Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weigh in Day!! Sat Jan 8, 2010

Hello to all my Skinny Sisters!

Well, had my official weigh in today @ WW and I am down another 1.8#, that makes a total of 15.2 lost w/ WW since Dec 1 and a total weight loss of 20.5# when I was at my heaviest last March, 2010. I am about 6# away from hitting my 10% weight loss.....I dont think I have ever hit my 10% with that is pretty exciting stuff too!  It feels so good to be wearing my jeans again that I havent worn in I dont know how many years,to see my clothes getting baggy, to not have as many ripples & bumps showing and to just enjoy feeling a little bit lighter. I put my winter coat on today and noticed that it is really starting to get big on me too. When I got on the scale this morning though, it said I was up 3# since yesterday!! I was like....seriously?! How can you possibly gain 3# overnight? I have been sooooo good, following everything to a tee and exercising too, and then it dawned on me. It seems that every time I exercise before I weigh in, I am always heavier the next day. I did 2 exercise tapes yesterday and I am wondering if my body is just hanging on to a little extra water weight from doing them. So I waited til 11am to weigh in and the scale came back down. So note to self...not gonna exercise on Fridays. I really need to update my stats too! I have really laxed on that.

I pulled out my bathing suits (all in black might I add....go figure!) and tried them on this morning. They look ok, I suppose.... but I am thinking another 10# and they will look much better. We have our cruise in 4 1/2 weeks and I dont know how realistic it is to lose that much in that short of a time frame but by golly, Im gonna give it my best shot! I will take anything I lose in that timeframe and be happy with it. Even though they are just numbers, and they certainly dont define me by any means, it is so fun to see them going down instead of up which is what was happening all of last year. I fell like something has "clicked" for me this time and as I have said in previous posts, I REALLY KNOW that this time I am going to do it!!! I have never been more motivated and I truly believe that come Sept. you aren't gonna believe what you will see! I wanna look younger, dress in cute stylish clothing that doesnt scream grandma or have a "W" after the number , and I wanna look HOT for once in my life!!! I am starting to envision myself looking this way and I have never been able to do that before.

So thats my update for you all. I hope you are all doing great! Please be sure to post how your week has gone. Have a wonderful weekend and please keep in touch & be sure to say hello if you stop by to visit!

Love & belief!


  1. Sherri, Congrats on your weighloss. I really do love reading your blogs they inspire me. I bet you cant wait until your cruise. I so want to go on one too! Where are you going? I have some many place I want to go but cant decide what to do first. I understand what you are talking about when you exercise and the weight gain....go figure. Anyway have a great week and I look forward to another blog from you.

  2. WHAT, no more granny panties! I don't even remember how to dress with style, but I know when I have a smaller frame, I can usually put on anything and it looks good! Of course that was years ago. W.W. sounds like you're losing the pounds fast! Good for you. Like Diana asked. Where are you going again on your cruise, and for how long? One of my co-workers went to New Zeeland and Australia. I think I want to do that one one of these days. He had a great time! Keep us posted, and interesting observation about the scale jumping up after excercise. I will watch for that from now on. Have a great week Sherri.

  3. Hey Gals! We are going on the newest ship in Carnivals fleet, the "Dream". IT is only 1 yr old. We leave mid Feb. My husband and both of my daughters will be going. We will leave out of Port Canevaral in Florida and will be cruising for 1 week to Nassau, St. Thomas & St. Maarten. We decided to only do 3 ports so we could relax & enjoy the cruise. Sometimes when you have too many ports it is rushed & hectic. We felt that the 3 ports would give us time to have fun. I am going ot start tanning next week because I am as pale as Casper! I dont like to get too much UV exposure,but if I dont pre tan I will burn badly & it will be miserable. Also, who wants to put shorts on with white legs!! YIKES!!
    I have been on I think about 6 cruises. My husband has been on 15 or 20. He traveled alot before we got married with his college buddies.
    It is the vacation of a lifetime!! You should definitely look into doing one!! I have never been disappointed yet!