Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Morning...its a new day!

Good morning to all!!!

Happy Sunday! Hard to believe that summer is coming to a close. Makes me so sad but it was a great & sunny & wonderful so I am not complaining.

Well, yesterday was weigh in day for me @ WW and I'm happy to report that I lost 1#. Not a huge amt but they all add up for sure. I am still about 1/2# away from my lowest weight as a couple of weeks ago I had a 2# gain but its OK...bumps in the road happen.

I feel excited with September here for some reason. Certainly not because my bday is 3 weeks from today, that's for sure! I think its just a renewed sense of motivation has come over me to get going again. Weight loss this summer was tough but I hung in there & am happy to report that I have not missed a meeting all summer & I have gotten on that scale whether I liked what is said or not. I'm proud of myself for sticking with my weight loss program this long and I believe with all my heart that this time is different & it is gonna happen, and that excites me beyond words!!!

I mapped out a plan last night & put it on paper. I am 32# away from reaching my goal of 150# & I know that unless you have a clear plan of action, you are like a ship floating in the water with no land in sight. So I set some clear cut attainable goals for myself as well as some rewards along the way to give myself special things to look forward to. My goal is to lose 5# each month from now until Feb. Some months have 5 weeks, but most have 4 weeks so that's about 1 1/4# a week. Totally DO ABLE! I want to be at goal by March 31st 2012. I have decided that I am not going to kill myself or deprive myself in my journey so that's why I have stretched my ultimate goal over a 6 month time frame. I decided for every 1# I lose, I am going to put $20/pound lost in an envelope & when I reach my goal, I am going to use that money to go and buy some new clothes. I will probably need an entirely new closet full but that will help give me a great start. I'm still about 2.6# away from those darned 170s!! Man, getting there has been nothing short of a monkey on my back & it is time for the monkey to get off!!! lol. I wanted to be in the 160s by my bday but I realize that it is a pretty audacious goal to think that in 3 weeks I will lose 13# considering my track record which is losing at a trickle. So Septembers goal is to weigh 178.2 by Sept 30th. I have 4.2# more to go to reach it.

Its a lazy Sunday & we just got back from church. I am going to do my grocery shopping soon before it gets crazy at the store. I hate the crowds but I always shop on Sundays & its a necessary evil.

Have a great day today my friends!

Love & belief that if you can believe it, you CAN achieve it!!



  1. Great job making a plan - that is the best way to keep yourself on track! Especially the attainable goals - that is so important! I also have not been depriving myself, but the weight comes off sooo slowly that way...

  2. You can do it Sherri! If you can believe it, you can achieve it!!

  3. Here's a couple of things I have done to jump start myself before. I wait until I feel hungry, I savor the feeling knowing that I am overcoming it. It makes me proud of myself. Weird I know, but it is like I conquered a "feeling" that is usually not valid. Like when I feel depressed for no reason?
    The second thing that I have done is dish up my plate, just like I was eating a full meal, WW allowed of course, and then eat 1/2 and throw the rest away before you can even think about what you are doing. If you do this once day even you will save calories or points. You definitely need to eat "enough" for the plan, but you can save the extra allowed points.
    You can make your goal by your birthday. I just know you can!!! Putting the money away will get you excited to shop. You could even be in Junior sizes by then!!!
    You CAN do this, we are here to support you. This whole weight loss thing is such a mind game. It truly is, our bodies can take fewer calories, our minds don't think we can:) Good luck my friend!
    3 weeks to a goal, it will fly by!!!

  4. Sherri, thanks for sharing such a motivational blog. I need a little motivation. I know you are going to make your goals you have the drive. I am so glad to have some great blogging friends to help me get my monkey off my back once and for all too!

  5. Hi Sherri, I know you will reach that 150. Just keep going the way you are and go to your meetings for support. And remember that we are all here supporting you too. I love the $20 thing and you will need it later - trust me.
    Never give up!!
    Have a great weekend :-)

  6. Sherri,
    You always have such a positive mindset! I think your new goals sound very reasonable! I'm trying to tweak things on my end as well. Would love to have a five pound loss in a month again! We can do it!! What fun things do you have planned for your birthday?

  7. Thanks girls for all the great comments! @ Kay~ I used to 1/2 my food on a christian weight loss plan I did about 10 yrs ago & I was very successful @ it too! You are 100% right...we dont NEED as much as we think we do. @ Diana~ Lets drop our monkeys off at the zoo! lol! @ Beth~ For my birthday I am going with my 2 sisters for a day of shopping t Trader Joes in Cleveland & then to Cheesecake Factory for their FABULOUS Cobb Salad & of course, a piece of cheesecake for my bday. I usually only eat 1/2 of it out of sheer guilt, but man, its worth every calorie to me. Sorry to my BFC friends, I know it is riddled with sugar & delicious carbs. I walked 2 miles at the HS track tonite with my sister. It started to rain but we kept walking & got it in. Making strides in all areas here! Its all good! :)

  8. Good job on making a plan, I am sure you will be able to reach your goals. Your bday trip sounds fun. We are getting a Trader Joes here, hopefully it will open in late Sept or Oct I am excited to see what belly good items I can find at hopefully good prices. Have a great weekend Sherri :)

  9. Hi Sherri. I think that is an excellent idea setting those goals. I have done that too, but I make them too high and when I don't reach them I get down on myself. I am trying to set realistic, attainable goals now. Ones that I can reach and be happy. I think 1 1/4 lbs a week is really doable. If you lose more, you'll be so happy, but a smaller goal is more realistic. Good luck!!