Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update...Saturday weigh in...

Hey all....

Well, as good as I was this past week, the scale didnt refelct my efforts. On my scale this morning I am down 1.5#. On WW scale, by the time you factor in the clothing, I was only down 0.2....BOOOOO!!! Oh well, I am looking at the bright side....the past 2 weeks I had substantial losses and it has to catch up sometime, so I know next week will be a rockin loss!!! I worked alot too and didnt exercise but 1x this week so I know that too is a factor that comes into play.

Swim meet this afternoon for my youngest daughter....I will get my sauna treatment in! lol. Have a great weekend my friends!!

Love & belief!


  1. Still great work Sherri! Congrats for the 1.5 lbs lose. :)

  2. You are still doing great my friend just keep up all the great work and all of your hard efforts will show. Have a great weekend!