Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday...weigh in day!

Hello friends!

Well, today was official weigh in day for me and I am down another .8#....not quite a pound this week but I will take it. Official weight was 197 even.When you add in the 1# of clothing I had on, it is a decent week. Bottom line is, every little bit adds up. So Jan wasnt a fantastic month as far as weight loss goes, only down 2.8# this month but its ok. I am just gonna hang in there & keep pressing on. Slow & steady wins the race and Lord knows, this is as slow as molasses! I am down a total of 21.5# from my highest weight of 218.5 last March. My clothes are feeling looser and I feel good knowing that it IS going to come off this year! I cant wait to see what size I will be wearing by Easter time!! I am certain I will be in the 180s for sure, maybe even the 170s. Thats a very exciting thought and really gives me the fuel to keep going. I am imagining myself looking thinner and that is something I havent been able to do for a long time because I have been overweight for such a long time, I dont know any different.

So thats my day today. Went out to lunch with my sisters today and we chatted for 3 1/2 hrs So fun and I have the BEST sisters ever!!! I wouldnt trade them for anything!!

Have a fantastic weekend my friends!!
Love & belief


  1. Sherri,Congrats on the 21.5 pounds so far. You are where I started.. I remember 196 very well. You will blow right past it! ;-) I really believe that slow and ready wins the race too, that is how it went for me. And then one day "Boom" it was gone and it all seemed so quick. But it was one day at a time.

  2. HI Sherri, I am very proud of you for all the weight that you have lost so far. I know if you just keep at it the rest will be off in no time. You have a great weekend too. :-)

  3. Sherri, Yeah you are on the move again. Hey when you lose it slow you know what they say you will learn to keep it off. That is how I am looking at the big picture now. I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  4. You are on your way girl! I think clothes weigh more than a pound so you probably made it way past .8 :) We are going to rock in February!

  5. Thanks girls!! Yes, we are TOTALLY gonna Rock it out in Feb!!!! Look out!!! :)