Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy 2013!!

Hello to all my blogger friends from your long lost friend~ME!

Its hard to believe that a new year is here and I haven't blogged since AUGUST!!! I know, I know, shame on me!! My apologies for my absence. I guess life just got in the way and I just didn't feel like I had anything too terribly important to contribute.I have decided to start blogging again and I hope that you will join me in my weight loss journey.

The holidays came and went and now I am left picking up from where I left off....and I am still about 9# heavier than my lowest weight. (sigh) Oh well, its a new year, and I am done beating myself up. I am still doing Weight Watchers and plan to continue doing it until I reach my goal weight of 150. As of this morning, I weighed in at 182.6. A loss of 3# this week. Yay!! My lowest weight was last May when I hit 173.8 so I guess that I have 8.8# left to go to get back down to where I was and that doesn't seem too far away....less than 10#.

2012 was a year of lessons learned. I didn't really do anything earth shattering re:my weight loss. I pretty much maintained & gained & lost the same 10#. I have vowed to myself that it will not be a repeat performance in 2013. I am about 33# to goal and I plan on finishing the race. THIS YEAR...NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!

I have been dealing with a very bad cold and still stuck to my plan and had a good week overall. I am trying to eat more protein and no refined "crappy" carbs. They seem to be the "doom" of me. I must confess, I did have some things today that I shouldn't have and I really don't know why I ate them. Perhaps out of pity because of my cold?? I really don't know. But I am over it and moving forward.

So my short term goal is to be back down to 173.8 by the end of this month and I am hoping to reach my ultimate goal of 150 by the beginning of summer.I think it is do able. This is about 5# a month. I need to stay focused and to remember what I am working for. There is NOTHING out there that tastes better than thin feels and I want to know what that feels like THIS YEAR!!!

I took an updated photo of myself at the end of the year but for some reason it wont upload. Is there something they are doing different now???

Have a Happy Saturday and Happy 2013!!!!



  1. Well I am so happy to see you back bloggin again. I know you can reach that goal in no time - just don't give up. Have a great day :-)

  2. Welcome back! I'm happy to see you here again also! I think a lot of us struggled a bit with the blogging in the past months, but now we are ready to get back on track to help each other reach our 2013 goals. Happy New Year to you too!

    ps: I don't think there is anything different going on with uploading pictures.

  3. Welcome back! did you get a new camera, or change settings on it? Maybe your pictures are too big?

  4. Welcome back my funny friend:) I am so glad that you haven't decided to just accept normal and go for the gold. I hope that didn't sound bad, I just meant I that you are still motivated to succeed in your weight loss goal. I really think having this little community helps all of us keep somewhat accountable, or at least keep things to the front of our minds.
    I know you will have a successful year! Your goal of 5 lbs a month is certainly not unattainable. Do it!!! Like Nike says....Just do it:) We will be here along the way.