Monday, January 3, 2011

Its Monday!

Hello to all my Skinny Sisters!!

How was your weekend? We had alot of fun. My husband turned 50 on Sat & I threw a little party for him to celebrate. We had family & friends over and it was just a great time visiting and we started bowling on the fun!! And can I just tell you, I was kickin butt!! My husbands best friend Joe was so funny. He was like, "Sherri, Im gonna be your manager when you go out on your Wii bowling tour!" Made me laugh to hear that!

So I have been reading all of your posts and my many great things are happening to my BFC sisters! Diana is wearing cute little size 16 jeans now, Kasey is 22# lighter than last year, Rosalie is wearing a size 10 and has lost over 70#!!! My awesome it was to read all of your blogs!! Sooo much to be proud of my friends!! I am also happy that this is the first year I didnt boo hoo on New Years like I always do, having a pity party of one with myself over the fact that I was the same weight that I was (or heavier) than last year. But not this year!!! I am 18# lighter than I was last year and I am doggone proud of that too!!

I went searching in my photos that are dowloaded and I found a picture from Jan 2, 2009 and a picture from Jan 2, 2011. OMG wait til you see the difference! I almost fell over when I saw the comparison!!
I thought that this picture was taken last year, but I wrote 2009 so I guess that was what I looked like then. All I can say is, my goodness, what happened to me that I let myself get so big? I am making positive changes in my life and I have vowed to myself that I will NEVER allow myself to get this big ever again!! I am embarrassed to post these pictures but it is what it is and I cant continue to go on seeing my weight through rose colored glasses. I am glad that I took these photos and I cant wait to watch me become the incredible shrinking woman this year!

I got my nails done tonight, and my nail girl, Julie and I were talking. She is also a spinning instructor at the Y
too  and she keeps encouraging me to get into a spinning class. It makes me nervous because I dont think I could last the full hr doing that. While my nails were drying, Julie and I and another gal Bridget were chatting about our weight. Bridget quit smoking in Sept and gained 20# and she said she wants to lose it. I encouraged her to join me and I would be her weight loss Buddy. I dont think her head is in the game yet, and we all know, that is essential to your success!! You have to want it! You have to get that fire ignited inside of you!! You have to have a driving force!! I have all of the above and for once in my life I really really believe that this year I am finally going to have my weight loss dream come true!!

So here are my pictures...what do you all think? Can you see a difference too ??

                                 Jan 2, 2009         
                                      Jan. 2, 2011                                                                              
                 So here we are, Jan 3rd of a brand new year!
2011....I am looking forward to what you have in store for me this year!!

Have a great evening & dont stop believing!!


  1. Sherri, Wow those pictures.....what a difference. See that is why it is good to take before pictures even though we dislike them so much. You should really be proud of yourself. Let me know if you take that spin class. I have a friend at the gym that has tried to talk me into taking that class and I said no way am I going to stick my big butt on that tiny seat for a Keep up the great work...It is almost time for you cruise and you are gonna look so hot!

  2. Pictures are a telling sign, and you are shrinking lady! Also pretty in Pink! That's my favorite color, I have so many tops that color! Your husband's party sounds like it was a lot of fun. Happy Birthday to him! Have a great week Sherri. Champion of bowling!

  3. Wow, yea I can totally tell how your diet plan is working, keep up the great work. This new year can be a great time to accomplish new goals we have set for ourselves. :)

  4. You can definitely tell a difference. Your belly is not longer sticking out farther than your ta-tas. :D Congratulations!

  5. look great!! I'm still plugging away, just haven't had time to post. I'm having a hysterectomy on Monday and will be in the hospital for three days! I just hope this doesn't screw me all up!! I'm so glad you're sticking to a plan. Are you still doing the BFC? What ever works for you, it starting to show, great pictures!!