Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday excitement!

Hello to all my skinny bloggin buds!

This is going to be a quick post but I wanted to share something really exciting that happened to me last night. I went to Kohls to look for a new pr of Levis cuz mine are nothing short of deplorable and way too baggy. I didnt find a pr that worked for me but I did find a pair of Levis shorts in a size 14 MISSES!!! Yes, thats right, MISSES...NOT WOMENS!!! The is no 14 "W", its a 14 REGULAR!!! And in Levis!!! They are a smidge snug but I know by the time the warm weather rolls around, they will be a perfect fit! Also found a cute pr of capris that were a size 16 regular and they are still a smidge snug too but come summer, they will be perfect too. I can remember having to shop for pants in the WOMENS section and all I wanted was to NOT e shopping in that area of the store. I can remeber combing the store to make sure I didnt see anyone I knew because it was so humiliating for me to be there. Anyways, I cant tell you how wonderful it feels to be back shopping in the REGULAR part of the store now. Sorry Womens dept, Im not comin back to visit you ever again!

My resolve is even stronger now since I have found my way into the 14s. I cant wait to get even smaller and be in the 12s & then the 10s!! I think I will burst into tears when that happens. Still cant wait to get rid of the back fat but slowly but surely, I know it will leave my body. I just wish it was today!

Well, thatst it for me today ladies! Have a happy Sunday!!

Love & belief!


  1. That is great!!! You are an inspiration and I am happy for you:) Just make sure and throw all of your bigger pants away. From experience I know I have a way of fitting into them again! You can do it, look how far you have come already!
    Have a great week:)

  2. Hey Sherri, I am so proud of you and I know how small Levi brand can run. I remember when I fit into the 14 for the first time - I had tears in my eyes and almost cried in the store. I know you are excited. And don't worry about the back fat - it will go away before you know it.
    have a great day :-)

  3. Wow. LEVI's 14's. That is really terrific! I think that qualifies for a standing O Sherri. Here it is...clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclpaclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap!!!

    You are on your way...and your dreams await!

  4. I feel your excitement and happiness. You Go Girl! Congratulations!

  5. Congrats!!! I haven't attempted to try smaller pants yet. I can't wait til I do, but I will eventually. Right now I just use belts to hold up my sagging pants hehe!! That is so awesome!! Great work Sherri, we are all so proud :)

  6. whoooooo hoooooo!!!! yay!!!! That is so awesome!! I am very happy for you...and that is a motivator like no other!!! Great job!!

  7. Sherri, that has to be such a great feeling. I still cannot wear smaller then a pear shape man or man. I really hope to get back full force soon. The injection has not worked like I thought it would. Still having severe pain dont know if I will have to go back for another injection. Still hanging in there with you.

  8. Just for those shorts fitting I think another cruise is in order, don't you? You are going for it girl, and Levi's too, they're a hard fit. Congratulations. Yes, I am alive and well, just been busy.