Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Saturday!!!

Hello friends!!

Well, today was weigh in day and I told myself regardless of how much I gained I am taking the hit and moving on. I weighed the same when I returned from my trip and the day after was 1.5# less, and then it found me again and I am up 2.4#. On the bright side of it, I am still under 200 (198.6) and all in all, not too much damage was done . I am shaking it off, and moving forward. Its over, I'm forgiven, its done....

I have heard it in so many of the blogs lately how many of us are feeling stalled, discouraged, frustrated. I feel all of the above but when I sat at my WW meeting this morning, I saw a friend of mine from the hospital who joined in the fall and she is down 27# and looks amazing!! Our leader shared a quote that really hit home with me and I am gonna share it with you.
"When you KINDA do it, it KINDA works."
"When you REALLY do it, it REALLY works"
Simple but true. I have been KINDA working it lately and I need to step it up and REALLY do the program wholeheartedly. No more giving myself all the leash I have been giving myself. I find when I REALLY buckle down is when I REALLY see results. She talked about portion control and making 1 small change this week. I thought long and hard about what I think needs to be adjusted, and I think it is dinnertime. When I get home from work, I am famished and want to pick at everything in sight!! I have decided that tomorrow I am going to make a few different entrees for the week and measure them out into covered dishes and have them ready to go for when I get home. I also love to have a snack on the way home from work so I am going ot fill some snack baggies with something crunchy for the drive home so I wont be so ravenous. One of the members a few weeks back said she made a dip made with plain greek yogurt and she added some ranch seasoning and she has a very nice little veggie dip. I am definitely gonna try this and am gonna stock up on veggies for the week. I am NOT a huge fan of veggies so this has always been a hard area for me while trying ot lose weight. My sister said she is gonna make a veggie tray for herself and store it in her office fridge and snack on that mid afternoon instead of something carbohydrate-y.

Oh, and another member who lost 4.2# this week shared a really good thought too... She said
"So many things in my life are out of my control, but this is the one thing that I have control over." Very profound, don't you think?

So to all my sisters who are struggling, lets all shake it off, and push the restart button today!! WE CAN do this!!
Love & belief always...


  1. I love that statement when you really do it it really works, and when you kinda do it, it kinda works. How true about so many things. I'm glad you shared that with us.

    I think it's a super good idea to make some meals this weekend so you will have food when you get home. I also love your idea to have a snack on the way home, that way you won't be so hungry when you get home and pick at food while you make dinner. That's a tip I think I might start practicing too. At my new job I'll be gettin off at 6:30, so I probably won't be eating until 7, 7:30 depepnding on if hubby makes dinner.

    Thanks for sharing tips from your WW meeting, what you said today is really helpful. Let us know how things go this week with having a snack on the way home after work. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Sherri. I too, kinda do it, and it kinda works. If I really did it, I'd be as thin as Rosalie who REALLY DID IT! She is living proof, and an inspiration. You always have some great points and the snack container idea will really help, just don't try to eat a handful of raw almonds without a beverage near by. I did that one day on the way home from work, and they got stuck in my throat and I needed water really badly, but finally got them down, and didn't die! Have a great weekend girl.

  3. Hi Sherri,

    I love the quote also - it is so true. If you know that you are too hungry when you get home - its a very good idea for some good snack on the way home and the prepared meals, Great idea! Then if you are real hungry - you can just warm and eat.
    Have a great weekend. :-)

  4. Sherri, I sure wish we lived close together so we could be workout buddies and give each other support in person. I am still truckin even though I find myself getting a little more discouraged just because it has been a long time since the scale has moved. I need to shake things up a bit since I have been eating the same thing day in and day out and I think it is getting use to the same old same old. I thought about checking out the 17day diet which I was told is a lot like the BFC plan except you are allowed a little more fruit. It does get a little confusing what to try and what will work. My doctor is still trying to get me to go gluten free for my thyroid disease she told me that gluten is really bad for people who have thyroid issues. I dont know what is wrong with me I cant seem to get motivated to even make that change. But overall I am not eating tons of gluten.

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  6. A terrific post! I removed my previous post because of a typo, sorry.

  7. Helen, now worries about the typos...I make a million of them!:) Diana, I totally agrea...wish we all lived in the same city so we could support each other in person....but at least we have the blog,right? My sister and I talked again last night for almost 2 hrs. She is my best cheerleader and I am her cheering section. We decided that we are off the "Kinda" doing this wagon and have jumped on teh "Really" doing it wagon!! There's room, anyone want picked up? Have a great day! Gonna post another message soon.

  8. Great post Sherri!! :) I love the quote as well. Great idea about getting the food ready for the week. It would help a lot I am sure because all of us sound like busy women. :) The snack idea is great too, I need to try something like that. I got some almonds and wanna try that post Amber put about the cocoa powder almonds (don't remember the name she called the recipe), but they sounded delicious. Hope you had a great weekend. :)