Thursday, March 17, 2011

A great food find to share...

Good morning!!

Well, I took some great pictures of some foods that I have made & a new product find and for some reason, my USB port isn't functioning to allow me to download them....grrrrr!! So you will have to use your imagination now. My apologies....darned technology!!

So I have made the most delicious breakfast every morning for the past 3 days. Its nothing new to any of you I'm sure but I'm telling you, I have been enjoying it so much! 1/2 c egg beaters scrambled (0/0) with 1/2 oz melted 2% milk cheese (0/0), 2 slices turkey bacon (0/0), 1 slice Ezekial sesame sprouted bread toasted and 1 c chocolate unsweetened almond milk(0/) and my coffee. YUM YUM YUM!!! The total sugars is zero and the carb count is 18 so it is a 0/1 breakfast. What a bargain and I have a happy tummy ! I also had about 3 strawberries (1/2 c) sliced and a few blueberries. (6/1) totally worth it to enjoy the fruit with it!!

So the other day I went to Super Wal Mart and found these FLAT PITAS that are really fantastic! They are called Josephs Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Pita Bread. There are 6 flat bread "loaves" in each pkg and they were sooo cheap....only $2.08/pkg!!! The best part is , not only are they very good but there is no sugars in them and 1 flat bread is only 8 gms carb & 4gm of fiber and 60 calories so you could actually have 2 of them (they are the size of a lunch plate) and it will only count as 0/1 for 2!!! I made a pita pizza the past 2 nights in a row (I was gonna post a picture to show you how yummy  it looked but as you know, my USB port is acting up!!)). Sooo...I took 1 flat pita (0/1), 2T pizza sce (2/0) 1 1/2 oz part skim mozzarella cheese (0/0) , 3/4 oz Hormel mini turkey pepperoni (0/0) and 1/4 cup canned mushrooms drained on top (0/0) and baked it on a piece of foil in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. I honestly felt like I was really enjoying "real" pizza. The taste was just awesome and although the "crust" was thin, it was great!!! I have tried the smart & delicious tortillas & I just don't care for them for some reason. I find halfway through whatever I am eating on it, I start getting "gaggy" & cant finish it. I just dont like the taste at all so this is a real saving grace to find such a carb friendly bargain!! If you see them, don't hesitate to buy them...they are worth it!

Not a whole lot going on here today. I am going to go pop an exercise DVD in and then shower & putz around the house. Have to take my oldest dtr to the oral surgeon for evaluation of wisdom teeth & whether or not they need to come out. She is NOT happy with me on this but her orthodontist wants her to have them removed and I told her that we didn't pay $5,000 for braces only to have them get shifted around because of her wisdom teeth. she doesn't see the point but then again, I am dumb as a box of rocks! haha! Didn't we all think our parents were that when we were teens? I remember thinking to myself "my mom doesn't know anything". Now, I think she is the most intelligent person on the planet! Funny how that changes when we go out on our own! I cant wait for the day when she sees that I always have her best interest at heart.

So that's about it for me today. I hope you are all having a great week! Only 2 more days til I weigh in and the dang scale hasn't budged an inch!! I really want to hit my 10% this week!! Gonna really step it up with exercise and being diligent. I have had a really great week food wise making good choices and staying on plan. Keep those fingers crossed and keep on keepin on my sista girlfriends!!!



  1. Sherri, boy do I remember my daughters teen years. She had braces and beautiful teeth and the day she turned 18 she went out and got a tongue ring just to annoy me after we paid all that money for her teeth just for her to ruin them. She is pregnant now and I told her about pay I will have to look for those pita breads at walmart because I get a little tired of those tortillas myself and after eating them for 7 months I feel I need a little change. I will cross my fingers for you weigh in you are doing such a great job. I am still stuck at 190 but I am going in tomorrow for my cervical injection and then I will be able to get back into the gym down to some serious business.

  2. Wow awesome sounding breakfast! :) Great find on the pita bread. I looked online and my walmart said they sell them, but I am wondering what aisle you found them in, like were they will the breads or somewhere different? Just wondered because for some reason I never can find pita bread anywhere which is weird to me, but maybe I am looking wrong. Thank you for sharing the info!! :) Good job with the exercising!

  3. Lindsay, they are in the bakery area, near the bread. at least thats where they are in my wal mart. Diana, I hope you feel better. I know how awful it is to have chronic pain. That weight will come off girl. Just keep on keepin on and maybe start keeping a tighter diary on what you are eating? I know I tend to get sidetracked when I dont keep track of what Im putting in my mouth. If you bite it, write it!

  4. Thanks for sharing about the pitas, I am excited to look for them!!!

    Your daughter will appreciate having her wisdom teeth out as a teenager when she is older and finds out how much she would have to pay if she did it herself. Thankfully my folks had me do it when I was a teen under their insurance, and I only appreciated it when I saw how much my co-workers had to pay out of pocket.

    You are a good Mom and someday she will appreciate you...I have found that I actually not only love my Mom but I like her as a person, but it basically took me getting married at 25 to see her in a new light.

  5. Sherry - I knew those sounded too good to be true. Look at the ingredients, it has sucralose. I am sorry. I feel like th grim reaper.
    I really wanted to try them too.
    For some weird reason I never got my wisdom teeth. I guess I was lucky. Have a great day.

  6. I always got along with my Mom, but when I was in my teens I did get embarrassed when she hung around me sometimes while we went to a show or shopping together. I did think I was smarter than her, and never wanted to listen to her advice, but I think I soaked it in by osmosis anyway. So never stop talking to them even when you think they aren't listening. They hear ever word, and it will guide their lives. I love my Mom so much, and she just had heart surgery this past week too, and she is going home today after seven days in the hospital. She is doing great by the way! My Dad, and brother will take good care of her. My son wore braces, and the day he got them off he never wore his retainer, and his teeth at 22 yr. old look alright, but they could have used the retainer to keep them more straight. Oh kids today, they have a mind of their own. Ummm, wonder where they get that from...

  7. HEy Rosalie! I just checked my package of pitas and there is no sucralose in them. Perhaps you were looking at a different kind?