Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good afternoon to you all!!

Hello to all my bloggin buddies & Happy Thursday to you all!!

I can hardly believe that today is Feb 24th!! Tell me please, where is the time going??? My goodness...Lent is gonna be here in 2 weeks and Easter in 2 months!! On the upside of that, with Easter comes springtime!!! I am so dang tired of the snow and ready to have my car stay clean for more than a day.

So, as I look back over my weight loss progress since the new year, it has been a pretty slow process and I feel somewhat stuck in the 190s. January only brought a 2.8# loss and so far Feb has only been something like 1-2#s.....I truly have to go & look at my log. Anyways, I am getting really really tired of this being so slow in going and have decided to jumpstart my weightloss efforts by being absolutely DILIGENT in watching my sugars & carbs intake. I know many of you know that I have been doing the WW program since Dec 1st and it has been working well but for some reason, I am just feeling stalled, so I am going to try to get back on track with the BFC plan while still keeping track of the WW healthy guidelines. I want to be in the 180's by Easter....I would love to say the LOW 180s but I will take 189.8 if need be. It just gets me closer & closer to that 160 mark, and then ultimately 150. I am trying to take this in steps, not focusing on the big number but in attaining smaller goals in my journey. When I hit 189, my next short term goal will be 179 (OMG...havent been in the 170s for 18+years!!!!) and then 169, and then 160 (my first goal) and then  150, my ultimate goal! I plan to have this goal completed by m birthday in late Sept and I believe with every shred of my being that it IS going to be a reality!! I feel so focused and ready to move forward!! I feel like I am just lollygagging and I cant stand it anymore.

My favorite black jeans have gotten so big that while we were in church last week, every time I got up from sitting, I had to pull them up. I read an article in WW magazine about jeans and it said if you have to pull your jeans up all the time, if they are saggy in the butt and if you can put 2 fingers in at the waistband, it is time to buy a new pr of that is what I did on Tues. I got a 30% coupon for Kohls too, and found a really great pr of black jeans in a 16 that fit comfortably and look quite good. They are Lees and the cut is very slimming. They are kind of longer in length so I put them on with a cute pr of black boots with a heel and they really lengthen your torso and make me look much more slender. The only problem is, for some reason, they sit at the waist and not lower on the hips so they kind of accentuate the back fat...Uggh!!! My sister told me to wear them for about 2 hrs and they will stretch out so that is my plan and hopefully that will help. I also got an incredible bargain on a coat . Rosalie, you will love this.....I found this ADORABLE Apt 9 black short coat, originally marked $120. then on the 80% off rack so it was marked down to $24. and I used my 30% coupon so I got it for $16.80!!!! It is on the lighter side so it will be good to wear into spring too and it is so stylish!!! LOVE IT when I get a great bargain!!! I have been having to wear a 1X for the past few years and I am FINALLY wearing a regular XL from the Ladies (not womens) dept!! This coat was a regular XL and I was very excited about that!!! I am SOOOOO sick & tired of shopping in the womens section.....all the clothes there are so "Bubba" looking, like grandma-ish. I walk in the stores and look at all the cute stylish clothing and cant wait til I can breeze in and shop there. Still have to try it on & make sure it fits alright.

I was talking with one of the girls at work yesterday who is going to have lap band surgery in May . I was telling her about all the overweight ppl on the cruise and how sad it was and really made me think......I dont want to ever look like that!! I want to know what it feels like to be thin!! I wait with anticipation for the day when I can finally SEE my collarbones again!! I think that is such a beautiful thing on a woman when you can see the collarbones. I can feel mine now, but they are still in hiding. I want a flat tummy!!! She said to me, "but you have such a beautiful face". I told her that I want the body to go with it. I am tired of people saying that to me. I want to finally feel like I am the complete package, with a pretty face & body to match. Does that sound vain to you for wanting that? I have never known what its like to live in a thin body and for once in my life, I want to know what it feels like.

So thats my "thoughts du Sherri". I hope you are all having a great day today!! Keep the faith and keep on keepin on!!! Inch by inch, we are getting there!

Love & belief!


  1. Awesome to the great finds at Kohl's!! yay!! I love Kohls. The jacket, I bet is really cute because I love all apt 9 stuff, especially when its on sale. I am a clearance shopper myself. I usually have to shop in the Women's or Misses section and buy 16W pants to fit comfortably. Sometimes I can find 16 or 18 that fit in the regular womens, but I agree with you I can't wait to loose enough to wear all those cute clothes. It will make it so much easier to shop because you can always find the small sizes, but never the larger sizes. I guess that says the whole world needs to lose weight right? And its not vain of you to say you want the body to match the beautiful face. I feel the same way. Right now I don't think my face is the prettiest though, because my face is got a lot of extra pudge on it. LOL!! Apparently my fat likes to go to my belly, thighs, arms and face. Good luck Sherri!! I see you reaching your goal by your birthday because you have all the motivation it takes and we are all still going to be here to help you. My goal is to get to my goal weight by the end of August, so I hope it will come true for us both. =)

  2. You are right Sherri - I love it!! I love the great deals you g et when they have sales at Kohls. I have been so big for over 20 years and now for the first time since then I can wear anything. I think it has finally hit me. I can't explain the feel that you are in store for. I still look in the mirror and say - who is that?
    You will reach all of your goals before you know it. Just keep trying, don't give up. Which ever works for you WW or BFC.
    Lindsay, you and Sherri are both so beautiful no matter what size. Just my opinion.

    Have a great day! :-)

  3. Now Miss are absolutely beautiful so dont even go there missy!! Yes, we will all reach our goals this year and Rosalie, I cant wait to experience that feeling in the store. The sizes are finaly going down but still in an XL doestn make me happy. Another 10# and I will be in a large, Im thinkin. I just wish it would happen faster!!!! But I didnt put it on overnight, not gonna take it off overnight. (sigh) Gotta keep on keepin on.....

  4. I agree Lindsay, you are beatiful, with a smile that lights up a room. Ditto for Rosalie and you too Sherri. At the same time I understand completely what you have said. I want the whole package too, beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful spirit. I don't think it is vain to want to be your best self, I think it is human, and I think it is what God intends for all of us! And, you know what girlfriends, we CaN do this, we WILL achieve our dreams! Believe it, visualize it, beacause where the mind goes, the body follows. Wishing you the very best, always. (()) Helen

  5. Sherri, I am right there with you girl. I dont know why I cant seem to drop anymore weight. I guess my body is use to eating the same thing for the past 6 months that I need to mix it up a little. My goal was to lose 5lb a month for the next 3 months and I have not lost sad. We are going to Missouri in June to visit my husbands birth place and to meet his friends he grew up with and I want to be down atleast 10 more pounds. I just dont know what it is going to take. Oh by the way I love Kohls too but trying to stay away until I lose some more

  6. Nice deal on the coat Sherri. That's why we love shopping! I'd love to say I loss 1 or 2 pounds for the month, but instead I grew tired of eating the same things, and packed on 5 lb.lickedy split, but now I'm trying to get those off, but I also stopped walking because work was harder physically lately, and I'm beat when I get home. I need more meal ideas too ladies! I'm trying the ones you all are posting btw. Thank U...