Friday, February 4, 2011

Lazy Friday!

Hello to all my BFC sistas!!!

Geez, I havent posted in a few days....I am so sorry! Its been a busy week here and here I sit, its Friday and I still have a zillion things to do but I am still in my jammies, no shower, no makeup on. Wouldnt it be great to just have a mask that you could slip on in the morning & off at bedtime?? YOu could have a perfect polished face 24/7 if you wanted to ? I think it would be so much fun to have my hair & makeup done by a professional!! Amber is so lucky to have that royal treatment from the RR show!! We are all jealous girl...but after all of your hard work, you are soooo deserving of that pampering!! Just got the hair cut & color touch up last night for the cruise next week so I am almost good to go. Getting my nails done on Tues and then a pedicure on Friday. I am a firm believer in NEVER EVER walking in sandals with bare toes!! Toes are gross enough as it is, so gotta get them cleaned up and polished and flip flop ready!!

So, I walk into my beauty shop last night and my beautician looks at me and says " are getting so skinny!" Now, by no means am I getting any where near skinny but I believe that you can finally start to tell that some weight is coming off of me. That was so nice to hear that compliment and I am so anxious to get another 10# off & get into the darned 180s!! I am so tired of this "trickle effect" thats happening with me but I will be patient and continue to keep doing what I am doing. Slowly but surely, it is coming off....Its just gonna take a while with me. I hear so many of the BFC sisters talking about their thyroids. I am also in that group of hypothyroid folks....I was diagnosed at age 21 and everyone in my family has it except my dad. It stinks to have thyroid disease because it does make losing so much harder BUT at least there is medicine to supplement. My sister uses it as a crutch that it is the root of all of her problems....I on the other hand, just deal with it, take my little pill every day and keep on keepin on. Its never gonna be easy and I will be fighting til my last breath to keep my weight under control. There are people who have worse health problems and this is just a little bump in the road that I have to deal with. My best friend who lost her husband in Dec is now in 2nd stage congestive heart failure. She gained 30# of water weight in a very short period of time and was near hospitalization last week. She just turned 44 yesterday and is plagued by so many health problems stemming from her sarcoidosis....kidney problems, heart problems,liver problems, chronic pain issues, depression.... I look at her and all of her numerous health problems that she battles daily, and am thankful that all I have is a little hypothyroidism.

So anyways, I am still following WW plan with a BFC twist! I am keeping within the guidelines on 15/6 as well as staying within my points target. I feel like if I dont watch both, I could really go overboard so it is just keeping me in check. It hasnt been difficult to do, just a little extra tracking.  Not sure what the scale will say tomorrow at weigh in. I realize that getting into the 180s by the cruise next week is not gonna happen but Im hoping to hit 195 by next Sat. Now that I am in ONDERLAND, I dont ever want to go back to the 200s ever again. That is a very unhappy place to visit for me and I will never ever go back!!!

I have been going through my clothes to pick out things to wear. I really wanted to get a new cocktail dress but there is NOTHING out there that tickles my fancy so I am going to wear my same old black dress that I have had for 5 yrs and dress slacks and my cobolt blue sequined sweater for the 2nd dress up night. I think I will hit Charming Charlie for some new jewelry to go with it. Oh...and get this!!! I wore my black cocktail dress in July to a Seminar for our awards night. I remember really having to suck it in to get it zipped and it was tight and uncomfortable. I put it on this morning and it zipped without a problem, didnt even have to suck it in, and it fits soooo much nicer and is so much more comfortably now!! It is a size 16. I was an 18(probably could have worn a 20) in July so there is a definite change going on in me, inside AND out!!

Well, I have rambled on & on here so I will wrap it up. Gotta get all those errands done before the day gets away from me. Its cold here, in the 20s but the sun is out and it is actually a pretty day in Erie, PA!!

Have a great Friday and a great weekend gals!!
Love & Belief always!!


  1. Nice post Sherri. Where are you going on your cruise? If you mentioned it, I've forgotten. Today at work one of the young casiers is out, because they found a benign tumor on her thyroid, so she had her thyroid partially removed. Another lady at work had hyper thyroid and another hypo thyroid. I think I'm saying this right. Anyway, it does seem to afflict many people. Your poor friend, and her kids:( This is so sad for all of them. Okay, just stopped by to chime in, trickle away!

  2. Sherri, that battle with the thryroid boy oh boy. When I was diagnosed a few years ago I use to use it as a crutch just like your sister. But no longer do I do that. The doctor did give me some HCG drops to try and some adrenal support to see if that helps get my weight loss going again...I can only hope. But you are right when you said that there are other people that are worse off then we are. Mine problems are nothing like your friends. I will pray for her. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip and I will still be jealous.