Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh Dear....Daffins is in the house!!!!!!

Hello girls!
Well I was having a great day today, until I got home!! I walk in the door and my husband says to me "Hey, my boss sent me a 2# box of Daffins chocolate for Christmas!" Ok, first off, uh...hello Mr Boss...Christmas is Dec 25th! Did we forget or did we get a nice discount on the candy in Jan?? (haha, being a smarty pants here!) And second, OMG!!! Have you ever had Daffins chocolate? It is nothing short of AMAZING!! Oh, and to top it off....ALL NUTS!!! Can you say OMG OMG OMG!! (lol) Sorry, but I think you get my jist . Ok, I will now enter the confessional...."Bless me fellow dieting buddies, for  i have sinned"...Can I just say, without even thinking, I opened that box and whipped 2 pieces of candy in my mouth like nothing doin! It was...oh my it was fantabulous!! Sorry, I know, I know...I shouldnt have done it, but it sucked me in lie kryptonite!!! Oh, and after dinner, which was some grilled chicken and a few oven browned potatoes.....didnt I go upstairs and pop a few more in without thinking again!! Good gracious!!! What the heck??!! So my hubby is gonna have to hide the box, lock it up, something like that because I cannot be trusted to be in the same room with it!! I can honestly say, there is no other chocolate that does it to me like Daffins chocolate does. Ok, I will stop now because you are probably all thinking to yourselves, Poor  Sherri has gone loco!! I feel bad about doing it now, but other than the 5 pieces I ate, I really had a very good day and all is not lost. We are all human and sometimes slip ups will happen. Just gonna move onward & upward & let it go.

So how was your day? Mine was very good. Work was good and like i said, I was on plan and ate well. I hope you are all doing great and had a good day too!

Keep on keepin on!!


  1. Oh no Sherri, tsk tsk!!! ;) hehehe just kidding!! Oh yes we all have our mistakes now and again when on dieting. We are all human like you said. Put them out of sight, out of mind from this point on though. =) I would suggest making some of those dark choc. macadamia nut clusters (or use another nut of your choice) and keep them in the fridge to tide you over. OR Russel Stovers has sugar free made with malital chocolates at most grocery stores. Some do have artificial sugars in them , but a few don't so you gotta look carefully. Anyways...just a couple ideas for you. :) But hey don't feel bad, I have still had a bit here or there this past 2 weeks of something I yummy I see my hubby eat. I just try to stop at one bite (ya know like Rosalie always suggests). Glad you had a great day!! Keep going strong girl!! Your going to make it! :)

  2. I've never heard of Daffins? Only See's Candy Store's are in Hawaii. But I would have eaten at least that many or more! I have no will power what so eva! Well I hope you enjoyed them, now go eat a Hard Boiled Egg! :::::)))))

  3. Hey Sherri, Yeah - we are all human. I too have never heard of that brand. It's OK - Tomorrow is another day!
    Be strong! :-)

  4. Sherri, It was almost like you were making love to those chocolates....girl I laughed so hard. I use to be like that with peanut M&M'S I would grab and handful and another and before you would know it the whole bag would be gone. Just have to remove all those temptations or else we surrender to them without blinking a eye. Thanks for always making my day.