Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Jan 7, 2011

Good morning friends!

Well, the feet are feeling great today! Woke up to little to no pain and I am walking normally. The things we take for walking without being in pain. Makes you appreciate the body God has given! I have abused it for so many years by being overweight. I am ready to make a change this year and take care of this body that he has given me by fueling it properly and exercising regularly. I dont want to have problems down the road like diabetes, heart disease, etc. So many of those problems are truly preventable. I read somewhere that diabetes is really on the rise! I believe the statistic I read was something like 46% of the population are affected by it. That is just crazy!!!

So anyways, I bought a new kickboxing tape last week and hadnt tried it yet so last night, I popped it in the DVD player & was going to just preview it and then I decided to give the moves a try. It was a really good workout and I was sweting in my pjs by the end of it. It was starting to aggravate my foot by the end so I didnt complet the cooldown...but I am ready to try it again today. It has weighted gloves  that you wear to turn up the intensity and the tape is really fun to do.

Got on the scale this morning and it says that I am down 2.5# this week! Yippee!! I officially weigh in tomorrow at WW so we shall see what their scale says. By the time you add clothing in, it usually adds on a pound. But I feel great and so motivated to keep going!! I havent been this motivated in years!!!

WEll my friends, a short post from me today. Not much else going on. Hope you all have a great day and be sure to post your comments. I love hearing from you!



  1. Hi there! I just happened to stumble across your blog and you are such an inspiration. I just started on the BFC plan Monday. I hope to do as well as you have on it. Keep up the good work. And you have such cute hair!! :)


  2. Aloha Sis, Yes we do take our feet, bodies for granted until they start falling apart. I had a bump on the back of my heal, that also effected my Achilles tendon and I limped into work almost for three month straight before I started the BFC. I am on the mend since losing a weight, and wearing thicker souls on my shoes. I tried so many shoe inserts, but now I think it was due to carrying the extra weight around. I didn't go the shot way because my friend told me she had cortizon shot in her heal, and wow, even though they numbed it she said she'd never do it again. But her bone spur never came back and it's been over five years. So I'm just getting my to go away on it's own, keeping it from getting agitated, and keeping it happy! So far so good. I'm glad you are getting better. Baby your feet, they get you where you need to go! Nice weight loss to by the way.

  3. Hey Sherri, So glad to hear your foot is on the mend. And so proud of you and your weight loss you are gonna be so hot on that cruise. Can you tell me what the name of you kickboxing video is? I would love to try it.

  4. Hey Girls! Thanks for all your comments. Kasey, I have a bone deformity on my heel that unfortunately wont go away without surgery. I wish losing weight would fix it, but I am told it wont so I will suck it up, take my antiinflammatories, and carry on, and get shots as needed to get me through. Diana, I bought the kickboxing DVD set w/ the gloves at weight watchers. Its called PUNCH! There are 3 levels, beginner, intermediate & advanced. It is alot of fun! If you dont have a weight watchers near you and you want one< i would be happy to pick it up for you and mail it out. It was $24.95 on sale. Rhonda, thanks for visiting and come back again!! I love making new friends here! Also, thanks for the comment on the hair. My hairdresser did a good job this time around. I have been getting daily compliments on it so something must be right. They always say, if you havent had a comliment on your hair in 2 weeks you need to cut it, dye it or buy some more!! HAHAHA!
    Have a good day girls!