Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Morning! 3/16/11

Good Morning Friends!

Well, here it is hump day already! I am having a very good week and feel super motivated to get this weight off. I have to tell you, I almost look forward to my next weigh in day to see what the scale will say. Crazy, isnt it? Well, perhaps I'm just the crazy one! lol.

Anyways, yesterday, I was tidying up my closet and putting cruise clothes away that I didn't get around to doing and for some reason, I looked at the back of my closet and I have all of my old uniforms hanging there that I wore when I worked in the main hospital (we had to buy our own). I now work in a surgery center and our scrubs are provided for us and laundered for us too! (an awesome bonus!) Anyways, I thought, "I'm gonna try these on and see what they look like now." My jackets used to be snug fitting and I would always snap the last button so that it covered my big belly. The snap used to just make it closed and I always had to readjust my jacket throughout the day to keep the belly covered. So, to my unbelievable surprise, when I tried them on yesterday, they are now HUGE on me!! I can pull ALOT of fabric and I showed my hubby last night and he just smiled and said "keep it up".They are all XL jackets and there is no doubt in my mind, that I now can say I would definitely be wearing a Large. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I just couldnt believe it! It is truly FINALLY starting to show and I have also noticed that my 16W jeans are noticibly bigger in the hip area and I am thinking I could probably wear a straight 16. I am not going to buy anything new just yet. I would like to get down another 10# before I do that. I still have lots of 16s in my closet that will work for the time being. I have no 14s in my closet (probably because I havent worn a size 14 since 2000!) and I gave them all away to my friend after she had lost alot of weight from having gastric bypass surgery. So that will be a great day when I can go out and purchase a pr of size 14 jeans!! Gosh, I cant wait!! I am now able to wear just the regular Size Large in our scrub pants at work which is a really exciting thing too! Scrubs are so sloppy looking and the XLs are huge on me now to the point where I have to roll them down at the waist!! wahoooo!!

So thats my exciting news thats been happening over here. I am finding that I enjoy digging around in my closet and trying old things on. It just validates that what I am doing is working and I think its whats been the most motivating factor for me to keep me going. I also have been exercising more. I have a stationary bike that also works the arms and I have been doing an hour a couple of times a week. My plan this week is to do at least 3-4 days. It doesnt aggravate my achilles tendonitis so I think this will have to be my form of activity for now. I actually enjoy it too (outside of my tush hurting from sitting there so long)! I sit in front of the TV with my water bottle & put on a good show and I pedal away! If a good show is on, the time flies! I hope that this will make a difference at my weigh in on Sat morning. I am hoping for a 2# loss this week so that I can  hit my 10% weight loss. Keep your fingers crossed...I am trying really hard!!

Well gals, hope I dont sound like I am rambling on & on here. Have a wonderful hump day!
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  1. Good luck Sherri! Your doing so good, and that is awesome about your old uniforms. :) I wear a size 16w as well and its about time to go down a size, but I wanna lose a bit more first before I purchase another size because then we will just have to get a smaller size after that so I just keep pulling my pants up or wear a belt. Its exciting!! I feel ya on getting excited about the next weigh in. I am always anxious about seeing the scale go down another couple of pounds each Monday morning that I do my official weigh in. :)

  2. Sometimes you just can't see your own weight loss until you slip on a pair of old pants or a favorite shirt that's been hanging in the closet for so long. Then the buttons go together like peanut butter and unsweetened jelly, and you know you're doing it right! Congratulations girl! Keep it up to echo your husband;)

  3. Wow Sherri - how exciting that was huh? I remember when I did that for the first time. You probably can't even describe the feeling all the way. I have to say that you are doing so great! Don't stop what you are doing.
    I got some 12's for ya. :-)