Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Morning!!! TGIF!!!

Hello dear friends and Happy Friday!!!
Boy, am I glad the weekend is almost here, however they always seem to go too fast. (sigh) My youngest dtr has a soccer tournament Fri, Sat & Sun so it looks like I wont be getting much done around the house. My oldest daughter starts softball next Sat so I am gonna ave very little free time to do anything. I love watching my kids at their sporting events, however my house really suffers as I cant clean it like I want to and it is too big to clan it all in one day. It is just over 3000 sq ft and it takes me a good 3 days to REALLY clean it like I want to . Anyways, who wants to talk about cleaning for heavens sake!! Lets dive into our weight loss !!!

So, trying to think of a topic to talk about today and still kind of coming up empty so I will just type away and see how it flows. I'm kind of a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of girl so I am a good "winger"(usually!). Ive had a really great week and when I got on the scale this morning it said I was up about 1# but that's OK. I am planning no carbs after 3pm today and no eating after 7pm and lots of water!! I have to tell you, I really think getting off the diet soda is one of the keys to losing weight. I never thought it was before but I am finding that I really don't need it and I feel really good being off of it and I am "eliminating" so much better!! Lots of tinkle breaks during the day but I don't mind because I don't feel the bloating like I used to. Diligence is key and just continuing to press on every day. As Rosalie said, it has nowhere to go but off of your body, right?! I feel like my weight is a roller coaster too. I can fluctuate 2-3# on any given day but I try to reassure myself that it is probably just water weight or a plumbing issue (TMI) however, I have to tell you, I don't have issues in that #2 area anymore, but I used to so I know how miserable it can be. My sister has terrible #2 issues. She has had a colonoscopy, seen specialists and they say there is nothing wrong and that she needs to increase her fiber & water intake. Duh!!! She can go for 3+ days without going. I cant imagine! Anyways, how did I get on THIS topic??? lol...sorry!! I'm sure my sister wouldn't appreciate me talking about her bowel troubles. Shhh....dont tell her, ok?

So tomorrow is weigh in day for me at WW and I am super hopeful to lose that stubborn 2# to hit my 10% weight loss goal. I really have been trying very hard and I give up many fun things to stay on track. My work friends do a Girls Night out once a month on the first Friday of the month and they go to different restaurants. Because I weigh in on Saturdays, I don't go because it is all around eating and drinking and I don't choose to do that, and especially the day before weighing in!! I could go and socialize but I don't want ot be the only one sitting there sipping on unsweetened iced tea. Just not my idea of fun, especially when I am wishing I could be joining them, so I just choose to not go. The girls I work with know I am following WW plan & they never make me feel badly for not going. I LOVE my co workers!! They are an awesome group of gals!! I sell Mary Kay products and they have all been hounding me to have a party for them so the first Friday in May, they are all coming to my house and we will be doing a tureen dinner and makeovers. They are all so excited and I am nervous that I wont get my house clean enough after having the flooring done. (I am having new ceramic tile laid in my kitchen & foyer April 14th. Cant wait for a pretty new floor!!!! Although I am by no stretch of the imagination a "clean freak" like my mom & dad are, I always want a nice clean house for guests to come in to. Our anesthesia Dr. (a woman) told me yesterday that she is inviting herself to my party. Cracks me up because she is the most no fuss no muss woman I have ever met, however the girls tell me she cleans up nicely. She wears no makeup and I don't think she combs her hair before work. She wears an OR cap all day...why bother, right? But she is awesome at what she does and I have great respect for her as a physician. If I was "crashing", I would want her to take care of me. She knows her stuff and while she is a very direct person (unlike me) I really like her and I feel secure having her around and I can tell she likes me. She always comments on how much she likes my hair and I think she loves spending time with the girls. She is super intelligent and sometimes those type of people have trouble in social situations. Her hubby is also a physician and he will be on Jeopardy on June 15th. They are both VERY smart!!! I mean Jeopardy....geez Louise... I wish I could answer half of those questions!! I do great on the medical and tv stuff. haha!

Well, good gracious, I was all over the place today!! Sorry. I will let you know what transpires at weigh in tomorrow so stay posted!!
Have a happy Friday!!
Love & belief!


  1. Its okay, this is like our journal of thoughts. Somedays I talk about anything and everything. The blog is my way of talking out things, it listens better then my husband lol!!!!! He only listens to every other words and then just says uh huh at the end like he listened the whole time. hehe!! My hubby always has to much work on the brain to focus on my many thoughts so the blog is the best for that for me.

    Good luck with weigh in at WW. :) Have a great weekend. :)

  2. First of all - you should not feel guilty going to the kids sports instead of cleaning. Maybe you can get them to help when you all get back??
    My weight used to go up and down 5lbs over night before. Don't worry about 1. It's most likely the fiber thing.
    Maybe you should go with them and learn how to control what you drink and eat. That would be a good test for you. Just sip on a glass of red wine and taste only a few bites of the healthy stuff. You should go.
    Have fun with the party - I would go if I lived near you.
    Have a good weekend :-)

  3. Wishing you the very best for your WW weigh in Sherri, but no matter what that scale says, just keep on keeping on.

    Your body can be doing things the scale does not see, and sometimes weight loss comes when we least expect it.

    But it ALWAYS comes if we just keep following our program and sending those positive thoughts to ourselves! Where the mind goes the body follows.

    Does your sister take a probiotic? Over time a good probiotic might be of help to her. It can take time though, sometimes a few weeks to kick in. The probiotic should be at least a 30 billion count with at least 2 strands of bacteria.

    Enjoy the first weekend of Spring!