Thursday, January 20, 2011

Its Thursday...sorry Ive been away...

Hello to all my "sisters in skinny" !

Well, I juest realized I havent blogged in a few days. Geez Louise, what a busy week!! I have worked every day (Im part time so I usually have a couple days off a week but not lately.)  and I am going in extra tomorrow, which was my day off,  for a few hours to help out. We have been so busy at the surgery center and although I would give anything to just sleep in tomorrow I didnt have the heart to not volunteer to come in for a few hrs to help my co workers out. There is nothing worse than having a short staffed crazy day! Our Director of Nursing thinks we have plenty of staff...she is living in a bubble...oh wait, thats her office! lol !! Shes a nice lady but she doesn't have a fricken clue about anything anymore! I think I am the youngest person in the recovery room and I applaud all my co workers who are in their mid to late 50s, some of them are in their early 60s and they work full time and bust their butts every day. I love the girls I work with so much and I would do anything for them. I am so blessed to love my job and the people I work with! I never feel like I drudge into work. The worst part is getting up early.

So anyways, enough of that! So lets talk diet. Ive been  super good this week and have been disappointed every day that the scale has said I am up a bit. What gives? When I weiged myself last Sunday I was down but today, up 3#!! I think I am retaining water lately and working so much has kind of interrupted my normal "elimination". Lately I have been getting home later than usual and I am STARVING when I walk in the door and I have no decent food in the house. I went grocery shopping last weekend, but seems theres nothing to show for it....I hate it when that happens! I think I am gonna have to go tomorrow sometime. Its getting ugly!! I feel fat too. My jeans feel tight for some reason and I dunno, I just feel like here we are Jan 20th and I am nowhere near the weight loss I wanted to be at this month. I hear many of my fellow bloggers saying they feel like they are stalled in their weight losses too and I hate to say it, but I think I am in the same boat. Not my intention....I have been trying , as I know all of you have been too, but its not budging this month. I really wanted to be down closer to 189 before the cruise but that is just shy of 3 weeks away and I am not seeing the numbers changing much. (sigh) Oh well...gotta just keep on keepin on!!! I know I need to exercise more but I am so tired when I get home all I want to do is sit because we are on our feet constantly and my tendonitis is usually really fired up by the time I get home.

Well girls, we just need to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and push the restart button! I know that I am . I wish the weight would fall off like it did in Dec...but that was a terrible way to lose it. The stress diet isnt a good diet to be on.

Hope you all are doing great! Keep on pluggin and hang in there! We will make it!!
Love & Belief


  1. Sherri take a look at Helen's post I think it was yesterdays, and she has upped her Probiotics and taking Metamucil per the F.T. suggestions. Are you taking anything to help with ridding your body of waste, and underlying belly fat? Try Three Leaf Detox tea. Supposed to help with flushing the waste, and drink in the evenings. I found it in Walmart not with the teas, but with the oriental foods here. I'm still the same ol' same ol' too, and working on it. Your trip is going to be the best eva!

  2. Sherri, I am in the same boat as you. Just have to keep on plugging away. I have to get motivated to shake things up a bit since I have been some what on cruise control. Take care and have a awesome week.

  3. Don't worry Sherri, sometimes we have weeks like that. That is why I decided not to weigh everyday anymore. I am only weighing in every Monday. Sometimes our crazy work schedules can make things hard with diets. I use to have two jobs and this made it really hard to diet because my second job was part time and I didn't get a dinner break. It was hard so I understand you. I know lots of people gave me the advise of always having a snack in your purse or maybe your jacket pocket. That way at the end of the day your not starving and that is when its hard to stay on the diet, because you wanna eat everything in site. Trust me I know this, I totally am like this when I am starving.