Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good morning! Thurs April 14, 2011

Good morning friends!

Well, finally got a day off so I can blog a bit. My kitchen is torn up right now because I am getting my new ceramic tile laid this week. I had them tarp off all my doorways but OMG...such a mess!!! My house is gonna get a really good cleaning when this is all done....hopefully tomorrow it will be completed. 1/2 the tile is laid in the kitchen so he has to do the foyer & the area outside my 1/2 bath & then I think he is grouting it all tomorrow. I love the color of the new tile and it makes my kitchen look so fresh & new.

Got on the scale this morning and it looks like I am down about 1# so far this week. Its been really challenging eating well because my stove is currently unhooked & in my laundry room and my fridge is in the family room. I made myself a romaine & grilled chicken salad for lunch with some Trader Joe's lite cheese and a few black olives & gonna top it off with some real ranch dressing. YUM!! I refuse to eat lite ranch ever is nasty!! I would rather take the caloric hit for the real deal. So I'm all set for lunch today. I am going back to Physical therapy for my tendonitis today. The pain is so bad I am in tears at the end of the night. I am tired of the pain and PT did help alot when I went last year so back I go!!! I just want to walk normal and not with a limp. I am too young to be so gimpy. The things we take for granted like being able to walk without foot pain. If you have good feet, appreciate them! I pray that some day I wont have this pain but I know the inevitable is surgery but it scares me and you are off for at least 3 months and non weight bearing for most of that time. Uggh!!!

So that's pretty much it from this end. Nothing too exciting to tell. Hope you are all doing well. Miss you all and have been thinking of you often! :) Please keep in  touch! I will blog on Saturday when I have my weigh in day.



  1. HI Sherri, Please post pictures when your kitchen is done. I always love good ideas.
    I'm sorry about your foot pain. I used to get back pain so bad before and I know what its like to try to function with it.
    My pain eased when we got a new expensive Darmia foam mattress bed. That really helped me.
    I agree with you about the dressing - regular tastes better.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Bet your floor is going to look beautiful when it's all done. I agree with Rosalie, take a few pics so we can see the finished product. The back of my heal has a bone spur too, and my message lady called my feet, the Flintstone feet! Guess they aren't very pliable, and she said I needed to soak them for an hour, and get them massaged. She asked me if I went up and down ladders! Today I did, sometimes I do. I started wearing backless shoes that I'm not supposed to wear to work, but my jeans are long and covered the back heal when I was limping so bad. Now I change my shoes out, and got thicker souls and wear socks to bed. All helped to alleviate the limping, but the spur (lump) is still there. I know how you feel. To young for this nonsense. I bet when you drop the rest of the weight, it may go away. Where shoes on your tile floor too.

  3. ooooohhh new tile! how fun!! I am awaiting to get new hard wood floor in one room of mine but never find the time. Hopefully soon. That is great about the 1# :) Every little bit is great!! Hope your foot feels better.