Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thank you to all my peeps!

Hello dear friends!

How funny it is, I just restarted blogging again and some of you are new friends and some we have known each other a while now, but nonetheless, I feel like we have been friends forever and I cherish & appreciate your feedback & friendship. :) I feel like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz at the end of the movie when she says to everyone how she feels like shes known them forever, but she couldn't possibly now, could she? lol

I'm feeling better about things that have happened, with my daughter & especially with my 2 friends who said & did some things recently that have just broken my heart. We all hung out together in HS & did alot of things together...parties, prom etc. Anyways, I have made the decision that I can no longer devote my energies to being upset with them. They made the decision to say & do what they did to me and for my personal mental well being, I have made the decision to cut all ties with them permanently. One of them is a guy & one is a girl, both were such cherished friends, so that's why it hurts so deeply. I am not a vindictive person nor one who holds a grudge, but the lies & things that were told to me cut like a knife and I can never trust them again. Perhaps its why God kept them out of my life for all those years and maybe its best that we just go back to the way it was before we all reunited. It just makes me sad because I really thought that I mattered to both of them. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for being supportive. I feel very lucky to have friends like you who do truly care. I can hear it in your posts. You are all wonderful!!!!

The scale is looking very promising lately and when I got on this morning it said I was up just 1/2#, no big deal, that's just water weight. I'm telling you girls, I am just DYING to see that 179 on the scale & I am gonna bust my butt to see that number by Sat!! Like I said in an earlier post, I don't care if its 179.8, that is what I am working for & it is less than 2#. I have contemplated rejoining my fabulous wellness center that I previously went to before I had my Achilles tendonitis. Can I just tell you girls, it is the most AMAZING & FABULOUS fitness centers ever!! It is meticulously clean, wonderful staff, and amenities galore! Its rather expensive per month though so that is what is holding me back from rejoining. Its $59/month but it is all adults, no children under 18 allowed & as I said, it has a true WOW factor& state of the art equipment. I have to pay their enrollment fee again which annoys me that they don't cater to previous clients but I can get a corporate rate through my employer where they will cut the $125 enrollment fee in 1/2 ($62.50) then you have to pay the $59/month so it would be 121.50 to rejoin. What do you think girls? I have the money, the only thing that concerns me is that my tendonitis, which is still painful daily but more under control, will become aggravated & I wont utilize my membership like I did in the past. I need to tone up and I know that right now, I need to exercise to get this weight loss moving a little quicker & I desperately need to tone up. I am so dang flabby. What do you think????? Not sure if you can take the virtual tour via what I have posted but if you want to check it out, google LECOM Medical Fitness & Wellness Center.

fitRewards Upcoming Events daily schedule View Our Facility | Virtual Tour LECOM Click here to view floor plans

@ Pattie re:your question about WW & what I am doing, I am just following the program. I eat fruits in moderation, usually no more than 3 servings a day & I incorporate their  healthy guidelines into my daily diet: 5 servings of fruits/veggies, 2 milk/dairy servings, 2 servings of healthy oil (2 tsp total/day) 6 glasses of water, a daily multivitamin, eating whole grains, 2 servings of lean proteins/day & staying within my daily points plus target of 29 points per day. It is working for me & I don't feel deprived which is key for me. I don't do well with deprivation & I found myself fantasizing about fruit & yogurt when I was on BFC. I just don't have that kind of will power. There is nothing that is off limits. & it is teaching me to co exist with food.
. I still have my days where I could eat & eat & eat but I have learned that there are some things that can only be an occasional treat (like ice cream cones which I would LOVE to have EVERY DAY!!) & I am learning to enjoy it & appreciate it when we do have it for a treat. I LOVE McDonalds ice cream cones! They are 4 points plus value & it is only $1. A bargain all around. We usually have a cone 1xweek & I look forward to it. Its usually on the weekend when we get one. Anyways, that is what working for me. I'm happy on the plan & I feel it is a sustainable lifestyle for me. There are so many successful losers on WW. Look at Jennifer Hudson, their spokesperson. OMG! She is so skinny now & she has lost 80# on the plan. I feel like....If she can do it, so can I!!!!


                                                        She is AH-FRICKEN-MAZING!!!
Like anything though, it works when you work it. Bottom line. I don't care if it takes me another yr to lose the next 30#, I am bound & determined that it is gonna happen this time around. I have given up & quit the plan more times than I would like to admit because I wasn't losing fast enough, but the real truth is, I was not being honest with myself & was making it "Sherri's plan" & not following it as it was intended. My hairdresser is down 35# since March...you should see her...its like an OMG moment every 5-6 weeks when I see her. I go for a cut & color next week. I cant wait to see her. She inspires me!

Well, I am babbling way too much now & you are all probably nodding off, so I will say goodnight & wish you all skinny dreams!

Take care!!


  1. Wow, Sherri, that fitness club look amazing! If you think you could get to the gym 3 times per week, I think you should do it! maybe you could make an appointment with a trainer so that they could get you set up on a schedule that wouldn't aggravate your tendonitis. I bet there is a lot of opportunity there to get in a good workout.

    Good job moving forward, too. Sometimes that's all you can do. :)

  2. Hi Sherri. I say join the club. Don't overdo it. Just set a small goal, maybe 3X a week. Over the years I have had a couple of trainers and it helps in that they set up the schedule for you and then you can do it on your own. Even with tendonitis you can do some upper body work, bicycling and low impact stuff. That should be ok. I hear you about the 170's. That's all I want to see too. Why is it so hard??? Love the Jennifer Hudson photos. She looks amazing. What a change. Keep on keeping on...you'll get there!

  3. Well you know I am not an exercisy person, but if I was - to me - the is kind of expensive. And what if you tendonitis acts up too much and you can't use it that much??
    That's just me..
    Have a great day :-)

  4. A Zen garden!!! Wow! It is pretty fancy! I know that I would like the part about it being all adults. I love kids, have 4 of my own and 3 grandchildren, but I don't love them in my Zumba class and running around the Y with no adult supervision. I am looking forward to school starting back up. I know that sounds mean, but adult time is nice. The price really isn't that out of line unless you have to pay for a lot of things separately. Make sure that you get some free training in that fee. At our Y, you get 2 hours of training with your membership. I paid a 50.00 start up fee and the membership is generally about 44.00 a month.
    Shoot for 3x a week. You can do it!!!
    It can be good adult time for you.

  5. I agree I think you should join again exercise is good for us all. Maybe if you googled achilles tendonitis you could learn what exercises you could do to avoid aggravating it again. I also like how you said whatever you do it works if you work it, I know you have said that before and I have found it really helpful. Have a great day :)

  6. You are going to blast right thru 179!! I started having the greek yogurt with uncle sams cereal and a few berries.

    I cancelled my gym membership and decided Id take up hiking and then ended up running. Sometimes I fantasize about a great gym tho... but mostly Im happy with the decision.