!!!! Good job Sherri!!!

  6. Congratulatons!! Whooo!!! Good job Sherri!