Monday, February 25, 2013

The confused girl finally has a plan!

Good morning!
Well, after alot of thought, and after reading Kay & Rosalie's comments (thank you ladies! ) I have decided to give the BFC a full out try for 1 week and see what my results are. I know Rosie that you think we need to commit to a lifetime plan, and I agree with that, but I need to "test the waters" and prove to my doubting self that this can work for me. I am in a huge funk and I need something that will not only work but show me some results. I did BFC before and recall that I did lose weight. The one thing I did notice when I followed it was that my belly was most definitely flatter and I had very few cravings so for the next week, I will keep you posted on how things are working out. I hope to have some good results to post next Monday.

So today, my starting weight was 183- 183.5 (my scale varies so I am using both numbers) My waist measurement today is 38" & around the belly button it is measuring 42". (A big fat uggh on those numbers and I cant believe that I am POSTING them to boot!!! Yikes!) But I am being upfront & honest here so we shall see what transpires.

Wish me luck and any suggestions are gladly received.

Happy Monday!


  1. I am so excited for you!!! Start reading all of the ugly things that sugar does to your system and you will be happy to see it go! You are on your way!!! And posting measurements is a GREAT thing to do, it is a true measure of success! Woot!!!

  2. I am very proud of you for posting the before's too. I did that and kept doing it thru the whole thing. Like I always say - just don't give up and the weight has no where to go but off.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. Hi Sherri,
    After eating bad for several weeks and now my blood sugar is out of control. I am also going back to has worked before and it will work again. Good Luck.

  4. Having a plan feels so good and gives us real direction. Even though I track through myfitnesspal, I still think looking at those labels and tracking the s/c value is still the best way. I think I'll grab my old trackers and start doing that. Good luck and stay in touch!! XO

  5. Way to go! I agree, having a plan is really important. Keep us updated with your progress this week.

  6. So? How is it going? Are you journaling? Are you being a good girl? I just want you to know I am here if there is anything I can do to help you:) I've missed you and I like to see you back again!