Friday, January 20, 2012

Somebody please tell me what is happening???

Hi everyone!
OK, I am not a happy camper here! It seems that blogger has changed something and I am unable to post comments on certain people blogs (Minichick & Pattie). I am BEYOND irritated with it and I am not sure what I am doing wrong and what I can do to fix this. If you can help me, I would really appreciate it! I am not technical in any way and I feel so badly that I am unable to leave comments. I want Minichick to know how proud I am of you for making WW lifetime!!! What an amazing accomplishment girl!!! Wooo hoooooo!! ( doing the happy dance here!!) And to Pattie, you know how I feel and I have tried to FB you with my thoughts. I am so sorry I cant figure this out girls and please know that I am able to read your blogs, just not able to respond. I am really hoping someone can help me out so I can fix this.

On the weight loss front, well things are not looking good this week. When I got on the scale yesterday am it said I was UP 5#!!! OMG!!!! I was freaking out!!!! I decided to do a week of BFC plan to shake things up. It is so far off from what I do on WW, but I think I need to do something to get the ball rolling again. So far so good. Yesterday was a good day and today has also been good. I want to give a shout out to Dawn and let you know that I made your chocolate muffins the other day and when I first tasted them, I have to be honest, I wasn't crazy about them. They were just kind of bland to me. So I decided to slice the muffin in half (I made them in a full size muffin tin and they came out great! They look prefect!) then I added 1 T. Natures hollow Raspberry preserves split between the 2 halves and a few raspberries on top and can I tell you, it is OMG good!!! I didn't add the chocolate chips to the batter. I added 1/2 tsp of mini choc chips on top before baking them and together with the raspberry, the chocolate muffin and the choc chips on top, it is a decadent dessert! I figured the S/C value of each muffin to be 4 gms sugar and 9 gms of carbohydrate. I only added about 6 raspberries on top and then the natures hollow added in makes it a little more but to me it is worth it! It was nothing short of a little taste of heaven! Thank you Dawn for sharing that recipe!

Well, tomorrow is weigh in day and I am not looking forward to it but I will get on the scale and take my "lumps" and move on. I am just so disappointed that here it is Jan 20th and I am still spinning in neutral. I need a really BIG kick in the pants please! I'm tired of everyone passing me by!!!!

I hope you all had a great week! Sending you all hugs!
p.s please know that if i haven't commented on your blog its because I am having problems. It seems to be random with who I can & cant blog a comment on but I am having the biggest problems with Pattie & Minichicks sites. I am so sorry girls!!!!


  1. Sherri, my advice would be to look into myfitnesspal. I think it would help you to track how many calories that you are eating. That's what WW is all about in a round about way. I think the almond flour and coconut flour are more calories?
    You will get to your ultimate goal! I know you will:)
    I'm no computer techy either so I can't help you on the posting issues. Crazy thing!!!

  2. Thanks! I can't remember if you said that you got Google Chrome to help out. Did you? If not, you might want to try that, otherwise I have no idea. :/

    I'm sorry about your weight. Was this unexpected, or are you not being as clean with your diet as you need to be? Have you listened to the French Women Don't Get Fat links that I posted on my blog? If not, you might want to. They are very inspirational. Maybe they would help you to get your mind back in a good space if that's what you're having trouble with.

  3. I think the chocolate muffins would be a little bland without the chocolate chips too. With something on top, they are perfect, though! I do love them with peanut butter on them. I am trying out almond flour and chickpea flour this week, but I will have to say that everything that is not wheat is more calories. That Natures' Hollow Jam makes EVERYTHING better. LOL!

  4. I use Google Chrome browser all the time and have never had any problems. Sorry about your weight problem - don't worry it will be gone in no time.
    Have a great day :-)

  5. I have had to switch to google chrome browser as well and now I dont have any problems. I am sorry about your weight, man I can feel your pain. I have been there for the last few months and everyone has passed me by too. A lot of mine has been since my surgery but I have got to get back into the game as well. I know we can do this lets kick each others butts lol.

  6. Sherri, I am now logging on through the google chrome browser too, as I was having some of the same problems, like the blank page, but only on some of the blogs. Install the google chrome browser. Click on it, instead of internet explorer when you want to go onto the internet. Then go to the blogs that way. I also have been using the google reader. Try this and I bet you will have not problems leaving comments.

    On another note, I'm spinning in neutral with you. Let's get back on track together. We can do this! Big hugs from me to you! XOXO

  7. Sherri, I actually use Firefox as my browser for everything and I also haven't had any trouble (hope I'm not jinxing myself here). I'm with you on this weight thing. Its getting very frustrating!! Mine is just staying the same no matter what I do. I've been reading up on nutrition sites to see if there is anything else I can do differently. I hope your weigh in turns out OK and if you come up with any good tips to get us moving let me know!!