Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting "Unstuck"!

Good morning Girls & Happy Sunday!

Isn't it great that today is a new day?? A day to start fresh again! The slate is wiped clean & yesterday, whether it was a good "on plan' day or not is in the past & we are all moving forward, one step closer to our goals of becoming healthier, happier & skinnier! Oh, its all good my friends!!!

 I weighed in yesterday & only lost 1/2# but it was in the downward direction & not the upward so I guess that's a good thing. I was telling my WW leader Pam yesterday that I can tell the inches are coming off because my clothes are really getting loose but I just wish the scale would come & join the party. We had a laugh over that. She is such a wonderful & motivational speaker & I always leave her meeting feeling re energized & ready to tackle another week. She has become such a dear friend as have all of you! Her genuineness & caring are the reason I go to her meetings & it is so apparent that she truly wants all of us to succeed. There are a few people who are regulars at her meeting and we have become good friends which is such a bonus to have camaraderie in this weight loss journey. I am meeting my sister & 2 friends I have met at WW tonight at 6:30 at a High School track to walk.I am looking forward to it & I just hope the weather cooperates. Its very overcast today but they aren't calling for rain so we shall see. The weatherman is the only job where you can totally screw up & not lose your job! lol!

Our topic at WW this week was "getting unstuck". Oh, can I relate! I feel like my feet have been planted in cement lately. Pam opened the discussion with "Who feels like they are stuck?" She asked us what a plateau is? She said, "do you think a plateau is not losing for one week?" We all answered "no". " Two weeks?" We all chimed in "no" again. "How about 3 weeks?" " well perhaps" and 4 weeks without weight loss" A definite yes from everyone was loud & clear. She said that a plateau is when you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing & your weight stays the same. I think its your body's way of stabilizing. Then she asked us " Who feels like they are coasting? You lose a little one week, then lose a little the next week, then maybe stay the same or gain a little". Oh, that's me!!!! I'm a coaster for sure! I have been gaining & losing the same few pounds it seems forever! She said  coasting isn't a bad thing sometimes, like when we are dealing with life issues, stress etc, but coasting is most definitely frustrating & alot of people can get discouraged & quit if they are coasting too long. So true! Then she asked "how many of you feel like you are moving forward & doing well in your weight loss". Do you know not one person raised their hand! Pam said, "there isn't one woman on the planet who wouldn't want to lose at least 5#" and you know what, I have to agree with that statement. Its always gonna be something, isn't it? I will probably get down to 150 & still find something I'm not happy with. (sigh) Oh why oh why couldn't I have just been born a supermodel?? lol!! Anyways, I wanted to share this meeting topic here because I know that many of us are struggling with feeling "stuck" or we are "coasting" & its time to re evaluate what we are doing and why & re motivate ourselves to get back to doing what we need to do. Sept is just a few days away & my birthday is 4 weeks from today (uggh)and I want to see those 170s' by the time that clock turns yet another page in my life. I am ready to move forward.....are you with me???

I think Cat had a great idea for all of us to share a mini goal that we would like to attain by Halloween. My mini goal is to be 169 or in the 160s by Halloween. Its only about 13# and I believe it is an attainable goal for me. My weight loss has been moving so slowly lately & its time to shake things up & "get a move on" again. I have been praying alot lately for God to heal my tendonitis in my feet. I so desperately want to go back to the gym but I have a deep down fear that it is going to aggravate my Achilles tendonitis & I just don't want to go through that pain again. It is almost unbearable! (sorry to whine about this again but it is a daily nuisance & they hurt no matter what I am doing) I would rather have a  baby than have that foot pain again. I feel like I am watching life through a glass window & I am so jealous of those who can run & exercise & not have pain during or after. I have a job that requires alot of standing & walking so when my tendonitis is acting up, it is nothing short of miserable being at work & I need to be my best when I am caring for my pts & I don't want to be a slacker to my co workers. So would you all say a little prayer for me that God will heal my feet? I appreciate it!

Well ladies, I have rambled on & on enough here. I hope you are all doing great & I wish you a fantastic week!!!

Blessings are chasing me down & overcoming me!!!


  1. I know how you feel about the coasting or feeling stuck. I felt that was many times during the past year and a half. But I never stopped or gave up and eventually it just had no choice but to come off.
    I am at 150 and can find many faults, like my jiggly fat thighs. Oh well, life goes on.
    I am sorry about your foot pain.
    YOU can do it!! :-)

  2. I am a coaster for sure. Lose alittle, gain alittle, stay the same. I think I need to get sticter with the plan and then things will change for me. I'm going to try for that this week and hope that there are good things to report next week. Yay for you.1/2 lb is 2 sticks of butter....gone from your body! Have a great week!

  3. You are on the right path:) Every 1/2 lb will add up. It sounds to me like you are losing fat and possibly gaining a little muscle and that is why the scale isn't moving much. Muscle burns more calories, so that is a good thing! The inches coming off is a much better indicator than the scale. It can bounce around a lot!
    Would we really want to be super models? Hmmmm???It may be fun to find out! I remember thinking I was so glad that I wasn't one of those "tall" girls because they were too tall for a lot of the boys back in my day, now I would love another couple of inches!!!
    Good luck with your foot. Unrelenting pain makes people CRAZY!!! You can't go crazy because you have friends who need to read your blog and be inspired by your nice comments!

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  5. That is a great mini goal Sherri! You can totally do that! Getting into another weight range is always exciting and motivating! Just before the holidays is a great time to set a goal too.

  6. Sherri, I know you are gonna make it to your have done so great. I miss going to WW and it makes a big difference when you have a teacher that knows how to motivate. I have been on a coaster for way to long. Thanks for your blogs they motivate me and you have become such a dear frend. I will pray for your feet I know how painful that can be.