Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello! Hello! Hello!!! Its me!!

Hi Girls!

Did you think I forgot you? Not a chance! Just been a busy bee!! Wanted to update you on whats been happening here. My poor daughter (12yo) has been having horrible pain in her front tooth that she broke in half in a scooter accident 3 yrs ago. We had the tooth bonded and all was fine until Fri night. She has been in miserable pain off & on & because I knew the dentist couldn't do anything for her til Monday, I medicated her all weekend with Tylenol & Motrin & got her an appt this morning to see the dentist. They took xrays & sent her to an endodontist for a 2nd opinion & my worst fear is coming to pass....she has an abscess, actually 2 small abscesses & needs a root canal on her front tooth next week. She has never had a cavity a day in her life & all we can figure out is that some bacteria got under the bonded tooth & started this up. I feel so bad for her but it has to be done. She in on antibiotics for a week & will have the root canal next Wed. My poor baby! She is so darned cute! I hope her tooth doesn't turn gray. She has braces on too but the endodontist says it shouldn't be a problem as they go through the back of the tooth. I want to get her a little something to relax her before the procedure & I think I may need a little something too! I have taken such meticulous care of my kids teeth all their lives & instilled good oral hygiene & neither of them have ever had a cavity. (Sigh) Please say a prayer for her...and me!!!

As for the weight loss, I am still pluggin along & doing well. I lost .6 this week and although it is a small number, they are adding up and I am nearing 35# off with WW & less than 2# away from the 170s and a total of 40#  lost is about 3.5# away! Very exciting!! The scale this morning looked promising for the 170s so hopefully it will hold & I will be doing the happy dance on Sat morning! (fingers crossed!)

I'm dealing with some sadness too. A friend, who I thought was a friend, lied to me and did the ultimate betrayal. I don't want to go into detail about it but I am so crushed as I thought I meant more to them. I thank God for my awesome girlfriend Mary who rescued me last night & allowed me to vent & cry & she shared her wisdom on the situation. This friendship is now forever scarred by this and I don't know if I will ever have it in me again to trust this person. This is actually the 3rd time this person has hurt me & I refuse to allow myself to be hurt again my their actions. It is inconceivable to me that this person would do this to me as I would NEVER EVER do that to anyone. Anyways, thanks for listening to me babble about this. It helps to vent & God bless my hubby, he just hugs me & lets me cry on him. This is the 2nd of my high school friends who has done this to me & I am just so devastated & just downright hurt by it all. Oh well, I guess that's why they never stayed my best friend. I wish em both the best & all I can say is, "what goes around, comes around". I'm not a vindictive person but I do hope that someday they will both feel the hurt they have caused me. I can never trust either of them again!

So how are you all doing? I hope you had a great weekend!!! Please post & let me know how you are doing. Weight on Sat was 181.8. I'm shooting for 2# this week to get into the 70s again! Oh, how Ive missed you 1970s!!! Cant wait to get there!!!!

Have a great evening!


  1. Awesome with the weight loss Sherri, sounds like I missed a lot while I was away. : )

  2. Oh Sherry, I am so sad that you are having a tough time right now. I hope your daughter's tooth canal goes well and that she feels better soon. I pray she has low stress about the situation - and for you too!

    Great job on the weight loss! We have got to take every loss we can get, especially in the hard weeks! Nice work! I hope you make it to the 170's!!!

  3. I'm so sorry about your daugher's tooth:( I had 4 kids, 3 never had a single cavity and 1 had a mouthful. She took care of her teeth just like the other 3? It's crazy!
    You are getting so close to a new weight. Don't sabotage yourself like I do. I get so excited to get there that I eat way more than I should:( WW seems to be agreeing with you and that my friend is what it is all about. A lifestyle to live with forever.
    I'm sorry about your friends. I have had 8 of the same friends since we were 12. I'm 54 so that is a lot of years. We go through our ups and downs, but I think we are more like family and family fights. That is no excuse for the hurt caused, but hopefully you can get past the emotions. Your husband sounds like a smart man, he just holds you, he doesn't try to solve things!
    Have a great Tuesday!

  4. Hi Sherri. So sorry about your daughters tooth. My middle son knocked one of his front teeth out with a pogo stick several years ago. He had to have root canal, and then the one next to it died just from the trauma, and he had to have another root canal. The teeth have stayed in place OK, but are gray now. He is so handsome and has a great smile, but we are looking into crowns if the whitening bleach doesn't help. It took many years for it to happen. Hopefully it won't with your daughter. The weight loss is great. I want to be in the 70's too. That was my goal by my birthday which is in 5 days. I don't think I'll make it, as that is about 5 lbs for me. The weekend was pretty tough. What are you eating on WW that is helping you stay on program that you can't eat on the BFC? Sometimes I feel like going back to WW because I do miss the fruits! Sorry also about your friend. Can't imagine what she did that hurt you so, but it must be pretty bad. Best to move on and not let those types of people into your lives! Good luck and hugs from me to you!

  5. SO sorry to hear about your daughters tooth and your friend situation, it's hard when everything happens at once. Good job on your weight loss that must feel really good :)

  6. I too am sorry for your daughter and your friend. Life sometimes is just not that kind to us. know everything will work out. Everything happens for a reason, I am not sure what that might be just now.
    Any loss is great. Have a great day :-)

  7. Hope your daughter is doing good! Im very sorry to hear about your friend. It is hard to give up on people and whatever she did is probably her own cry for help. But that is her problem and Im learned myself not to try fix everyone else issues ;-)

  8. Thanks are all the best! THings are a little better today. :)