Monday, September 26, 2011

Thank you to all my peeps!

Good morning dear ones!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I had a nice day out with my sisters and my lunch at the cheesecake factory was fabulous! I had the lunch portion of the Cobb salad and I asked for a takeout container before I started eating and I put half of it in the container & ate the other half. I did have a piece of coconut chocolate cheesecake. I only ate 1/2 of it at the restaurant and I took the rest home and finished it in the evening. It was pretty much what I ate for the entire day except I did have 2 slices of Trader Joe's whole wheat sprouted bread toasted and a small banana. I did have a taste of each of my sisters ccheesecake's too. My one sister had a turtle cheesecake & my other sister had a Hershey's chocolate one that was nothing shore of a slice of heaven!! I think I had 3 bites of that one! So the scale only said I did a tiny bit of damage...only 1/2# so that's will be gone tomorrow. Oh and on a side note, can I just tell you, our waiter Jose was one hot little tamale! He looked like Mario Lopez and he was adorable and super attentive to us.My sisters made sure he knew it was my birthday and he brought my cheesecake out with Happy Birthday to You written around the plate and a candle in it and some of the workers sang happy bday (which wasn't necessary....I'm not into that whole singing to me on my bday thing) but it was sweet of him to do that. Needless to say, he got a great tip too! But no birthday kiss.....sheesh! What gives!??  My sisters were calling me a cougar. hahahaha!

Anyways, I want you to know that I do truly appreciate you all taking the time to post birthday wishes. I was a little disappointed that my 2 best friends never sent a card or even called me. Made me sad because I don't forget their bdays. It warmed my heart to read your comments this morning, so thank you so much!!!! My hubby bought me a $50 gift certificate to my favorite day spa and he bought me a dozen of red roses that are lovely. He's been very good to me and I am grateful to have someone who loves me like he does. We have had our problems over the years and were on the brink of separation in December of last year. Its a long story, but we have reconciled and I am thankful that we were both willing to work things out. We will be celebrating our 18th anniversary in about 2 weeks. We watched our wedding video over the weekend and it was so neat to watch that day again. Gosh, I was a young pup but I was pretty skinny. (weren't we all?!) My hubby hasn't changed much over the years. Hes still thin like he was back then but a little less hair and its gray now. We also watched a video of the kids when they were little. They watched it with us too. Made me realize how fast they grow. They were such precious little girls when they were little and they are growing up to be beautiful young ladies. I am blessed indeed!

                                    My sisters   Chris & Rose (my bestest buddies)

                                    My Chocolate Coconut Cheesecake~ YUMMY!!!

So on the weight loss front, I'm back on the straight & narrow. I have been trying to eat only when I am physically hungry (tummy growling) and I have been trying to eat 1/2 portions. I did this about 10 yrs ago through a christian weight loss program called weigh down workshop and I lost about 35# in 6 months. I never felt deprived because you can eat whatever you are hungry for. You just learn to turn your focus away from the food & back on God. I feel like I need a "spiritual tune up" so I am incorporating this with my WW and I feel like its a good fit for me at this time.

Thank you all for being such dear friends even though we have never met in person, I feel like I have known you all my life!! I am grateful for each one of you!!! Have a fantastic week!!!!!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Some things that I have noticed....

Good afternoon girls!

Well, today was weigh in day and I was down but not as much as I would have liked. Its never enough, is it? Anyways, its down, even though it was only .8#. I am at 180.6. All I want is to be in the damn 170s....what the heck is it gonna take to get there??!! The girls at WW know how frustrated I am and the one receptionist/weigher Nancy said to me "you're down so lets be excited about that & you need to stop being so focused on getting into the 170s because when you stop stressing over it, it will happen". So you know what? That's what I am gonna do this week. I'm gonna stop stressing over it. I didn't meet my 5# goal for the month which was disappointing, but its OK. There will be bumps in the road on this journey. I lost 2.6# this month and I know next month will be better.

But as my title of this post says, there are some things that I have noticed that are really positive & I wanted to share them. I find that I am so hard on myself when I don't make my goals but there are things that are true "NON SCALE VICTORIES" that are worthy of our attention & I am going to start to do that more often when I want to beat myself up for not losing more. 

The first thing that I have noticed is that my back fat is way less than it was. Actually, there is only a little bit left. It was such a distressing thing to me because it is so gross to see all that back fat hanging over my bra. YUCK!  I can remember Rosalie telling me months ago that it will go away and it is and that makes me happy. :) Another thing that I have noticed is how my clothes are fitting. I am amazed at how well my jeans fit me now and it feels so good to put them on. I used to detest buying jeans because I could never find a pr that made me look good. I always had such a  big belly hanging over & it just showed in my jeans & I had to conceal it with a long shirt or sweatshirt but that is improving too. While I still wear a shirt that covers the tummy, I have noticed a pretty marked difference in how my pants look & feel. I cant wait to look down & not see this rumply old belly. And third, just recently I am amazed at how many people are noticing my weight loss. People at work have noticed and just this morning my sister, my best friend Laurie (who just joined ww this week) and another gal from ww all commented on the difference they can see, especially in my belly. I am a true apple shape with somewhat skinny legs so when the belly goes away, I may finally look proportionate.

So that's my thoughts for the day. Even though the scale isn't moving as fast as I would like, there are other little "jewels" that I am finding along the way that are reinforcements that my hard work IS truly paying off. I pulled out some old CDs & DVDs from a christian weight loss program that I did about 10yrs ago that I was very successful on & popped the CDs in & watched about 6 of the lessons yesterday. It is an easy plan to follow and I am using it in adjunct to WW & in the interim it helps you to turn your focus from food to God .
I am certainly not here to preach and I wont do that but the way I see it, God has shown me proof that he is working behind the scenes to heal me in many areas of my life and I think its only fair to take some time to give him back some thanks & praise. I feel like if you don't have faith, you don't have anything.

Well my friends, have a fantastic weekend! I am going to Trader Joe's & cheesecake factory with my sisters tomorrow for our monthly girls day out & I cant wait! I love being with my sissies! They are awesome!

p.s @ Kay~ I bought a bag of chili cheese fritos today & had some with lunch. Forgot just how doggone yummy they are! I portioned them out into snack sized baggies & locked them up in the cupboard so I wont have quick access to them in a moment of weakness. They do call my name from the cupboard. Glad my kids like them cuz I think they are gonna get some of the baggies in their bookbags during the week.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends....

Good evening to all my wonderful friends!

Thanks so much for all the comments & support from my last posting. As I re read it, it sounded pretty negative, which isn't like me to be that way but you get the gist of where my head was....not a happy camper. Anyways, just wanted to let you all know that I am feeling better and while the scale STILL hasn't moved this week even though I am doing all the right things and limiting sugar & carbs, I am hanging in there & continuing to keep on keepin on. I know that it will come off....I am just a very slow loser. To each one of you ...thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement! I have read & re read those comments & appreciate you all being there for me. This isn't easy but I do feel like I get by with a little (or maybe its a lotta) help from my friends! You are all simply the best!

I have decided as a bday gift to myself that I am going to rejoin my gym this weekend, maybe even as early as tomorrow. I have been  hesitant to go back because I am so afraid to pay all that money to rejoin and have my Achilles tendonitis act up again from stressing the tendons too much but I know that I need to increase my activity level so I think that I may try some water aerobics classes & maybe try a spinning class or gentle yoga. The gym that I am joining is the "Taj Mahal "of gyms and offers a wide variety of things to do. I am just so used to the elliptical & the "gym" part that I never utilized the other things so perhaps I will do that this time around to mix things up a bit. I love this gym because it is immaculate & adults only & people of all ages, sizes & fitness levels so I never felt weird being there. The trainers there are fantastic & always made me feel welcome & always called you by name. Somethings gotta give here girls so I am biting the bullet & going back! I always felt so good after exercising and I realize that although it is $59/month, I am worth it!!! I look at the people on the biggest loser show & they all join gyms when they go home from the ranch because they know it is an important component of weight loss. I cant say that I love to exercise but when I was in the groove & going 3-4x week, I did find myself enjoying it and the stamina I felt from it was worth it. Wish me luck! I pray this is the missing component to my weight loss lately.

Well, thanks for listening to me babble tonite. I don't feel terribly inspired lately so sorry this isn't a great inspiring post.

 Hope you are all having a great week!

Love & Hugs to each you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Feeling a little.....

Good morning friends!
Wow! Just realized I haven't posted in 10 days! Yikes! Shame on me but life has been busy and I haven't been online much at all lately.

Well, Saturdays weigh in day came and I am sad to say, that da*# scale said that I GAINED!!! Arrgh!!!! It was only a tiny bit, .6 which is only a little over 1/2# but still. I have been sooooo good and tracking what I eat and I exercised 4x last week to boot! I spoke to my WW leader Pam about it during the meeting & said that it wasn't a justified gain & she said for me to leave my phone # at the desk & she would call me. Well, she called me on Sat like she said she would and we talked about things that I can do to get the scale moving downward again. So I am going to shave off 2 points from my daily food intake & cut back on fruit a bit & see what happens. I think that perhaps the fruit intake might have something to do with it but I don't know. All I know is, I am so fricken tired of being in the fricken 180s I could SCREAM!!!! Its been over 3 months!! ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!  So today, actually this week, I am feeling a little down & discouraged because I have been working so hard & not getting any results. I refuse to quit and I will continue to stay true to the program but I am going to taper back my fruit to only strawberries & raspberries for a while & really watch my portion size of them. I truly dont feel like I have been out of control at all though but obviously, somethings isn't working for me to be stuck this long.

My birthday is this coming Sunday and I wanted so much to hit that 5# mini monthly goal by my bday. I need to lose 2.6# this week to do that & the way my track record has been, not sure what it will say come Saturday. I am so sick & tired of being sick & tired!!! (sigh) So chime in girls, what do you think would help me to get unstuck & into the 170s?

I hope you all are having a great week!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

A New Day....a New DECADE!!!!!

Hello to all!!

Well, today was weigh in day and I am posting a picture of what my scale said prior to my weigh in at Weight Watchers this morning. Needless to say, I was doing the happy dance because I have been waiting to see this number for MONTHS!!! :) I havent seen the 170s in about 18 years!!!! THIS IS A DAY TO CELEBRATE MY FRIENDS!! Margaritas are on me tonite!!!

The sad part is, when I weighed in at Weight Watchers this morning, their scale said 180.8. Arrghhh!! Those darned clothes!!! I tell you, if I could weigh in naked there I would!! Lol....well, not really. That wouldn't be a pretty sight at all!! Anyways, I know the truth and the truth is, I have entered a NEW DECADE ....the long awaited 170's!!!! Yiiiippppppeeeeeeee!!!!! ITs a GREAT DAY!!!!

I think what made the difference for me has been exercising. I walked 2 miles 3x this week and rode the stationary bike for 35 minutes one night. My food intake has been good for the most part and I feel so focused on my goal which certainly adds to the equation because you get out what you put in. I am going to do a repeat of this week again and see what happens at next Saturdays weigh in. I know their scale is gonna be "officially" in the 170s next Sat!  The best part is, I am getting close to achieving my Sept. goal of 5# lost. I need to see 178.8 on the scale to hit it, and that's only 2# away. I know I can & will make it happen!

I bought a new pair of black jeans tonight at Kohl's. They are Lee's slimming brand and they are straight leg which is what I love. I really don't like the flares unless I am wearing something with a heel. For some reason, they are cut really small because I had to buy a 16 and they are still a bit snug. But we all know that every pair is cut differently and that nobody but us sees the number on the tag... and that can be cut off! I believe in buying a pair of pants in a size that will be flattering and not make you look like you are stuffed in a sausage casing ,which we all know  is never a good look. They are gonna look fantastic when I have another 10# off...just sayin. I think they make me look pretty darned good! (butt & gut look pretty skinny in em!) I will post a picture of myself in them when I hit 169....that's a promise!

Well, I hope you are all having a great weekend! I feel like I got nothing accomplished today. All I did was run, run, run all day and I am beat! The weekends just go by way too fast!

Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for listening & sharing my excitement.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SOOOOO EXCITED I could burst!

Hello friends!!!

Omigosh!! I am so excited I almost cant stand myself!! Many of you know from a previous post a little while back that I spoke of a horrific appendectomy scar that I have on my belly that has haunted me since I was  child. I was only 3 yrs old when my appendix ruptured & I was rushed to emergency surgery and I was left with a scar that is nothing short of scary...seriously! I know that this is something that was out of my control & I was only a little girl when it happened & in 1969, it was the best they could do but It has been something that I have wanted to have fixed for a long time.

So, I have a couple of moles that need removed from my head & face so I made an appt with my plastic surgeon who did my breast reduction 8 yrs ago, to have him remove the moles & I decided to have him look at my scar & see if it can be fixed. I was so nervous to  have him look at it, even though I know he has seen worse things for sure but coupled with my untoned belly and the scar....well, you get my drift. Not to mention, hes not too hard on the eyes to look at. Anyways, he was so sweet to me & made me feel so at ease & not embarrassed to show him the scar & he said that I am a perfect candidate for a tummy tuck and that without a doubt he can fix it. Then he said, and this is the really exciting part, he said he thinks he may be able to get it paid for by insurance because it is a past traumatic surgical scarring issue. He said that he could actually do the tummy tuck on me right now ,which shocked me because I feel like my belly is still so big but I told him I want to lose another 30# before we proceed and he agreed that the closer I am to an ideal body weight the better my results will be. He has over 25 yrs of experience & is one of the most highly respected plastic surgeons in the area. He wants to see me in 3 months to check on my weight loss progress and they are going to take pictures of my belly & scar to submit to insurance to see if they will justify paying for it. He was so good to me when I had my breast reduction surgery & I know that he knows how to word things so that hopefully they will consider complete or partial payment. I'm scared but so excited too because I have dreamed of having a flat belly without a scar on it for as long as I can remember. I cant believe it, but I think that the ball is rolling girls!!!! yikes.....with a big smile!

I have to tell you, he made my day!! I feel so excited, motivated & a new resolve to work harder to get to my goal faster because I have a great reward to look forward to! I know that this surgery isn't a walk in the park & it is very painful but I am ready to move forward with this. I told him that I feel so vain for wanting to have this done & he told me that by no means am I vain at all for wanting to have it done. He said "you were a little girl & you had no control over this issue and you have had to live with the trauma of the scarring all of your life" he told me that I am very worthy of having this done & I shouldn't be embarrassed. I thought that was such a genuine comment & that there is nobody else I would ever consider to do this on me but him.

So I just wanted to share this excitement with you. Thanks for listening to me babble on & on about it. Its just a very big step for me because I have talked about it for years but never lost enough weight to make it happen....but now....well THIS IS MY TIME!!! Wooo hoooo!!!

Love & Belief to all of my skinny sisters!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Morning...its a new day!

Good morning to all!!!

Happy Sunday! Hard to believe that summer is coming to a close. Makes me so sad but it was a great & sunny & wonderful so I am not complaining.

Well, yesterday was weigh in day for me @ WW and I'm happy to report that I lost 1#. Not a huge amt but they all add up for sure. I am still about 1/2# away from my lowest weight as a couple of weeks ago I had a 2# gain but its OK...bumps in the road happen.

I feel excited with September here for some reason. Certainly not because my bday is 3 weeks from today, that's for sure! I think its just a renewed sense of motivation has come over me to get going again. Weight loss this summer was tough but I hung in there & am happy to report that I have not missed a meeting all summer & I have gotten on that scale whether I liked what is said or not. I'm proud of myself for sticking with my weight loss program this long and I believe with all my heart that this time is different & it is gonna happen, and that excites me beyond words!!!

I mapped out a plan last night & put it on paper. I am 32# away from reaching my goal of 150# & I know that unless you have a clear plan of action, you are like a ship floating in the water with no land in sight. So I set some clear cut attainable goals for myself as well as some rewards along the way to give myself special things to look forward to. My goal is to lose 5# each month from now until Feb. Some months have 5 weeks, but most have 4 weeks so that's about 1 1/4# a week. Totally DO ABLE! I want to be at goal by March 31st 2012. I have decided that I am not going to kill myself or deprive myself in my journey so that's why I have stretched my ultimate goal over a 6 month time frame. I decided for every 1# I lose, I am going to put $20/pound lost in an envelope & when I reach my goal, I am going to use that money to go and buy some new clothes. I will probably need an entirely new closet full but that will help give me a great start. I'm still about 2.6# away from those darned 170s!! Man, getting there has been nothing short of a monkey on my back & it is time for the monkey to get off!!! lol. I wanted to be in the 160s by my bday but I realize that it is a pretty audacious goal to think that in 3 weeks I will lose 13# considering my track record which is losing at a trickle. So Septembers goal is to weigh 178.2 by Sept 30th. I have 4.2# more to go to reach it.

Its a lazy Sunday & we just got back from church. I am going to do my grocery shopping soon before it gets crazy at the store. I hate the crowds but I always shop on Sundays & its a necessary evil.

Have a great day today my friends!

Love & belief that if you can believe it, you CAN achieve it!!