Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hump day post

Hello friends!

Thanks for all your great feedback on the fitness center & if I should rejoin. I am really leaning toward rejoining & I do agree that if I can get myself there 3x week it would be worth the $. I have an elliptical (don't like the one I have at all...very choppy) and a treadmill and a bike too but there is something about leaving your house to exercise. I don't know what it is but for some reason, I work harder. I do worry about the tendonitis flaring up even worse but you can put your membership on a medical hold with a Dr.s excuse & my foot Dr is great & would do whatever I needed. I had been on 2 medical holds already & just decided to cancel it because of the uncertainty of my foot condition. I REALLY need to exercise & I miss it, as crazy as that sounds. I feel like I kid with their hands up against a window looking in at something wishfully when I think about rejoining because I do worry that I am going to mess up my feet (I have it in both feet) even worse if I do too much. I will mull it over a little more & will decide definitively soon. It is expensive, but I am worth it & as I said, it is one of the nicest fitness centers I have ever been a member of & it is great that it is adult crowd. They do have a pool too so I could utilize that & do water aerobics. Anyways, thanks for your feedback! :) was a tough day at work! We were having  a going away luncheon for 2 of the girls who are going back to school & I brought my lunch of some homemade chicken barley soup that I made the other night, which, if I might add, was a really good batch!!! All was going well until I saw the homemade heath bar candy. I should have never even taken a bite because I ended up eating 3 pieces!!! Yikes!!! NOT GOOD even though it was delicious!!! Oh well, it is accounted for so I will move on. I had a cheeseburger for dinner & fell asleep after dinner & when I woke up, I went into the cupboard & started eating Doritos without even thinking! I probably had 2 portions of them....there weren't alot left in the bag but still, I ate them without thinking because I was sleepy & impulsive!! Arrgh! I HATE it when I do that! (sigh) Oh well, back on the wagon again...I slipped off! So that was my day. Tomorrow will be better even though it is a pretty busy day for me & my only day off.

I hope you are all doing well!

Hugs to all!


  1. It happens Sherri, but you are right, shrug it off and get back on track. It's all we can do or we will go backwards even more. Good luck.You can do it!!! It's a journey and there will be ups and downs!

  2. Dust yourself off and tomorrow will be better. :) Thanks for the nice comments on my blog post - I have come a long way and am pretty darn happy with the way I look, I just want to finish what I started. I'm almost there, so I'm more antsy than disapointed, really. Have a great day off!

  3. You know me, I will just say shake it off and move on. Yesterday is not important now cause it is behind you.
    Have a great day :-)

  4. Your soup sounds good, I used to make soup all the time I kinda miss all the free time I used to cook. Tomorrow will be a better day :)

  5. I LOVE Heath bars!!! I don't know if I could have ignored them, especially homemade! Yum!
    I guess that is one of the good things about not working, I don't have people bringing me yummy food to eat.
    Thank you for your kind comments! I am really glad that you are back blogging!
    The only good thing I can tell you about your 15 year old daughter, eventually they grow up. It isn't always a perfect relationship, but they get better. My 23 year old daughter told me that she feels safe treating me that way because she knows I will always love her anyway. I wish she didn't feel so safe:) My 25 year old daughter is just moody and likes to make me moody too!
    Happy day after Hump day!