Friday, January 14, 2011

Hooray for Friday!!

Hello friends!

Well, here it is...Friday...FINALLY!!! What a looooooonnnnnggg week this has been!! Glad that its over. I am tired and need a day off! My "dogs" (feet) are a barkin and I had a horrific day at work today! I had Pediatric pts with another nurse and we had 11 kids to care for post op. At one point, we had a room full of kids and they were ALL crying!! I though I was gonna start crying too! It seems if one starts, they all follow!! My room was quiet and then all of a sudden, they brought in 2 kids within minutes of each other and in a few minutes it was nothing short of chaos and screaming! I love kids but let me tell you, when they are coming out of anesthesia, there just isnt anything fun about it. I didnt get a lunch today and I ate a tangerine & yogurt at 2:30 pm while I was catching up on my charting. I did have a nice dinner of grilled chicken, 1/2 c brown rice and some green beans. It was delicious and I enjoyed every bite of it while sitting down! It is such a treat to be sitting down....just sayin......

So as I sit here, I am trying to think about what I want to talk about tonite. One of the girls at work has been having lots of Dr. visits lately and I said to her today, "Mary Jane, this is not the way to start out the new year! My goodness, you have been to the Dr. every day for the past 2 weeks!" She pulled me aside and told me that she is undergoing testing so that she can have a lap band placed in the next month or so. She told me that she literally has had to have every organ sonogrammed and if any come up abnormal or if her gallbaldder had stones in it (hers doesn't), she would have to have it removed before she can have the surgery. She said everything has come out good so far and she hopes by spring to have the surgery done. She is quite heavy and has trouble walking due to her weight so I do hope this helps her, but my goodness....I found it unbelievable that you had to go through so riggamarole to have that done!! I know that lap band and gastric bypass are big surgeries with many potential complications and I have met alot of people who have had gastric bypass, and many of them are starting to gain their weight back. It isnt permanent weight loss and many people I have seen who have had it, dont eat well at all. They continue to eat junk food and make poor choices in fueling their bodies and in the long run, I havent seen many long term weight loss stories. They dont educate them well enough on what they need to be eating and the poor nutritional habits continue and they end up no farther ahead than when they started. I know this isnt with everyone. I have seen some long term success stories but the majority has been the latter. Anyways, I am happy that I have found my happy medium in doing weight watchers and I have been very diligent in tracking what I am eating, as well as making good nutritional choices. I feel better and I dont feel deprived at all and I feel like this has become a good lifestyle for me and one that I can maintain. I have been on so many diets that deprive you and all you do is dream about eating those things. I remember doing LA weight loss, which was a VERY restrictive and EXPENSIVE diet I might add (over $500 + their nutritional bars that were loaded with carbs & sugar!!)Not to mention, they tried to get you to buy something every time you walked in the door! The counselors didnt live the plan and couldnt relate when you gained or stayed the same. I remember getting lectured by this one "counselor" and it really put a bad taste in my mouth about the whole program and I dreded going to weigh in because I thought I was gonna get chewed out for eating something wrong, etc. They would go over your diary and circle in red what you were doing you were in school or something!  Isnt it funny....they are no longer in business. Hmmm...go figure!

So I guess what I am getting at is, no matter what plan you follow, you have to find YOUR happy medium and something that is not only DO ABLE for you and a plan that will fit your life. The BFC is a great plan for sure, and so many people have been successful on it....but I felt a bit deprived on it and realized that it just wasn't a good fit for me. I will continue to plug away and  no matter how long it takes me I know that my goal of hitting 160 by my 45th bday in Sept is going to be a reality this year! If it takes me be it then!  Its a weight loss journey and I am going to enjoy the scenery along the way as well as the bumps in the road that I know will come along too. My mom always said, "you didnt put it on overnight, you arenet gonna take it off overnight either". So true! We just want it to go away NOW...but it isnt easy but I am finding, is well worth the effort! I am 20# lighter because of it.

I am proud of all my  "skinny sisters" that are in our blogging group and I love that we are all supportive of each other!! It feels good to know we arent alone, isnt it? Well, thats my 2 cents...for what its worth!
Tomorrow is my weigh in day....not sure what its gonna be but I am hopeful. I havent been able to exercise much this week due to working so much  and my foot has been bothering me, so we shall see what unfolds. I will update you all tomorrow. I am hoping for a pound. I would be happy with that.

I think I am going to watch the movie "Enchanted" tonight. It is such a sweet movie and it is one of  my favorites!! Its a Disney movie but It is sooooo cute and has a sweet storyline. If you havent seen it, rent it! Plus, Patrick Dempsey from Greys anatomy is co starring in it so theres some eye candy for your viewing pleasure! (wink, wink!)

Happy Friday my friends!
Love & belief!


  1. Yea you will have to let me know how your weight watchers is going, I remember you telling me your were doing that. I checked it out but really can't add anymore to my budget. I am trying to trim it down as I can because we are still struggling since my hubby's job has been so slow. Pool season starts soon usually people start getting pools fixed towards the end of Feb. so here's hoping. :) We are all proud of you Sherri. :) What kind of things are they having you eat at weight watchers? What all do they help you with signing up? And to add, Enchanted is one of my favorite movies. I love both Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams. Well have a great weekend Sherri. =)

  2. Aloha Sherrie,
    My cousin went through the gastric bypass years ago, and she forgot they told her to get a certain medicine for after the surgery. Well she forgot to get it, and years later is having a horrible time, and has had to get more surgeries for hernia's... I won't go that route ever. Food education has just begun in the Elementary schools, and not very many people are equipped to know how to eat to keep their weight off after surgery, or anytime as a matter of fact. Nice post today. Put your dogs up, and enjoy being 20lb. lighter. My, you've lost it fast Sherrie, congrats. Yes, Enchanted is a fun movie.

  3. Sherri, I am so glad it is the weekend too! You are so right about you have to find a diet that works for you and that you can live with it. I am glad that WW is working for you this time around. I would never go the surgery route. To many complications and if you dont learn how to gain it all back. Look at Carnie Wilson and Al Roker just a couple in the spot light that have gain weight since having gastric bypass. Anyway I hope you have a great weekend and I will cross my fingers for you to lose a pound tomorrow.

  4. It made me tired and wanting to cry just reading that! :D

    I hope your co-worker is among those that keeps her weight off.

    You're doing wonderful! Such an inspiration for all of us. Thanks. :)