Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy February! Im only a week late!

Hellooooooo there!

I'm back!! Life was a bit crazy last week so my apologies for my absence. I feel like I haven't stopped running the past 7 days . Anyways, its time for a post from me, whether you like it or not! hahaha!

Things are going well over here on the weight loss front. I have committed to doing the Simply Filling Technique on WW and it is proving to be successful for me, so far. The first week of SFT (Simply Filling Technique. I am going to abbreviate) I lost 2.6#. Last week I lost .8# for a grand total of 3.4# lost in 2 weeks! Hooray! I am finding this aspect of the plan to not only be very satisfying, but I feel really good eating this way. It encompasses eating more whole, unprocessed foods like fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains (brown rice, barley, quinoa etc) as well as dairy, healthy oils and water. It is a no brainer to me and I think this is whats going to make the difference for me in getting back on track. I will keep you posted weekly and at the end of the month, I will have a grand total to share and hopefully it will be great! I am feeling really energized again and I was thinking to myself the other day...." in 4 months it will be sunny , almost summer and the month of JUNE!!! I am bound & determined to look great this summer and I cant wait to get some new clothes in a size 12....or better yet, my ultimate dream size of a size 10! Its gonna happen...just sayin....

So I am gonna be brief tonight as I need to go and make supper for the family. Hoping you are all doing well. I have missed reading your blogs and plan on taking some time in the next day or so to catch up & write comments.

Love & Hugs


  1. You go girl! I am excited for you on the weight loss and the dedication. I love that WW adjusts and changes for new and different ideas.
    I am excited for Spring, I can't wait for Summer!
    We are all just a bunch of "losers" aren't we?:)
    I love your haircut by the way!

  2. Wow that's great Sherri. I am excited for you and You will be in that 10 in no time :-)

  3. Awesome, Sherri! You're doing great, and you'll be in those size 10s in no time.

  4. My Mom is doing WW, but some other new program. She has been stuck for a long time, but doing better now. Points Plus is a big change for someone who has followed WW for years.

  5. Sherri, so proud of you girl! I am thinking about joining WW next month. I am still on nutrisystem for the rest of this month. Can you please tell me what the difference now versus a year ago on WW. I think you do not have to count your fruit is that correct?

    1. Diana
      Would you have some time to chat this week and I can explain it better....and we can FINALLY get a chance to hear each others voices!!! Let me know and inbox me on FB with your number and we can figure out a time to chat. The only day that wont work for me this week that I can think of would be THurs eve. My hubbys cousins husband died and we have to be at the funeral home.

  6. I'm thrilled for you Sherri--this is great news.

  7. Great job! Doing the happy dance for you!!

  8. Thanks girls! ITs great to re energize with your goals! So far, so good & things are looking up! :)