Saturday, March 31, 2012

Apologies & Atonement....

Hi friends!

Its been a while...I know....and I am sorry. Today is Saturday and I did not weigh in because I met a friend for coffee & to talk. We were the best of friends in high school and over the years have always stayed in touch. The past 3 years we have been very close & some incidents transpired & we  had some words last year & haven't spoken since.It was kind of ugly to be quite honest, and today, it was time to make amends. We talked for about an hour and a half at a local coffee spot, said our "I'm sorry's" and talked about things that were said regretfully and all is now water under the bridge, and I couldn't be happier to have my friend back in my life! There is something to be said about the power of forgiveness. It truly does free the soul!

As it would be, the scale at my house was looking very good too! I think I was down about 1#, but it was more important for me to have atonement with my friend. I have no regrets. My friend also commented that I had lost alot of weight. Made me feel good to hear that!

 The taste buds are still status quo. I thought they were getting better, but honestly, not really. Food in general just tastes yucky. I find myself searching for something that tastes good and I think that's why I'm not dropping weight like crazy. I should be for heavens sake!

Tomorrow starts a new month and I want April to be a month of focus and weight loss. I want to be on program 100% all of the time like Rosalie. That is my goal for the month.

On a fun side note, I went to Kohl's with my 30% off coupon that expired today and bought some really adorable Capri's. I LOVE Capri's and pray they never go out of style! I bought a denim pr, a white pr with really cute white embroidery around the front & back pockets , a pr of white Levis shorts for summer, and also another pr of black Capri's that are the Chaps brand which fit me like a glove usually. I had to special order a pr (they didn't have enough in stock) in a size 16 for some reason. I did buy a pr of them in 14s but they just feel too snug & I have the ole muffin top when I wear them. I know another 10# off & they will look better but until then, I will wear the 16s & have them look decent. I got them for $13 with my 30% off, Kohl's cash & free shipping. Cant beat that!   Everything else was bought in a size 14 still but I would rather have something fit properly than buy something smaller that I will look like a sausage in or will never wear. I also bought a few tops the other day & I think I will need to take the one back & get a medium...its just too big, even my hubby agrees. And to think that 1 year ago I was wearing an XL or 1X in Womens. I think underneath it all, there is a skinny chick waiting to be hatched. lol. I do have small wrists & ankles & these darned legs are getting so skinny!! I wish it would go from my belly instead. I know, I know, I need to follow the BFC! Im not kidding here though, the legs on pants are getting pretty baggy these days. I do wish I had nice curves though & a nice waist. I am kind of straight up & down. I need to wear a mid rise or something a little higher up to give the illusion of a waist. I envy people with nice curves although there are probably alot of people who envy a skinny butt & legs which I have.

So that's it for this girl tonight. Hope you are all doing great! Miss you all and sorry to be such a  stranger. Life's been busy with soccer & softball games after school & then throw work in too and by the time I get home, I'm exhausted!

Hugs to you all


  1. Hi Sherri! I'm so glad you were able to reconnect with your old friend! I'm sorry to hear your taste hasn't come back all the way yet. Hopefully it just needs some more time! The dentists should warn us of this possible side effect don't you think? I'm with you on getting rid of the rest of my belly. For me it is the last thing to go! It's smaller but not gone! With the weather getting warmer I think April will be THE month to energize us into losing another 10lbs!

    1. Happt Spring Beth! I am rady for the sunshine & good walking weather!!! Bring it on!

  2. You sound happy and excited for a new start! That is wonderful that you and your friend reconnected. I've had relationships like that before, it feels good to make them good again. Even if you don't become "besties" again, the negative feelings are gone and life goes on. Those negative feelings eat away at our joy in every day life.
    I'm also excited for you with all of your new clothes! What a treat! I don't shop at Kohls, I may have to give them another chance. My waist is still my hard spot. As I have said, I have no butt, so I could be a size smaller in jeans if it weren't for muffin top. I hate wearing shapers because it feels unnatural and tight. I guess we just have to embrace our skinny butts and be grateful:)
    Have a great week my friend. I am still offering up prayers that your taste buds heal. Good job on the weight loss:)
    Blessings:) K

  3. I'm glad you worked things out with your friend, and I'm sorry that your taste buds are not healing more quickly. Happy April!

  4. Man - I was really hoping that your taste came back. I'm sorry and hope it gets better real soon.
    You are so lucky to have a friend. They are far and few between as we get older.
    And don't you just love Kohl's? I do too.
    Have a great day and don't be a stranger :-)

  5. Glad you and your friend had a chance to work things out. I am sorry to hear about your taste problem. I did do some research and you are not the only one this has happened too. It sounds like people who have gone to the dentist for implants, or injections have had this happen to them. Some say it lasted for a short time others it lasted a lot longer. I think they might have hit a nerve on you and that is what caused your problem. Maybe you should ask another dentist for a 2nd opinion. Hope things work out and I am happy for your weight loss. I am still going strong.

  6. I had some nerve damage after a dental injection (my first time to have that happen) and had numbness for almost 4 there's hope!
    I'm happy you were able to make peace with your friend-I'm sure you've missed each other.

    1. Thanks for your feedback on that Jeri. I am hoping it will come back as fast as it left....I do miss the pleasure of tasting something sweet!

  7. Hey, Sherri, how are you doing? How are your taste buds doing?