Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Morning & Happy Sunday!

Hello to all my Friends!

Its Sunday and we are up & at em here. Got up @ 7am, went to mass @ 8am, came home & made a yummy breakfast for myself & the family of French toast....mmmmmm delish! I used egg beaters, cinnamn & vanilla as the "dip" and the family had theirs on reg bread and mine was on a lite bread that only has 1gm of sugar & 14gms of carb for 2 slices. Topped it off with some sugarfree syrup and some unsweetened almond milk and I am a happy camper here! I usually eat 2 slices of Trader Joes sprouted wheat bread for breakfast & unswt almond milk every day M-F so it is a treat to have something different on the weekend. I went to breakfast with my sisters yesterday and I had a ham & cheese omelette with an english muffin for breakfast. It was sooooo good too! I LOVE breakfast!!! It is hands down my favorite meal of the day!! So tomorrow it will be back to the grind and I will be eating my sprouted wheat toast again.

I keep looking at these jeans that I have on and I am just amazed at how much bigger they are getting. It is so dang cool to see that happening. The butt is a bit baggy and the front is also baggy. I havent been able to wear them for eons and lately, they are my "go to" jeans. They are my Levis that I have written about in previous posts. They are an 18 Reg. I have a pr of 16 Regs in my closet and I can get them on & zipped but they arent comfortable enough just yet....10 more pounds and I will be wearing them and I will take a new updated photo in them. Levis do have a smaller cut to them, in my opinion. Lee jeans are way more generous. I keep thinking to myself, you are 7 1/2 #s away from being in the 180s. I seriously cant remember when I was last in the has been well over 10 yrs. I cant wait to be there...and then the 170s...then the 160s...and then the 150s!!! I have decided my first goal is to hit 160, then I am gonna go for another 10# off and I think I will be happy with that. I look pretty good at 160, so I know I will look very good at 150! My focus is in the next 2 weeks to lose another 5# and hit my goal of 10% off. I am gonna try really really hard to do it but no matter where I end up, anything will be good with me. The upcoming cruise has me a bit nervous, but I know how to make good food choices and the last cruise we went on, I didnt gain anything, just stayed the same so I am hoping for that again. I want to have a good time and enjoy myself. I am not a drinker so I just have to contend with the food. I beleive it will all be ok. I plan to do some sort of activity every day and they have a really nice walking track on the upper deck of the ship so I think I will do some laps in the sunshine with the sea breeze blowing in my face.....(sigh) cant wait!!!!

So its off to the grocery store for me today and I am supposed to have 2 of my MK clients stop over for a quick facial this afternoon. I really would just like to do nothing and lay around but I am back to work tomorrow and I need to get provisions for the week or the natives will be grumbling that we have no food.

Have a fantastic Sunday!!!
Love & belief


  1. Happy Sunday Sherri,
    I can relate to all you are saying concerning the fit of the Levi's and the Lee's. While in Sears yesterday I just was curious about my size now, so I tried on both styles. Up one on the Levi's. So they do run smaller. I will use those as my guide when I start buying again, since I am a Levi's kind a gal. You start your day great. My friend and I always go out for breakfast on the weekends, and she's on her way over to get me now so I got to run. Have a great day, and lose those stubborn 5#'s.

  2. HI Sherri, I agree with you I feel that breakfast is the most important meal. It's great to hear about the jeans being big.
    I remember when I started I squeezed in a very tight 18 & 20's. I had to keep the top button undone. Before you know it you will hit all your goals 1 at a time.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. Hey Sherri, That has been one of my goals to be able to wear a pair of levi's. I have that pear shape body that levi's seem to not like, but maybe someday. I am with you about is my favorite too. What cruise are you going on? Hope you have a fabulous time.

  4. That's great Sherri!! I also noticed some pants this morning that I grabbed to wear to church that had been a little snug actually fit today. :) Isn't that just the greatest feeling ever!!?? I can't wait till I can dig out all my size 12's I have saved forever. One day it will happen, we just all gotta stick to it. Try setting up little mini rewards for like every 10 lbs. you lose. Like buy a new shirt or something fun for just you. I did this once before, and its a nice little treat/reward for a job well done.

  5. Oh Sherri, you're looking great! Thanks for commenting about my MIA. Yes, i'm still healing from my surgery, i'm going into the 4th week. This was the abdominal cut so i was really sore and in lots of pain. My uterous was three times the size it's supposed to be with all the junk in there...fibroids, polyps and endometriosis...good riddens!!! Anyway, i'm still plugging away and i did lose 6 lbs while in the hospital, probably because i didn't have anything solid for three days! The end of this month i will have one year in and can't even believe it, if i can do this anyone can!!! I'm so proud of your accomplishments!!!

  6. Lisa I was wondering what happened to you. I once had a C-section and that abdominal cut, nearly did me in the day after when I sneezed. I hope you are healing up and feeling better now. Are you blogging? You always have great thoughts and I wish you were. I'd read what you had to say, along with all our lovely Sista's in the BFC hood. Thanks Sherri for having a site by the way.