Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!!!!

Hello to all my weight loss buds and HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant believe how fast this year is going by already. In just 11 days, it will be April...APRIL!!!! Can you stand it? Yesterday was weigh in day at WW but I opted out of getting on the scale because for some crazy reason, when I got on in the morning, it said I was up 2#!!! I mean, come on!!! I had a great week, I followed my plan, I tracked, I exercised...what else can a girl do, and then to see a 2# gain?? For some reason, when I see those gains in my progress book, it depresses  me and I find myself getting off track, so I decided that I would just attend the meeting and not count my weigh in. I know next week will be better. It had to be water weight because my hands were puffy. I told my mom and she gave me her usual speech "you didn't put it on overnight, so you wont take it off overnight". I know, I know...I just want it off NOW!!! (please?????) Sometimes, being patient with weight loss is so difficult but it is when we hang in there for the win, that we become the winner, and I AM going to be a winner this time around and I refuse to quit. That darned scale DOES NOT define me and I am going to reach my goal this year!!!!

Its a beautiful sunny day here in Erie, PA! A little chilly, but the sky is blue with white fluffy clouds and all the snow has pretty much melted. Theres something about a new season that re energizes me! I went out to the movies and lunch with my sisters yesterday. We saw the Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew Mc Conaghey (he does take his shirt off too and while not the greatest shot of him, it was still nice what I got a glimpse of! In case you don't know, I LOVE MATTHEW McConaghey!!!! I want to run my fingers through his curly locks! oh...sorry, I digressed! I cant help myself when I get to talking about him! he he he!) Anyways, it was a GREAT movie and I would highly recommend seeing it! I started reading the book while on vaca and it pretty much follows the book. Then we went to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch and we all had the salad bar. It was very good and because it was my sisters Roses bday this week, we got  1 dessert to share in honor of the bday girls special day. She chose Italian cream cake and I have to tell you, it was fantastic!!! I had about 5 bites and it was worth every calorie!!! a vanilla walnut cake with a cream cheese like frosting and then toasted coconut on it!! YUM!

My sisters and I have a great relationship and every month we go out to lunch and spend the day together. Next month we are taking a road trip to Cleveland to go to Trader Joes!! I cant wait!!! I am out of my sprouted wheat bread and I need to stock up. My other sister Chris has never been there so shes pretty jazzed about going. We are then going to go out to lunch & then come home. I do love my sisses!! They are the to all of you!!! You are all my sisters too ya know! :)

So that's it for me today. Nothing else exciting to tell. Have a great Sunday and I hope that you are having a beautiful sunny spring day wherever you are!!

((Hugs)) to all!!!!


  1. HI Sherri, You know what? I know its hard when the weight goes up instead of down, but if you just stick with it like I did - the weight has no where to go but out. And - Uh, sorry your gonna have to wait in line behind me to wriggle thru those locks. I'm older so I get to go first. haha.
    have a great day tomorrow :-)

  2. Hi Sherri, I am just a BFC beginner, 2 weeks tomorrow, but I love it so far. I just wanted to say that I love your choice of WW and BFC. I owned and then managed (once I sold) a Women's only gym. I had 100's of women come through over the almost 8 years, and the ONLY thing that ever worked for them, was WW. There were women that tried every kind of diet under the sun, but WW women 90% of the time, kept the weight off. I have done it myself a couple of times over the years. The reason it works so well is because you can still eat everything that you love, you just have to hold yourself accountable. I feel that way about the BFC too. I think as I progress along, I will be able to eat things and just use up my whole 15/6 for the day. I left the gym a about 15 months ago because I wasn't getting paid, and during the course of that 15 months, I have gained about 30 lbs. Having been relatively trim for 8 years, it "sucks" to be here:( But I will win this battle, as will you:)
    Thanks for the blogs, it's fun to read!
    Blessings, K

  3. Sherri, I am a little afraid to weight right now myself too since I have heard some people gain weight after having a steroid injection. I can totally relate how that scale rules your emotions. I use to like Matthew too until I heard he is a stinky man....all natural is not my idea of Anyway I am so glad you and your sister's get along. I know you know how jealous I am of you because that. Next Saturday
    is our family night again and I am not looking forward to going but I do what I have to do. Have a great week and you will do better next weigh in.

  4. Happy spring to you! :) It was a beautiful day here in GA too. A little breezy but beautiful. I wouldn't worry about the little gain. I have been going up and down like crazy the past two weeks...I think I need to work on my fiber and digestion because things aren't passing through. Not sure if this might be an issue for you, but nothing to worry about. Your doing awesome Sherri!!

  5. Sherri you are such a sweet person, I'm so glad you had a nice time with your sisters. Sharing dessert is so fun, everyone gets a taste and no one has to eat the whole thing.

    I know what you mean about taking a road trip to trader joe's, we don't have one here supposably getting one soon, but who knows when that will happen. Hubby and I are planning a trip to see friends at the end of April and they have whole foods and trader joe's, I'm gonna buy some of the bfc products I can't get here. I like to try things before I would be willing to order them online.

  6. Oh Sherri, you are so right. The scale DOES NOT define you. Just keep on keeping on with patience and faith. Work at it as you are doing and you WILL make it! Where the mind goes, the body follows. So, keep that mind as positive as you can and you will get where you want to go. And as for being a winner, sweetie, you already ARE! And that's for SURE. (()) Helen

  7. Ok, can I just say...I have the greatest blogging buddies in the world!!! Thanks for all the wonderful kind & encouraging comments!! You are all simply the best!
    Welcome Kayzfam! I am so excited to have you join us. We are a small group but we are filled with positive energy and there is an abundance of wisdom here so stick with us kid, and you will go far!
    Love you guys!!!((Sherri))

  8. Hi Sherri...I don't get to read all the blogs very often, so i check back every now and then. Wow, you are doing great!! It must be in the air because i've been up and down the last two weeks too!! It really freaks you out but like you said the scale does not define us and i will try to keep that in mind, thanks for your words of wisdom! I love Trader Joe's too, when my daughter was going to school in Des Moines, IA, it was so great to go there, now she's home from college and from our house it's 3.5 hours away!!(BUMMER) and it's the only one in Iowa!! I love their sprouted bread!! She has a graduation ceremony in April, so i'll stock up then. I saw in Rosalie's blog that you do Leslie Sansone, i've done that for years, and you're right, if you can get past her goofiness, it's really pretty easy. One of these days i'll have to start up again.(I hate exercising!!)