Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Monday!

Good morning friends!

It's another Monday. I'm off work today and have lots to do but thought I would pop in & write a quick post. I am on Day 7 of my diet. I started fresh on Jan 1st and am down 4# according to my scale. I  have been eating more protein rich foods and limiting my starchy carbs. There is something to be said about limiting your carb intake as I don't have the bloating that I normally have when I am eating carbs with reckless abandon. I wish that I could find the courage to follow BFC again but when I look at the high calorie & fat content in the allowed foods something in me says "you shouldn't do it. It's not good for you". I know Rosalie, Kay & many others would disagree as they are living proof that it works. I think that all the dieting over the years have my brain pre programmed to think this way. I have been following the 17 day diet format and it is very do able for me but I find myself eating many of the same foods & after a week, it starts getting a bit boring. I only have 10 more days in this cycle so I just need to keep going.

The basic gist of the 17 day diet is this:
Cycle 1~ 17 days
Unlimited protein~chicken, fish, turkey (no red meat allowed yet)
2 servings of pro biotic rich foods~ low sugar yogurt, live active cottage cheese,kefir etc
2 servings of fruit~ the list is limited & they should be eaten before 2pm
unlimited cleansing veggies~ a pretty vast list. I'm still not a veggie fan but embracing it in 2013
64 oz water daily
green tea/ 3 cups/day
you can have extras like stevia, sf jam, etc.

For breakfast I had 1 egg + 1 egg white scrambled with 1 T. turkey bacon bits, 1 slice of Trader Joe's sprouted wheat bread with 1 tsp of Natures Hollow Peach jam (my favorite~so good!!) and 1 cup of chocolate unsweetened almond milk. You aren't supposed to have any "bread carbs" in this phase and yes, today I bent that rule. I just needed a pc of TJ's toast. Its low carb & no sugar & really hit the spot so I'm not beating myself up over it because it isn't "allowed" on this part of the plan. I just need a plan where I can have my yogurt. That is one thing that I absolutely missed when I did the BFC last time. I LOVE my yogurt!!

I'm battling a nasty cold that has been lingering for over a week now but I think I'm on the upswing now. I just wish I had a little more energy to get up & exercise but I just don't...dagnabbit! I don't feel terribly inspired in my writing this morning so I will end my post here and wish you all a great week!

Hugs to all~

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy 2013!!

Hello to all my blogger friends from your long lost friend~ME!

Its hard to believe that a new year is here and I haven't blogged since AUGUST!!! I know, I know, shame on me!! My apologies for my absence. I guess life just got in the way and I just didn't feel like I had anything too terribly important to contribute.I have decided to start blogging again and I hope that you will join me in my weight loss journey.

The holidays came and went and now I am left picking up from where I left off....and I am still about 9# heavier than my lowest weight. (sigh) Oh well, its a new year, and I am done beating myself up. I am still doing Weight Watchers and plan to continue doing it until I reach my goal weight of 150. As of this morning, I weighed in at 182.6. A loss of 3# this week. Yay!! My lowest weight was last May when I hit 173.8 so I guess that I have 8.8# left to go to get back down to where I was and that doesn't seem too far away....less than 10#.

2012 was a year of lessons learned. I didn't really do anything earth shattering re:my weight loss. I pretty much maintained & gained & lost the same 10#. I have vowed to myself that it will not be a repeat performance in 2013. I am about 33# to goal and I plan on finishing the race. THIS YEAR...NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!

I have been dealing with a very bad cold and still stuck to my plan and had a good week overall. I am trying to eat more protein and no refined "crappy" carbs. They seem to be the "doom" of me. I must confess, I did have some things today that I shouldn't have and I really don't know why I ate them. Perhaps out of pity because of my cold?? I really don't know. But I am over it and moving forward.

So my short term goal is to be back down to 173.8 by the end of this month and I am hoping to reach my ultimate goal of 150 by the beginning of summer.I think it is do able. This is about 5# a month. I need to stay focused and to remember what I am working for. There is NOTHING out there that tastes better than thin feels and I want to know what that feels like THIS YEAR!!!

I took an updated photo of myself at the end of the year but for some reason it wont upload. Is there something they are doing different now???

Have a Happy Saturday and Happy 2013!!!!