Saturday, September 24, 2011

Some things that I have noticed....

Good afternoon girls!

Well, today was weigh in day and I was down but not as much as I would have liked. Its never enough, is it? Anyways, its down, even though it was only .8#. I am at 180.6. All I want is to be in the damn 170s....what the heck is it gonna take to get there??!! The girls at WW know how frustrated I am and the one receptionist/weigher Nancy said to me "you're down so lets be excited about that & you need to stop being so focused on getting into the 170s because when you stop stressing over it, it will happen". So you know what? That's what I am gonna do this week. I'm gonna stop stressing over it. I didn't meet my 5# goal for the month which was disappointing, but its OK. There will be bumps in the road on this journey. I lost 2.6# this month and I know next month will be better.

But as my title of this post says, there are some things that I have noticed that are really positive & I wanted to share them. I find that I am so hard on myself when I don't make my goals but there are things that are true "NON SCALE VICTORIES" that are worthy of our attention & I am going to start to do that more often when I want to beat myself up for not losing more. 

The first thing that I have noticed is that my back fat is way less than it was. Actually, there is only a little bit left. It was such a distressing thing to me because it is so gross to see all that back fat hanging over my bra. YUCK!  I can remember Rosalie telling me months ago that it will go away and it is and that makes me happy. :) Another thing that I have noticed is how my clothes are fitting. I am amazed at how well my jeans fit me now and it feels so good to put them on. I used to detest buying jeans because I could never find a pr that made me look good. I always had such a  big belly hanging over & it just showed in my jeans & I had to conceal it with a long shirt or sweatshirt but that is improving too. While I still wear a shirt that covers the tummy, I have noticed a pretty marked difference in how my pants look & feel. I cant wait to look down & not see this rumply old belly. And third, just recently I am amazed at how many people are noticing my weight loss. People at work have noticed and just this morning my sister, my best friend Laurie (who just joined ww this week) and another gal from ww all commented on the difference they can see, especially in my belly. I am a true apple shape with somewhat skinny legs so when the belly goes away, I may finally look proportionate.

So that's my thoughts for the day. Even though the scale isn't moving as fast as I would like, there are other little "jewels" that I am finding along the way that are reinforcements that my hard work IS truly paying off. I pulled out some old CDs & DVDs from a christian weight loss program that I did about 10yrs ago that I was very successful on & popped the CDs in & watched about 6 of the lessons yesterday. It is an easy plan to follow and I am using it in adjunct to WW & in the interim it helps you to turn your focus from food to God .
I am certainly not here to preach and I wont do that but the way I see it, God has shown me proof that he is working behind the scenes to heal me in many areas of my life and I think its only fair to take some time to give him back some thanks & praise. I feel like if you don't have faith, you don't have anything.

Well my friends, have a fantastic weekend! I am going to Trader Joe's & cheesecake factory with my sisters tomorrow for our monthly girls day out & I cant wait! I love being with my sissies! They are awesome!

p.s @ Kay~ I bought a bag of chili cheese fritos today & had some with lunch. Forgot just how doggone yummy they are! I portioned them out into snack sized baggies & locked them up in the cupboard so I wont have quick access to them in a moment of weakness. They do call my name from the cupboard. Glad my kids like them cuz I think they are gonna get some of the baggies in their bookbags during the week.


  1. HI Sherri, You that is the main thing I don't like about setting goals, if you don't reach them you feel devastated. I tried not to ever do that to myself.
    But look at all the great things that you have noticed?? I know that feels great to have people say something to you.
    Just don't give up and keep trying until you find your right path.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Sherri, I hope you have a wonderful day! It's good to take the whole picture into consideration when thinking about your weight loss, clothes that fit better and compliments from your peeps show big progress. Have a great time with your sissies at Trader Joes and the Cheesecake Factory, be cautious at the Cheesecake Factory they have a ton of fatty high salt foods. Have a great day :)

  3. Hi Sherri, Have fun with your sisters! I love Cheesecake Factory! They have my favorite dessert this time of year, PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE! Probably has a kazillion points. I better wait close to the end of the season to get a piece cause with vacation I've had too many treats lately. Time to buckle down & think about my goal. Just keep on & not give up & you'll get there! I think I'm a slow loser too...only seem to lose 1 pound a week now. Let's stick together & we'll make it.

  4. Happy Birthday girl! I agree, keep looking for what works for you! And I agree taking the focus off of food and onto God would be a good way to go! :)
    Great job with finding the Non Scale Victories! They are better than anything!!

  5. Happy, happy, happy Birthday!!! I hope you have an incredibly blessed year!
    You are now looking at this journey in just the right way! It is about how you feel, how your clothes fit, how healthy you are getting! I am definitely not saying that I take that advice:)I am saying that will be healthy for us.
    Portioning out the fritos was a great idea. We really can just eat a few. My friend and I did a calorie/fat test on those and some pita chips and some rice chips. The fritos were almost exactly the same. It isn't that they are good for you, but they are a treat. Try them on a grilled steak spinach salad crushed on top:) YUMMY!!!
    I hope your day/year is all that you dream.
    Blessings friend:)

  6. Hi Sherri. I hear talk of a birthday, and I have been out of touch this week. So wishing ou a happy birthday. I am trying to focus on the things that are positive other than the scale. My clothes fit better, my face looks slimmer, but yet that scale hardly moves!!! I feel your frustrations. Just keep hanging on. Hugs from me to you!

  7. Happy Birthday Sherri!! Hope you had a good one! I've noticed the "no scale victories" as well! We really have to pay attention to everything, like how good we feel, and how much better our clothes fit. It's not all about the bathroom scale! Hope this is your best year yet!!

  8. Happy Birthday Girl! I am glad to hear you are not gonna focus so much on the scale but on how your clothes fit and how people are seeing your hard work pay off. In the long run that is what is important. Hope you enjoy your day with your sissies and trader joes (I love trader joes)P.S I believe without God we could not make this journey.