Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Wednesday!! 3/23/11

Hello to all!!!

Looks like we all have some new followers on our sites and that is awesome!!! I think that blogging about my weight loss journeys really helps me to stay on track because I know that even though people cant see me, they are watching me. Ok, I know that sounds weird, but you know what I mean. A big Welcome to all the newbies!!! If you don't wish to post, that's ok, but we all LOVE it when we get feedback so please don't be shy. There is so much wisdom in this little blogging community!! Don't be afraid to chime in anytime.

So I'm not feeling too inspired with a topic to chat about lately. Ive been doing really really well on my program/new way of life and the 2# that were up on the scale last week are now officially gone again. I am positive it was water weight because my hands are no longer puffy. I have given up soda for lent and although I know many of you who follow the BFC strictly, that is the one area that I have continued to give myself  "leash" on. I have had a true love affair with Diet Mountain Dew for over 20 years now and it has always been my favorite pop. I love the flavor & the little caffeine kick too, however earlier this month, I was looking at my delightful "nectar of the gods" and realized that it is NEON GREEN and I had an epiphany moment and realized "how can this possibly be a good thing for my body"? Right then & there I made the decision to stop drinking it and I haven't had one since. My plan is to give it up entirely. I allow myself to drink coffee w/cream, Vitamin Water and water and I have to say, although there have been times when I REALLY missed having a Dew or a Diet Coke, I feel better not drinking it. I have really upped my water intake considerably this week and I think that's why I am back to baseline weight again. Our liver has to metabolize everything we feed our bodies and I am tired of nourishing my body with chemicals. Although I am a pretty good eater in general, its the diet sodas and a few other things that aren't good for me and I am making a conscious effort to eliminate them from my diet. Good things in, good things out!! :)

I was watching Biggest Loser last night and I have followed it for years. I love to see the transformations and so many of the contestants really are starting to look great! The amazing thing is, for as fast as they are losing, I really don't see a whole lot of excess skin hanging. I'm sure underneath everything, there is some, but the women really are looking great! It inspires me to see that and the cast they have this season is such a nice bunch of people. I want them all to win because they have such genuine hearts. Its really a beautiful thing to see that kindness toward others shine through a world where "its all about me" mentality.

My jeans are really starting to feel baggy and I think I am gonna splurge on a new pr of Levis. Gonna head to Kohl's later today and get  a new pair. I also am planning to take a new photo on April 1st. I will post it on my site along with the other before shots. Hopefully we will be able to see a difference. I love going to see my mom because she pats my belly and says "I can really tell you're losing weight. Your belly is really going down". I know shes my mom, and maybe shes just saying it to be nice/encouraging, but it feels good to hear it!!

Many of you know I am doing a combo of Weight watchers while watching my sugars & carbs. On weight watchers, there is no counting sugars & carbs but they are factored in to your daily points target. I try to keep my sugars & carbs as low as possible but there are a few things I will not bend on giving up. One is my yogurt and my fruit. Yes I am losing slower but I'm ok with that. This is working for me and I don't feel deprived. I have been choosing the lowest glycemic fruits like raspberries, blackberries & strawberries & blueberries to eat and I portion them out. (On WW points plus program, fruit is free and unlimited!) I don't eat unlimited amts of them. It helps me to not feel left out. After a few days, I am craving my yogurt. It feels like dessert to me. I know it has aspertame in it and its an excitotoxin, etc. But like I said, its one food I am not bending on just yet. I feel like the diet soda has been a huge leap for me!! One step at a time.

Well, I better get moving and quit rambling. Have a great day my friends!!!
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NEVER GIVE UP and Keep on keepin on!!!


  1. Yay for the 2# :) Our weight likes to shift around, I can vouch for that big time. When our pants start getting baggy, isn't it just a great feeling?? :) Mine are getting really baggy too. One or two pairs I can pull off without unbuttoning them. I need to take a picture too to show progress. I haven't done that yet. I wanna pick one outfit like Amber did and show a progression of pictures. It helps people see how much it works with the transformation I think.

    Your doing great!! Keep up the awesome work Sherri. :)

  2. Isn't it a great feeling when your jeans are still baggy right out of the washer/dryer? Definitely time to go shopping --Yah!
    Due to medical reasons, I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver,and had to make fast drastic changes which included no soda, diet or regular, no diet drinks (Chrystal Light) and no aspertame or artificial sweeteners. Cold turkey was hard but worked for me. Haven't had a soda in over 6 months. Now I'm addicted to selzer water or La Croix sparking water. That's how I get my carbonation high LOL

  3. Congrats Sherri on giving up your soda habit. That is a toughie and a big step! But, you won't regret it. I gave up soda YEARS ago and I never miss it! But the giving up was hard, and I am so PROUD of you!!! And Huzzah too for those baggy jeans! YOU GO GIRL!!! I hope your shopping trip is fun to the max. (()) H

  4. Sherri, I am so proud of you for giving up the sodas. I know how hard that is to do. I was a big diet coke and coke zero fan PRE-BFC. Haven't had any for 1 year and 2 months - WOW!
    I can't wait to see your pictures.
    Have a great day :-)

  5. Sherri I think that it is great that you are doing a combo of the bfc and weight watchers,there is no need to try to fit into a cookie cutter mold of a diet/lifestyle. I believe we have to be honest with ourselves and chose things that are realistic to do as a lifestyle and not a diet. We are trying to be healthy and skinny, not unhealthy and skinny.

    I really enjoy your blog you have taught me a lot of good things, such as the need to forgive and move on. I can be so hard on myself that I become unproductive, and giving myself good self talk and forgiveness is making a big difference in my life :)

    You are doing awesome girl, keep up the good work and keep sharing we appreciate you.

  6. Thanks girls for all the great comments! @ Katie...I know, I too can be very hard on myself but I have learned that tomorrow is always another day and it is important to forgive and move on. The past is the past and we are going to make mistakes from time to time.
    Headed out to a softball fundraiser for my daughters high school team. She made the JV squad @ her HS. Her school is a HUGE rival to all schools in our town because they have a outstanding coaches and the very best in athletics. I am so proud of my dtr!! Gonna be freezing my butt off at her first game next Sat. Gonna be in the 30s here all week! Uggh!