Thursday, September 22, 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends....

Good evening to all my wonderful friends!

Thanks so much for all the comments & support from my last posting. As I re read it, it sounded pretty negative, which isn't like me to be that way but you get the gist of where my head was....not a happy camper. Anyways, just wanted to let you all know that I am feeling better and while the scale STILL hasn't moved this week even though I am doing all the right things and limiting sugar & carbs, I am hanging in there & continuing to keep on keepin on. I know that it will come off....I am just a very slow loser. To each one of you ...thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement! I have read & re read those comments & appreciate you all being there for me. This isn't easy but I do feel like I get by with a little (or maybe its a lotta) help from my friends! You are all simply the best!

I have decided as a bday gift to myself that I am going to rejoin my gym this weekend, maybe even as early as tomorrow. I have been  hesitant to go back because I am so afraid to pay all that money to rejoin and have my Achilles tendonitis act up again from stressing the tendons too much but I know that I need to increase my activity level so I think that I may try some water aerobics classes & maybe try a spinning class or gentle yoga. The gym that I am joining is the "Taj Mahal "of gyms and offers a wide variety of things to do. I am just so used to the elliptical & the "gym" part that I never utilized the other things so perhaps I will do that this time around to mix things up a bit. I love this gym because it is immaculate & adults only & people of all ages, sizes & fitness levels so I never felt weird being there. The trainers there are fantastic & always made me feel welcome & always called you by name. Somethings gotta give here girls so I am biting the bullet & going back! I always felt so good after exercising and I realize that although it is $59/month, I am worth it!!! I look at the people on the biggest loser show & they all join gyms when they go home from the ranch because they know it is an important component of weight loss. I cant say that I love to exercise but when I was in the groove & going 3-4x week, I did find myself enjoying it and the stamina I felt from it was worth it. Wish me luck! I pray this is the missing component to my weight loss lately.

Well, thanks for listening to me babble tonite. I don't feel terribly inspired lately so sorry this isn't a great inspiring post.

 Hope you are all having a great week!

Love & Hugs to each you!


  1. Hi Sherri! I had a blog post that I guest wrote on Amber's blog back in August. It was called the very same title as yours!! Thinking alike we are! I just recommited to the gym this week too. I'm getting up and going early. I do feel better. I miss writing on my blog, but I am just so darned stretched this week. One of our office workers left, so I am doing both of our jobs and not handling all the stress too well. I hope you have a great week. I am a slow loser too, so we are in this together!! Hugs to you from me!

  2. Hey Sherri, you do deserve it girl. I think we deserve to do nice things for ourselves and joining a gym is well worth it. I joined Crunch and only pay 9.99 a month and I enjoy it. It does not have all the bells and whistles but it offers enough to get me in shape. Only a few more days until your Birthday I hope you are gonna do something nice for yourself.

  3. I'm excited for you to join the gym! That is a great birthday gift to yourself. It looked like an amazing place.
    You didn't ask for my advice, but I will give it on your injury. Make sure that you don't just jump in and do something that could irritate your tendon. That is what the employees are for:) Ask, ask, ask, and ask some more. Not only will they help you, but they will get to know you.
    I hope you have fun plans for your birthday. Spoil yourself:)

  4. Awesome job girl that you're gonna workout. Just take it easy at first. I found out when I started working out I had to take it easy, because that's all I could do I was so out of shape, LOL. I hope you enjoy working out & letting stress go. You so deserve it.

  5. HI Sherri, I am glad you are feeling better today. I know very well that it is hard to deal with stress and diet too. You are doing great and just keep going.
    Like everyone said, just don't go all gung ho at the gym at first and burn yourself out. Baby steps.
    ave a great day :-)