Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thurs Jan 6, 2011

Hello again!

Well, I finally got a day off from work today and am just trying to regroup. That nasty intestinal flu is running rampant everywhere and we had 6 people call in sick on Tues and they have been out all week. It is such a nasty nasty bug!! Been working alot and my achilles tendonitis has really been causing me grief so I saw the foot Dr. this morning and he injected a fat pad area outside the achilles (you cant inject it directly or it can rupture it..ouch!) and it usually takes about 24 hrs to get relief but it usually works. The pain is so bad at times it wakes me up at night and I cant get  back to sleep. I am doing everything I can to avoid surgery, but I know down the road, it is inevitable. I have a huge bone spur on the back of my heel that constantly irritates my achilles tendon and he would have to literally shave the bone spur off. NOT looking forward to that at all!!! I will be crawling or in a wheelchair before we get to that point.  Anyways, I am once again on foot rest until Monday, so no exercise for me. The hardest part of this is, I really want to exercise but the pain is so bad, I pay for it with excruciating pain for days after. I think I am going to have to cancel my gym membership. I am not able to utilize it the way I did last year and right now it is wasting my $ to keep paying the $59/ fee. You dont realize how important your feet are until you have issues with them. It feels crippling at times as I hobble around some days. Oh well, not to moan & groan on you all....I know there are others who have it worse off than I do. I am grateful that I can get out of bed every morning. It is a blessing indeed! I have a few days off from work so I think not having to stand on my feet all day will really help.

So I have been very very good this week, following my plan closely but that darned scale hasn't budged a smidge! Grr!! I did have a substantial loss over Dec. of about 13# ( I think! It might have been more. I am having a brain fart at the moment) and I really wanted to get into the 180s by my cruise in Feb but Im not sure it is gonna happen considering I cant exercise at all right now. I have  a stationary bike but believe it or not it hurts to ride that too becuase it pulls on the achilles. (sigh) I am just gonna keep on pluggin away and do my best to keep the scale going downward.

I have a couple of 1 hour massage gift certificates to a really nice Day Spa in town and I think I am going to treat myself to a nice massage this week! My husband buys me one for bdays & christmas every year and I still havent used them. I think I have two 1 hour massages, and one half hour massage. A half hour is just a tease....Im going for the full shabang!It is a really beautiful place! They arent cheap but it is such a treat to pamper yourself there!

So thats my day here. Just going to hang out at home for a bit today and do some light cleaning & make a nice dinner tonite. My hubby wants goulash so thats what will be served. Its very cold here, about 26 degrees and there is beautiful light "christmas snow" falling outside my window. I really enjoy it when the house is quiet like this too. It just gives me time to chill out & enjoy the serenity.

Have a great day gals!!

Love to all!!

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  1. Sherri, I hope your foot starts feeling better soon. We treat tons of people for that and I know it takes awhile to heal. I just got back into the gym after having 3wks off due to illness so I know how you feel when you cant go. My weight loss is at a stall as well. Hope you use those massages soon and get some well deserved relaxation. I am planning on doing that myself. Have a great week my friend!