Monday, January 24, 2011

Im Inspired!

Hello to all my "peeps"!

Wow!! So much inspiration going on here!! To Rosalie on your 80# loss and the pictures you posted.... amazing stuff girl! You truly are living the BFC and my goodness, it shows! I think you need to write to Jorge and send him some pics. You may be in the next book or as an online "loser" (you are a winner for sure!) And to Lindsey for losing 8# this week...awesome!! Geez, I have to say, seeing this all just inspires me to keep going! Thank you girls for sharing your successes with all of us. I cant wait to be standing in my favorite jeans like Rosalie and holding them out like that! Oh yeah...its goona happen this year!! My weight has been kind of holding this month and as disappointing as that has been, I believe the true proof is in the way my clothing feel. I know I have said this in previous posts, but it feels so good to wear stuff I havent been able to get in to for YEARS!!! So many things are now baggy on me and it just feels great! I put my usual scrubs on this morning (size XL) and the pants are just so darned big on me, but when I go down to a large, they feel a little snug to me and I would rather them be a little big and pull the drawstring tight & roll them down at the waist then to have my pants hang on to every lump & bump. Its like showing your panty lines....there aint nothin pretty about panty lines!! Another 10# and I feel certain that I will be in a smaller size pants. I wear a Large size top in our scrubs and that too is getting big on me but like I said, I am gonna wait for another 10# loss to go down to a medium.

As I was walking in to work this morning, one of the girls from scheduling said to me, "you're losing weight, arent you"? She said "I can really tell in your face." It really made me feel good to hear that...finally!! I think when people start noticing your weight loss is when it really becomes a catalyst to propel you forward. For some reason, I seem to always show my weight loss in my face first, then it seems to go in the legs and butt and then the belly. Sheesh, lets get rid of some of this back fat too for petes sake....yuck! It is really on my nerves these days!! But I know, it will come off in time and I am riding this out and going to work harder this week to show a nice loss! I am so close to hitting 10% of my body weight off ...I am about 5.5# away from that and they say when you lose 10% you are on the road to good health. I am on board with that thought for sure!!

So thats the "thoughts du Sherri" today. I hope you are all off to the start of another great week!! Keep on Keepin on my friends!! Sowly but surely, we are getting there!

Love & belief!


  1. Hi Sherri, Thanks so much for all the nice words about me. It wasn't easy for me to get here. Just keep going and don't give up no matter what the scale says.

    I will keep coming off and don't worry - the back fat will go away too.

    I know how great the pants being big feels.

    I am very proud of you!! Keep on BFC 'n :-)

  2. Sherri, I always love reading your post they make my day. I am still holding the same but I know it is going to come. It is great to see all our blogger frieds losing and that gives me hope as well. It really is a great feeling when the people you work with see all your hardwork and effort to lose weight. It keeps you going. Have a great week!

  3. Sherri, You are doing amazing! I can't wait to be where you keep going, you are truly an inspiration!

  4. Sherri, awesome job!! Its so much fun when things start feeling baggy and its almost time to pull out the smaller sizes. :) Just picture yourself in month from now, and how skinny your going to be. Your beautiful now, but I know we all are, but to do this weight loss for ourselves and to bring more self esteem and confidence in our lives is just awesome to me!! :) Thank you for the comment with in your blog, so sweet of you! :) Like you, I can't wait til I can post a picture of myself as Rosalie did holding my big girl pants. I wanna so everyone how skinny minnie I can get and how hard we all have worked. I wanna start taking pictures every couple of weeks like on Amber's blog so we can see the progression of the weight loss. Then when we reach our goals, we can all post these photos on our fridge to remind us never to get back to the first picture taken. :) Good luck this week girl!! You have done amazing so far! (hugs)

  5. Sherri, I posted a link for you in the comments section of my last post.

    Would you be able to cycle or row with your heel? Your doing great, and I know you'll figure out what works for you. Today, while I was in waiting room at the dentist's office, I read an article out of Reader's Digest that talked about the scentific findings from the past 15 years of low carb/sugar dieting, saying that the studies are beginning to consistenly show that eating this way is actually healthy for us, and that low fat higher carb diets are the root cause of people having out of control appetites and increasing gains in weight. Don't you just love it?