Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Post...Bathing Suit Edition...Uggh!!

Hello to all my bloggin buds!

Good evening friends! Today was a great day! I ate very well, totally on plan and I have been having fun going through old clothing in my closet and trying on things I havent worn in a while. Man it feels good to wear them again!! We are going on a weeklong cruise in less than 4 weeks and I am trying to be diligent to get as close to 189 as possible before we leave. I got on the scale this morning and lo and behold, didnt it say I was down another pound this morning!! I got off the scale and did the fist pump and a "yessss!"!! So if I can have 4 very focused weeks, I think I can get there if not pretty darned close. I know that I will probably gain a few pounds and I am ok with that. We have spent alot of money to go on this and I am not going to deprive myself, but I absolutely wont go overboard either. I never do the midnight buffet and I dont eat after dinner at all. I try to make good choices at my meals and there are healthy options as well as reducced calorie entrees & desserts that are delicious. Every time we have done cruises in the past, I have made it a point to get to the gym and do at least 1/2 hr on the treadmill or elliptical and this time will be no different. I am taking my workout clothes and on the days we are at sea, I will be in the gym for sure. When we are on land, it is usually filled with so much walking etc, I look at that as my activity for the day. Our last cruise 4 years ago I maintained my weight...didnt gain an ounce and that is what I am hoping for again. I think I can pull it off.

So, this is my bathing suit edition as you saw on the heading.All I can say is there is only one word for bathing suit shopping.....UGGGHHHH!!! I absolutely despise having to try on bathing suits let alone sport one in public for cryin out loud! I know there are people who are way bigger than me wearing swimsuits in public and all I can say is Kudos to them for being so brave. So anyways, I have a bathing suit that I bought 4 yrs ago for our last cruise. I bought it online and it is ok. I paid almost $90. plus shipping for it...ouch but when you are a big girl, you gotta shop in the big girls catalogs. So yesterday, I was in Sams Club shopping and didnt they put out a table full of bathing suits advertised as "SLIM SUITS"!! Well, you have my undivided attention now!! And they are $29.98 each....what a bargain to boot!! So I start parusing the table and there were 2 suits that caught my eye. They both have the cute black swim skirts (not too short, not too long and in black.Always slimming..I like that! Dont want the Granny ones that go down to the knee now!) The one top was a bright floral print with a black background(very pretty) and the other was a cobalt blue & black circle kind of print. The blue one was halter style and I like that look so I bought that one. As you know, with Sams club, there are no dressing rooms so you have to take them home to try on & return if you dont like it. (a pain in the rump for sure!!) So I get it home, try it on and yikes!!! Talk about plunging neckline!! A definite NO!!!! So I returned it and got the floral one and it looks decent. Ok, tell me this, what gives with back fat? Man, I hate that!! I need to do some exercises to get rid of it cuz it is just nasty! Anyways, it is what it is and my husband told me it looks nice on me and he is not one to dish a compliment often and my youngest daughter also said it looked nice so I think I am alright to show myself in public in it. I still wont like it, but hey...who cares, right? I wont know anybody and I am certainly not looking to impress anyone so whoop de doo!!! lol. I got a great bargain for $31 plus change.

Ok, not to ramble more about my clothing ordeal, but here is my dilemma. My dressy capris from the summer are too big now and I dont think they will have any out in a smaller size by mid Feb. I did find one pair of black capris in a sz 16 and they fit but that limits me to one pair for the cruise. I have a pair of white ones that I love and I havent tried them on since summer, but they were a little smaller cut than my other ones so I may be able to get away with them too. I do have a couple of other ones that are smaller, they are 16 Regulars but they are still somewhat snug and with the salt water etc, I may get bloated a bit so Im thinking the other 16s will be the ones to take. As far as shorts go, geez...not sure what I am gonna do!! My shorts were kind of roomy on me over the summer so I know they are gonna hang off of me. I have lost 4 inches on my waist and 4 inches on my belly since then so I am sure of it. I am hoping the stores decise to put summer stuff out early. Heck, they were putting valentine stuff out Dec 26th so one can only hope, right? I do have to say, on one final feels sooooo soooo good to try this stuff on and see it fitting so much nicer, not hugging all the bumps & lumps. I know I have a long way to go, but I have to say, the whole big clothing thing is really really a great thing!!!!! I cant wait to go shopping when I hit my ideal body weight!! I have a nice lump of $ stashed away in a secret bank acct and I am gonna get an entire new wardrobe with a chunk of that money. And I am gonna be buying size 10 jeans, thank you very much!!! :)

Well, I am sure you are all tired of reading my rambling so I will wrap it up for tonight. Thanks for listening.

I would also like to send Rosalie my condolences as she and her family cope with the loss of her dad. My heart goes out to you my friend ,and I am so very sorry for your loss. I know that it is a relief that he is no longer hurting and you take comfort in knowing he is most definitely with Jesus now. I am here for you if you need an ear or a shoulder. ((Hugs)) to you....

Have a great Sunday Skinny sisters and a great start to your week!

Love & belief always!!


  1. HI Sherri,

    Thank you for the kind words, I just wanted to say that the back fat will go away. Mine did, just be patient. :-)

  2. You're going to have so much fun on that cruise. Make sure to get a bathing suit cover up that you can just wear over your suit, and feel all relaxed in as you cruise around the boat. They make cute one's now days. I bought a couple suits last year, and I like the 2 pc. with a little skirt, but both mine, one a halter went plunging down to my belly button, I ended up cutting the straps that connected to the back and now I tie it around my neck. It lifts everything up, instead of having the sagging look effect. Well I have no doubt you will reach your goal before you go. Those were nice compliments from your hubby, and daughter!

  3. Don't forget to look at thrift stores for any summer clothes that you might need for the cruise. We know you'll do great on the cruise!

    Yeah, the bathing suit thing! Even at my lowest weight I won't wear a bathing suit in public. I feel so uncomfortable in them. I might get my nerve up to wear one this summer now that they do have those cute skirt wraps that can be worn.

  4. Yay a cruise sounds fun!!! I don't like bathing suits, I always feel self conscious even when I was really skinny so don't feel bad. Its all about confidence and having fun. Don't let these things bring you down. By the end of this year, your going to be a bombshell, we all are!! :)

  5. Amen sisters!!! We are all gonna be HOT MAMAS!!

  6. Sherri, You are on such a roll sister! I know you are gonna get to the 180's before you leave. I also would think the stores will be rolling out the summer clothes soon that is how they work. I am proud of you for wearing a bathing suit out in public that is something I wont do now and I dont even know if I will do it after I lose this weight....Proud of you!

  7. Oh Diana....there is nothing pretty about me in a swimsuit by any means. I will always hate them too but I am not missing out on my trip by sitting in shorts or capris when its 80 & sunny. No way!! I am feeling really fat today. I had one of those tortillas with the 12g of fiber and we had taco salad for dinner....I think it was just a bit much for my poor ole colon to handle today....gonna take it easy tomorrow...I hate feeling bloated. yuck!