Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weigh in day!

Hello to all my BFC sisters!

Well, today is Saturday and it was WW weigh in day. With my sister being in North Carolina still (she's on her way home today...yay!) I have to tell ya, I really just wanted to blow off my WW meeting and weigh in today but I told myself "you are paying for this, so you're gonna go"! I honestly didn't think that I had much of a loss this week. I kept pretty honest to program and every day I got on the scale, it kept giving me the same number. Anyways, I hopped on this morning and it was the same number (again) however after a couple of bathroom breaks (TMI) I noticed it was a little lighter. Regardless, I planned on going and teetered with opting out of weighing in (you can take a no weigh in pass if you need to) but decided to bite the bullet & spin the wheel and see what it said. So to my surprise, I am down another 1.2# this week and I am 2# away from losing 10% of my body weight and 7 # away from hitting 25# with WW!!! New number is 194.2!!! I thought at most it would be about 1/2# but 1.2....I will take it!! So I am down 19# total now with WW since starting the program and a total of 24# from my highest weight last year in March. My jeans are fitting better, people are starting to notice and it feels great!!! I haven't seen this number in over 7 years!!! Progress is FINALLY being made and it is motivating me to keep on keepin on!!

Our topic today was celebrating your successes along your weight loss journey. Our WW leader Pam asked us what we are celebrating? I told her that for once in my life, I FINALLY have my head in the game!! I also told her how fun & exciting it has been to have people notice that I am losing weight. My goal for this week is to hit my 10% and lose that 2# and I would like to have hit my 25# mark by the end of the month. I know its lofty but as Pam said we need something to work toward and I am going to give it my best try. The great thing about setting goals is even if you don't hit it in the time frame you wanted to, you can reset your goal date and continue to work toward reaching it. The most important thing is to never forget your goal and what you are working toward!! I am living life....One bite at a time and enjoying the journey to a NEW ME this year!!!!!!

So....what are you celebrating along your weight loss journey? Would love to hear them!! Please post in the comments section and lets all cheer each other on to victory!!

Love & Belief!


  1. Congrats on your loss, your new goals, and your new outlook Sherri! I just celebrated my 56th B'day, but my Mom went to have major heart surgery on her valve, and she is now recovering in a hospital, and I'm not there. She told me to stay put, and if they needed me, then I should fly out. After hearing reports from my Dad, today is the 3rd day, the meds have her mind so screwed up and she isn't able to talk much. My Dad said she didn't seem to know him, so it's a scary time. I hope I get a better report today, but he told me to call after 3:30 and it's not quite that time. My Mom is 78 yr. old. So can you say a little prayer, and believe for a great healing. Thank you girl!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASEY!!! What day did you celebrate your special day? Im sorry if I missed it but I am sending you belated bday wishes and a year full of health, happiness and skinniness! I am so sorry to hear that your mom needed surgery. Sometimes older adults have a hard time metabolizing the powerful pain medications they are given so hold tight my friend. It may take a few days for her to come around. I have a friend whose dad had a knee replacement last Jan and the same thing happened to him and he was also 78, but he did come around once the meds were tapered off. I will most certainly pray for your mom!! Feel free to contact me if you need to talk. You can contact me via FB (Sherri Lojewski) and I will email you my info. You are in my thoughts girl....((hugs)) to you!!

  3. Hi Sherri, It's so good to hear that you are doing well in your weight loss. Just stick with what ever is working for you. I hope you have a great weekend. :-)

  4. Great job Sherri!! woohoo congrats! :) Great to see WW is working for you :)

  5. Sherri, great job on the weight will be passing me up soon. I am hoping to go see a pain specialist soon to take care of my neck and arm issues. I hope that this will help with the pain I am having and then I wont have to keep taking these inflammatory meds which seem to hold some water weight. There are days that I feel really defeated with the weight loss and am trying to figure out what to do next to get it moving again. Glad to have read your post and get a little boost of motivation.