Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quick Post...weigh in day results.

Hi Girls!

Well, weigh in day was okay, a bit disappointing. I only lost .4 (1/2#). I had a really good week & exercised 5 of the 7 days by swimming for 1+ hrs 3x & then walking the dog 2x on a 2 mile walk each time. Well, I am not gonna get my panties in a twist over this. The scale is moving downward, even if it is at a snails pace this week. It does all add up in the end. I had 2 really good weeks before this week losing 2.4# & 2# plus today's that makes it 5# in 3 weeks. I suppose when I look at it that way, its not so bad after all. We always seem to want more, don't we? But bottom my wise mother says "you didn't put it on overnight, you're not gonna take it off overnight either". Thanks mom! I am really close to getting into the 170' close I can taste it! My weight today was 182.4 so I am less than 3# away from being in the 170s!!! It is gonna happen this month ladies! MARK MY WORDS!!!

My sister did well today & I am so excited for her! She finally hit her 30# milestone & we have both lost about the same amt of weight. She is my "chief motivator" and I am so glad to be on this journey with her. I'm a lucky girl...I have the BEST sisters!!! Its funny because 3 weeks ago my sister & I pulled out our weight records from WW & realized that we were gaining & losing the same 5-6# for the past 3 MONTHS!!!! It was a loud wake up call for both of us and we have been doing really well ever since. I am so done with seeing 180something on the scale though....its time to move onward....or should I say, DOWNWARD!

So that was my day. I am home alone tonight & the house is so quiet. Its really kinda nice, but I do miss my husband. They left yesterday for a softball tournament & wont be home til tomorrow. He rubs my feet at nighttime before we go to bed & even though he is always as hot as a furnace, he is nice to snuggle up to.

Well girls, have a great night!

((Hugs)) to all!!!


  1. Hey - half a pound isn't bad! Just keep on at it, and the weight's gotta go! I am glad you have your sister as support and motivation - that is neat! And, yeah, 5 pounds in three weeks isn't shabby at all! If I could get these 5 pounds off in the next 3 weeks I will be ecstatic! Hope your quiet house does good things for you tonight. :)

  2. Every ounce counts:) Good job! 5 lbs in 3 weeks is a good weight loss.
    Your Momma is a smart lady:)

  3. Hi Sherri. Hey it's like losing two sticks of butter right! That's alot of fat!. i didn't even post my weigh in last week because I was up 1 1/2,and I was upset. I think if I am honest I need to be more accountable and not cheat as much. The proof is in the scale. I turn 51 in two weeks two and I want to be in the 70's too. Haven't been there in awhile! But today is a new day and I'm gonna plan out for the week and hope it goes better. I enjoyed the quiet house last night. Watched Eat, Pray, Love and just relaxed. I enjoyed having the house to myself!

  4. Do you remember how my weight fluctuated on my progress page?? It is no always gonna be the way we want, but the key is to not give up!!
    You are doing great and will reach your goal soon - I know you will. :-)