Sunday, February 26, 2012

I guess I've been away too long...18 days without posting!

Hello friends!

I couldn't believe it when I signed in to my blog (which by the way, I went to sign in and forgot my password!!! Had to reset it...that's pretty bad that I forgot that!) and saw that I have not posted in 18 days!!! OMG! What the heck??! So I want to apologize to you all and let you know that I have no excuses and I have not fallen off the face of the earth....just haven't had the extra time to be online lately. I am a part time person at work and I worked every day last week, which might I add, I don't like to go in every day. I love my part time status as I feel like I can manage the house as well as my life by getting exercise in, cooking meals, cleaning (which I really don't like to do but I suck it up & do it anyways! lol) etc.

So here's a quick update on whats been happening here. As I said, I worked alot last week. The week before I had to have a root canal and ended up having some pain after & had to go back to see the endodontist. The tooth is fine, he just shaved the temporary filling down and had me take Motrin for 3-4 days every 4-6 hrs and surprisingly, that did the trick. I get my temporary filling this Thurs (yay! To finally chew something on the right side of my mouth will be wonderful! Left side is getting a little tired of doing all the work! I have been eating only soft foods and have become very creative with oatmeal.....hahaha! I had a tooth break off under the gum line after my last root canal and had to go through a crown lengthening procedure that I wouldn't wish on my worst I am bound and determined to NEVER EVER let that happen again!!! I will leave it at

Weight wise, I will be honest, it has been tough. I haven't lost anything in 2 weeks....stayed the same this week. I am catholic and last year I gave up diet pop for lent. (I know all of you BFC-ers are gasping!) It was too easy for me and I wanted to give up something more challenging for lent this year, so I decided that I am not going to eat in between meals as well as nothing after 7pm and I will only allow myself to eat when I am physically hungry  (ie stomach growling) I think the reason that I have been "stuck" is because I have just been eating too much food ,even though my diet has been clean. This has really helped me to refocus and so far so good. It is most definitely challenging to do and it is not easy but I will not waver. It is a small sacrifice that I can make. I am still doing WW, but I have also been incorporating the principles of a plan that I followed about 13 yrs ago that I was unbelievably successful on. The plan was called "Weigh Down Workshop". It is a christian based weight loss program that my mom introduced me to in June 2000. My mom started it in March of 2000 and lost 77# in 7 months! She looked fantastic and I was stuck on WW with about 30# left to lose (sound familiar??) so I learned the basics of the program , started in June and by Dec 2000 I was down 33# following this plan...6 months! I ended up losing a total of 58# and was down to my lowest weight that I can remember, 166. Every time I got on the scale, my weight was down. It taught me not to be a "slave to the scale" and not weigh myself every day. I would weigh myself about every 2 weeks because I almost couldn't stand to wait any longer. I had to have my husband hide my scale but it was a positive thing for me because many times, when I weighed myself every day, I would allow that number to determine my happiness and self worth and it helped me to refocus. There is alot more to the plan that I wont go in to. If you are interested you can go to and check out the testimonials, etc. It has helped me not only to control my eating but has also strengthened my faith. Its not for everyone, but I know personally, it helps me...but it's not for everyone.

So guess what??My tummy is growling right now and I am going to go and have a bowl of my homemade chicken barley soup that I made today and a piece of homemade banana baked oatmeal (ww recipe YUMMY!!!). I hope you all are doing well. I have missed you and promise to catch up on your blogs tonight. Again, I am so sorry that I have been away for so long. Wishing you all the start to a great week! Its almost March!!!!!

Love & belief!


  1. Sherri, I was just wondering where you were today. I have been blogging and keeping up here and there. I have so much going on these days and I just can't get to the blogs as much as I want. They really do give me encouragement and support. I missed hearing from you and I like what you gave up for Lent. I gave up all sweet stuff, even BFC approved ones. I might give up the snacking too. That's where I get weak. I'm sending you love and big hugs! Don't be a stranger! XO

  2. It's good to see you again! I was also wondering where you have been. Glad to hear that you've just been busy.

  3. Welcome back stranger. We miss you. I think giving up the snacks and stop eating by 7pm should help you a lot. What ever plan you are following - you know I got your back. :-)

  4. I wondered where you were! I miss your humor:) Is the crappy weather getting you down? Are you ready for Spring and sunshine? I know I am! Hopefully things will calm down a bit and you will be ready to blog like crazy!
    You don't have to blog about the scale you know?:)

  5. Hi Sherri! It's great to see you back!! I can totally understand what you mean about the busy life!! When life throws craziness at you it's about all we can do to just get our day to day chores done let alone blog!
    Are you not thrilled that your root canal part is finished? Last year, when I turned fifty, I decided to go finally take care of TWO toothaches that I'd had for awhile. Can you say procrastinate!! I am a dentist avoider. I went to one dentist that recommended that crown lengthening procedure and I about fainted hearing about it. I went to a different dentist that had all the newest gadgets and equipment and he was actually able to take care of both teeth with just a root canal and crown each. During the root canal they discovered I had four roots per tooth instead of the normal three. Lucky me!! I felt like I was in the dentist office every week for two months!
    Anyway I know how difficult dental treatments can be, and glad you made it through with minimal problems. The crown part is easy.
    I think your diet plans sound awesome!! Giving up snacks was the only way I started losing a bit again. Let us know how it works for you!

  6. Good to hear from you Sherri! I'm trying to cut out the unnecessary eating over here,too.

  7. It is great to hear from you, we're here for you.