Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Post March 29, 2011

Good afternoon friends!!

Well, another day home with my daughter. She has strep throat and cant seem to shake the high fevers. Shes been running 100's-102. When they tylenol wears off, the temp goes back up...uggh! She is on an antibiotic since yesterday when I took her to the Drs but it hasnt kicked in yet. I dont know if she will be going to school tomorrow. My mom has offered to watch her for me so I can go to work. I have missed 2 days because she has been sick and tomorrow we have a big pt load...65 cases!! Uggh!!

Anyways, all is good here. The scale was looking good this morning and I think one more pound down and I will be at my 10%. I am shooting for 2# but I know my tracke record and I will be happy with 1#....it will make me hit that 10% milestone. I would REALLY love to lose 3# this week and get to 190. We shall see what transpires over the week. I still feel very encouraged & positive and am looking forward to Sat for weigh in. My daughter has a softball game that I have to have her at by 11am so I might drop her off, weigh in & attend my metting and then head to the game afterwards. I like weighing in later because it gives you a chance to lose some water weight (pee) a few extra times. I know, TMI, huh?

Well, I need to dust & vacuum my bedroom...it is pretty bad. I cleaned our bathroom which also desperately needed attention too. I love it when everything is so nice & clean. Just wish it stayed that way!

Well ladies, have a great day!!!



  1. Good luck!! I hope you lost the #! :) I bet you did. :) Thank you for the sweet comments you posted on my blog. I replied back, but its hard to remember to go back and look at peoples post if they replied and such.

    I know what you mean about the cleaning. I love it when everything is in nice neat order, but that seldom happens around here. Every time I get things clean, its time to start all over again. I wish I had enough money to hire someone to do all my little cleaning task, but I don't think that will ever be an option in my life.

    Hope your daughter gets well. :)

  2. I hope your daughter gets better soon so you can go back to work. You have been doing so well with your weight - that I know you will meet your goal.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. Hope your daughter is feeling much better now. I had Strep once many years ago. I just remember feeling really dizzy for four days, but my throat didn't hurt that much, and the Dr. said I had it. He swabbed my throat on a visit to see him about something else entirely. Well I know how missing days feels when you have so much work piling up. Hang in there Sherri. Everything will be back to normal in no time.