Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Did you know......

Good morning to all my Bloggin buds!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Sunday was crazy & I worked Mon & Tues and was just exhausted when I got home. Anyways, its a new month and spring is right around the corner.....CANT WAIT!!!! I just got off the phone with my sister and we had our usual weight loss pep talks to each other. We decided that we have been dawdling in our weight loss efforts since Jan and its time to get off of our keesters and be losers again. I love a new month because its a new beginning and a clean slate and a time to collect ourselves and refocus on what we want & where we are going. I am 9# away from being in the 180s...9 pounds!!! I mean, cmon Sherri, that is nothing short of crazy!! I haven't been in the 180s in ....geez, I honestly cant remember. Its definitely been at minimum 10 yrs. So for me, my goal is one decade at a time again. I know I have blogged about this before, but when I look at the big picture of what I need to lose, it is overwhelming, but the one bite at a time approach is much easier to swallow. My goal is lofty...but I am going for it....I want to be in the 180s by the end of the month....I'm gonna give it my best shot!!

So I read an article recently that said we, as women, say to ourselves a minimum of 13 times each day something critical about our bodies. So I thought to myself, I am going to be more aware of what I am saying to myself & when I say something unkind or critical, I am gonna stop in my tracks & take note. Well, I have to tell you, it is true and then some! While I didn't keep track of how many times I said something critical about my body, I can tell you, without a doubt, that it was well over 13x in a day!! The article went on to say, "why are we so unkind to ourselves"? We would NEVER say such unkind things to our best friends, so why are we saying these negative things to ourselves? We need to start treating ourselves kinder instead of saying "I hate this body part" or "I look so fat" we need to focus on being nicer to ourselves. What you think about, you bring about and when you tell yourself those things, sooner or later, your brain starts believing it. I think this is why its so hard for us to accept compliments from others....because we have spent so many years chipping away at ourselves by saying these things, that we don't believe it when people start to notice. I know that I am personally going to work on changing this behavior and I hope that in reading this, you too will step back and see what you are saying to yourself and if you are saying unkind things, that you will become more aware and start saying kind and positive affirmations to yourself every time something negative comes out.

My positive affirmation is going to be:
I am making positive changes this year that will lead me to a healthier and better life. I am pretty and smart and I will, without a doubt, attain all of my weight loss goals by the end of 2011. I am on my way and I cant wait to meet the new me!!

So I ask you...are you saying negative words to yourself each day??If you are, write yourself one or two sentences stating a positive affirmation about yourself and repeat it back to yourself when you find yourself saying those things.

So that's my thoughts for today. I am off to exercise. I rode the stationary bike for an hour  last evening while watching the Biggest Loser and I am going to do that a minimum of 4xweek. I felt great afterward and so proud of myself for staying on that long.

Have a great day my friends!!
Love & belief!


  1. Wow amazing blog!! I think your article is right because I know I look into the mirror or getting dressed in the morning and say lots of negative comments to myself or at least I think a lot of negative comments. I try to be positive and be determined about my end goal, but it is hard sometimes. But I love your idea of trying to say some positive comments. Maybe even write it down and put it on the bathroom mirror. That way we all read it to ourselves each morning making us smile about ourselves instead of frown. Wonderful!! We are all going to make it!! Your goal is 180s by the end of the month and mine is 199. I have 7 lbs. to go to get into onederland and I can't wait!! WE can do this SHERRI!! =)

  2. I can totally relate to what you said. Even now after I have lost so much weight, I find so many faults in myself. When hubby says "wow you look so skinny or so pretty" I don't say anything back. Maybe cause I don't believe him. He says "you are supposed to say thank you".
    You are so right! We need to love ourselves the way we are.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. Excellent post Sherri! I could not agree more. A step at a time will get us all where we want to be...before you know it, all those steps are miles!

  4. So true, even me too, as Rosalie said with all my weight loss, i think like i'm still heavy. My girls cheer me on all the time so that helps me a lot!

  5. What an inspirational post. Woman are warm and nurturing by nature but we are our worst enemy. So critical of ourselves. I am not a blogger but do read all you ladies' blogs and find so much inspiration and support from your writings. Thanks.

  6. This is a great post Sherri! Thank you. Note to self: I look beautiful today, right now, not tomorrow or next month, but right now! It's funny how I picture all you ladies, from reading your blogs, and inspirational thoughts, and you are all unique, and beautiful women. Do we see ourselves this way too, ummmmm? Even the new kid on the block, Maxine has posted such wisdom! We will turn a new leaf today and believe in ourselves, as we believe in each other, and that is how we do it!

  7. To each and every one of you..Thanks for such wonderful comments!! Welcome Maxine!!

  8. Sherri, that is such a great blog. I have caught myself many times saying bad things about myself. I have read the book the power of positive thinking and started repeating things that I love about myself into a mirrow each and everyday and started belieiving it. Then I stopped and started up with the old bad habits. i think along with the weight loss we need to believe in good things about ourselves as well.