Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weigh in Day! Sat Feb 5, 2010

Hello to all my friends!

Well, today was weigh in day and I am pleased as punch to announce yet another pound has left my body! I am 196 exactly. So I am hoping by Friday that I will weigh in at 195 (or less) before I leave for my cruise. I believe I can do it! So the official totals are:
17.2# lost according to WW from when I restarted Dec 1, 2010
22.5# lost according to my scale since March 2010 (my highest weight ever!)
So I am pretty happy about it. I would love to be like one of those people on the biggest loser who drop double digits each week, but I dont have 8hrs a day to devote to exercise. Heck, I am barely devoting an hr to exercise each week! I know that if I would just get the exercise component going again, my weight loss would speed up. Whats wrong with me that I am not exercising? So my goal for this week is to do some type of activity each day for at least 15 mins. I have a bike, a treadmill and an elliptical and lots of exercise DVDs so I am hoping by Friday I will be sweetly surprised. My plan for the cruise is to walk the upper decks track each morning. They have a gym too so if my tendonitis isnt too bad, I will maybe go there too for a bit but I dont want to be miserable and in pain so I am thinking walking will be the way to go. I am going to go to the mall today & see what Lady Footlocker has in the ways of sneakers. I know alot of you have the Sketchers shapeups and I am tempted to get them...HOWEVER....I am clumsy and it looks like you have to walk heel to toe to get all the benefits and with my achilles tendonitis, sometimes, alot of times actually, I cant walk heel to toe. So Im thinking a good pair of Reeboks.

So we leave in 7 days....I can hardly believe it is so close! I need to go through my tubs of summer clothing this weekend and figure out what I want to take. I always seem to overpack...havent perfected traveling light yet! Kasey has asked where we are cruising to...we are going to Nassau the Bahamas, St. Thomas & St. Maarten. Only 3 ports this cruise so we can enjoy it. I have been on cruises with 4-5 ports of call and you feel like all you are doing is running, running, running! I have 2 good books to dive into (cant wait!!!) and I just wanna soak up the rays & relax & forget about the snow back home. Please say a prayer that all goes ok. I am nervous because we fly out on the day our ship leaves. I wish we would have come in the night before so we have some wiggle room in case of bad weather. We are connecting in Philadelphia which is nothing short of a disaster if you have ever hubbed there! As you can imagine, I didnt book the flight...hubby did!! Philly ALWAYS has issues and there are always too many planes booked for the same gate and you are left stuck on the tarmack. Our weather up here is very cold and very unpredictable so please pray for us next Sat morning that all goes well and we get on that boat by 4pm. It is also my daughters 15th birthday and they are going to have a special dessert for her at dinner.

So, I was thinking about things to write about on my blog this morning and I had a really interesting chat on Facebook last night with a friend of mine who grew up in my neighborhood when I was a kid. We reconnected after MANY years and it has been fun catching up and we have been chatting once a week. So we were chatting last night and he says to me "Sherri, I need your help" I said "Whats wrong, are you ok?" He replies with "no". So Im thinking OMG, maybe he has cancer or something and thats why hes reconnecting with me after all these years....and I started to feel anxious and nervous as to what conversation would follow. So then he says "I have cardiovascular disease (hes 45) and I smoke and I need to quit" Ok, I know, this is sad to say, but I was relieved it wasnt cancer but cardiovascular disease is no better by any means. He told me that he has tried numberous times to quit and has failed. I asked him "Whats your "why"? Why do you want to quit? You have to have a reason... a driving force when you want to accomplish a goal and if you dont have a reason, you will never attain that goal because you have nothing to look forward to. I told him that when you have no goal, no reason, you are like a ship floating at sea with no sight of a lighthouse or land. I have been that floating ship many, many times and it is just finally this year, that I have found my purpose, my reason and my why and it is why I know in my heart that I will get there and reach that 150 mark. I told him that I am losing weight this year and am planning to be at or very near my goal weight of 50# lost by my bday in late Sept. I want to feel better, look younger, and be able to grab a size 10 off the rack at a store, look at it, and walk right to the register & buy it, without ever blinking an eye and putting it on. THATS what I want!! Perhaps it is all in vanity...I dunno and I really dont care. I have put so many people ahead of me for so many yrs that its time that I am moving up to the front burner!! Anyways, we had a very inspiring conversation and he said to me "its that simple, isnt it?" I told him that there is nothing easy about quitting smoking but that I know if he puts his mind to it, makes in NON NEGOTIABLE,  he can do it! So I got a FB message that he had his last cigarette at 8:47pm last night and hasnt had one since. I dont smoke but i used to in my 20s and they are very powerful and hard to kick but it can be done...I am living proof and you couldnt pay me to pick one up again. YUCK! So in closing, in having this conversation with my friend, I realized that there has been a change inside of me this time. This is a NON NEGOTIABLE GOAL for me and even though my weight has been coming off in trickles, I refuse to give up until I see that 150 staring back at me!!! Mark my words, it IS gonna happen!!! So wahts YOUR "why"? Is it non negotiable??? If not, you need to make it that...come hell or highwater, you are gonna work hard to make it happen! I love Ambers comment on one of her older blog posts about how she did a fist pump in the air and said she was gonna be Jorges best client to lose 50#. I am fist pumping right now and telling you all....I am gonna be 50# less this year by my birthday!! Whoot Whoot!!

Ok, I will stop now....Im rambling again!! And you come back to read my posts again...brave souls you all are!! lol. I hope you are all doing great!!  Be sure to leave YOUR "WHY" in the comments section here and lets all support each other to make our dreams come true in 2011!!

Happy Saturday my friends!!
Love & belief!
p.s  Tomorrow will be my Superbowl Post! Got some good thoughts to share from my WW meeting today! So stay tuned..... :)


  1. Just finished my "Why" on my post, because I am sick of this roller coaster ride and need to step off, even though it's been fun, but not so much anymore. Good you understand how your friend is feeling. That cruise sounds like a dream! Have a wonderful time Sherri, with your beautiful family.

  2. My why is because I am sick and tired of not loving myself and beating myself up all the time. I want to be able to look in the mirror and like what I see and even take family photos. I have many whys and that is WHY I am sticking to this program. Hope you have a great time on that cruise and congrats on your weight loss. I always love reading your blogs your make me laugh.