Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Post

Hello Friends!

Happy Superbowl Sunday! I hope you all are ready for the big game tonite. I only watch it for the commercials but I love all the pregame hype too....oh and Howie Long!!! Oh yeah I could gaze at that yummy eye candy for hours!!! (sigh) Told my hubby if Howie ever comes lookin for me, I will have no choice but to leave with him!!We laugh about it, but if Howie did knock on my door, after I woke up from passing out I think I would jump into his arms & run away with him!! And the great part is, Howies a big guy so I know I could jump into his arms & he could carry me. Cant promise he wouldnt get a hernia though but hey, Im a nurse, I would take care of him!! a stinker here! hee hee! I do puffy heart Howie!!! (ok, Im done, I promise!!) I love Matthew McConaughey too but I wont go there now. Perhaps that will be another post! lol.

So as promised, I said I was going to post some things that my weight watcher leader Pam shared with us yesterday. She is an amazing lady who I just  love!! She cares so much about everyone and her main goal is our success. She is the epitome of a Leader!! Ok, but back to my topic. So Pam shared some things with us about staying on Track for Superbowl. She had some key points that I thought were noteworthy. Heres what I remember....

#1~ Know your plan book! How can you possible be successful if you dont know your game plan ! She said "Do you think that the guys who play in the Superbowl go in on Superbowl Sunday without memorizing their plan book?" No way!! You need to know your game plan inside & out so that you can execute what you need to do to be a winner! I really liked this thought. How can you be successful if you dont know what youre doing?

#2~ Engage in Positive Self talk~ She said "do you think that the football players go into the game thinking "man, theyre gonna cream us today". NO WAY!! They go in thinking "We are gonna cream them and win!" You too must have positive self talk. Dont focus on the negative, only the positive. And be sure to have your cheerleaders too! (thats all of us for each other!! :) ) Love this too!! How many times have we said not so nice things to ourselves? "You look fat" or "I hate the way I look" etc etc. Focus your energy on saying positive encouraging words to yourself daily. What you think about you bring think positive and surround yourself with positive encouraging people who will love & support you" (the last part was my thoughts. Gotta throw my 2 cents in ya know!)

#3~ Dont get discouraged & throw in the towel. Ups & downs are going to happen and if youve had a bad week or a bad day, forgive yourself and move on because what happens when you give up?? You never reach your goal.

The rest of the things she talked about, geez, I forget what she wrote, but the whole meeting was really good and exactly what I needed to hear. So many times we try so hard and the scale doesnt reflect our efforts. It is in continuing to stay in the game that we will find our true victory!!

So my friends, keep your eyes on the prize and never give up!! OUR superbowl rings await us in the shape of smaller bodies, smaller clothing, better or restored health, improved self esteem & self worth but I think most of all to realize that the journey was worth every sacrifice  made, every drop of sweat that was shed and every minute was time well spent on my road to a better me! WE ARE WORTH IT!!!!

Happy Sunday!! Have a great day!!
Love & Belief always


  1. Hi Sherri,
    I too only watch the game for the commercials. I have never really been interested in sports that much. I would watch a game in person, but the TV bores me.
    I hope you have a great day :-)

  2. Sherri, That was such a great post. It really does help to have such a awesome leader to give you the motivation you need on your weight loss journey. I am watching the super bowl too just for the commercials and the Black Eyed Peas of course. I dont have a crush on Howie

  3. Hi Sherri, Great post with lots of motivation! I always just watch the super bowl of commercials and half time too. But this year I have actually been disappointed in the commercials :( They were so much funnier last year. But I am liking the half time show with the Black Eyed Peas. They are always creative. I am actually watching as I type this. hehe!! Well have a great night Sherri!! :)

  4. Great points Sista. I missed the S.B. because I've been stuck on the internet looking for a car. Found a Rav4 that has super low mileage, owned by a little old lady from Pasadena (Oahu), and now if I really want it, I have to hop an inter island flight to Oahu after work tomorrow, go to the house, and then ship it back on Young Brothers. It just doesn't seem too fun at all, other than saving about 4,000. Not enough choices here, other than the dealers, and most cars have high mileage, and they're costly too. Great post and thanks.

  5. You are SO positive Sherri and I love that! And beautiful too, no matter your size.

    Like you, I have been on every diet ever created, I've always lost some weight, but never enough, so I know that beautiful or not, you want to change that body! Me to. Maybe we can help each other. In any case, I am always inspired by your comments on other people's blogs, you are so positive and kind, I know your dreams will come true.
    Wishing you the very best always.

  6. Hi, Sher-bear, how are you doing? Here's an update on me:

    Here's the new address for my blog...

    I decided that I don't want BFC forever linked to my blog. I left an update on my current post, which is not showing in the dashboard for some reason, but it's there.

  7. Sherri, I read your comment on Rosalie's blog about cravings m and m's. When I get a craving for sweets that I cannot shake, I usually made myself half a protein shake. 1 half scoop whey protein, (chocolate of course, lol.) 1 half cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 half cup coffee, 1 packet of stevia, lots of ice. Whirl it up in the blender till all the ice is crushed and it is THICk. Drink it with a straw and make it last, just like a milkshake, sweet and filling enough to satisfy me every time. 1 gram sugar, 5carbs, 1 fiber, 105 calories. If the numbers work for you, try it.

  8. Sherri,

    I figured out that you'll need to re-follow my blog with the new address in order for you to see updates in your dashboard.