Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Woo hoo!!! New jeans!!!

Hey girls!

This is gonna be a short post, but I just had to share this exciting news! I went to my favorite consignment store to pick up the clothes & shoes that didn't sell as well as collect my money from what they did sell. I consigned all of my clothes that were too big, many of them size 16-18W jeans & lots of 1x tops. They were very successful in moving alot of the clothing for me and I made almost $46. Not too shabby & way better than what I would have gotten from them at a garage sale. Anyways, back to my main thought of this post. So as I was scoping the store to find my unsold items, I found  a few pr of  jeans & decided to try them on. One pr was a pr of size 14 Gap black denim jeans. They fit perfectly, actually, they are almost a little loose, but they feel good & look good so I bought them. They were brand new with tags on ($59.50) and I got them for $15.99. SCORE! Then I found a pr of Tommy Hilfiger jeans that were in a size 12 that looked brand new. I looked at them, then put them back, then decided to try them on for kicks & giggles and guess what???!! THEY FIT!!! They zipped and everything... and did I mention...THEY ARE A SIZE 12!!!!!! Misses SIZE 12!!!! O M G!!!! I almost fell over in the dressing room....actually I think I almost had a mini stroke in there! I went out to see what they looked like in the 3 way mirror, and then I asked if they had a hand held mirror so I could see if they looked OK to wear in public. Well, they are a tad bit snug still but without a doubt I could wear them out in public, no problem, but I think I will wear them when I am down another 8 or so pounds. I think when I get into the 160s they are gonna fit like a glove! I am so excited!!!!! I haven't had a size 12 pr of jeans hanging in my closet in YEARS....and I mean YEARS!!!!

So that's whats new with me. 2 new pr of jeans for me today. On a sad note, I have to have a root canal next Wed. :( Booooo hiss! I think my dentist was on crack or something when he was drilling my teeth as a kid because every filling I have seems to be overly filled, and now as I am in my 40s, the teeth are starting to fracture & need root canals.( sigh) No fun getting old fun at all! Thank goodness I love my endodontist. (root canal dentist) He is fantastic! (this is my 2nd root canal)

Hope you are all doing great this week! I think I am going to weigh in tomorrow at WW as I cant go on Saturday due to my Cardiac Symposium. I will keep you all posted. Still catching up on blogs so if I haven't commented on your blog, I apologize. I am getting there!

Hugs & Happy Dancing!


  1. OMG! You rock girl! I dont even remember being in a size 12 and if I was if was probably grade school lol. That is so great to be able to sale your clothes and buy some new ones for such a great price. I hope we can chat soon so I can get some WW info.

  2. Woo Hoo Sherri, I am so proud of you for never giving up. You keep going and you will be 150 very - very soon!!
    Big hug - Have a great day :-)

  3. So exciting! I love those moments. Good for you. I bet that was a great push to help you continue to move forward.

  4. Yee Haw! I smiled through your entire post. It's such a great feeling to fit into smaller clothes-- I'm so happy you had such a great moment. You earned that-literally no one else can do that for you, and you did it.

  5. Yay for you Sherri. So happy for you. You worked hard and deserve t. Keep up the great work. Good luck with the root canal. Sending love and hugs to you from me!

  6. Thanks for your encouragement girls. I feel so good since I switched up my eating and have been exercising. I am down another .4# (I weighed in today because I will be at a seminar on Sat) and in 3 weeks I am down a total of 4#. Not too shabby!

  7. Sherri, sorry I've been absent for awhile but I had to tell you how awesome you are for losing 4 lbs!!!! Fitting into size 12 jeans is a fabulous feeling!! I am so thrilled for you to be losing again! You've just about reached your 5 lbs a month goal. Great job!