Thursday, October 13, 2011

Good morning! Thursday Oct 13,2011

Good morning friends!

Lots to do today so just a quick post here this morning. My week of vacation is flying by and I haven't accomplished anywhere near what I wanted to get done this week. Gotta get my tail in gear!!

Hubby and I went up to Niagara Falls, Canada yesterday on a day trip to celebrate our 18th anniversary (which is this coming Sunday Oct 16th). It was rainy & cool & we cut our trip short (only spent 4.5 hrs there) because it really started raining. We played a bit at the casinos & donated about $80. arrgh! I really don't enjoy gambling because I cant get over the thought that I could use the money toward groceries or something like that but oh well, it was fun playing video blackjack & we know when to say when & leave. WE got home about 4:30, picked up the girls & took them to Olive Garden for dinner. My oldest had a really hard time with the menu as she is super picky. My youngest was in her glory with all the menu choices. They are like day & night in so many ways. Anyways, I had soup & salad & it was delish! I had the zuppa tuscono (1 cup) and they brought me the lower calorie salad dressing on my salad & 1 1/2 breadsticks(I love to dip it in my soup!) . I couldn't finish it all and I stayed within my points allowance for the day which was great. The scale is looking good this week so fingers crossed, it will keep on going down. I have been exercising daily (except for yest but we walked alot) & I think that really does make a difference. I want to go to jazzercise but I am a bit intimidated by it all & Im afraid I wont be coordinated enough to do the moves. I never took a dance class before in my life & it looks very "dancy" to me. I will wait for my sister to go with me to the trail class. Until then, looks like its gonna be walking & my exercise tapes for the rest of the week.

                                              Here are a few pics from our trip to the Falls.

                                                                 Me & the hubs....


I have noticed my face & upper body are really getting alot thinner. Have a great rest of the week &" keep on keepin on" girls! We are getting there!

P.s on a side note~ I want to order some of the Natures Hollow sugar free jams but not sure what flavors are the best. If you use them, would you please chime in & tell me what flavors are your favorite?? Thanks! We cant buy them in the stores up here in PA so I have to order them online. I trust all of my "buds" taste buds! :)



  1. Your face is looking skinnier! wahoo! So far I've only tried strawberry and mountain berry, but they are both really good. I'm guessing that they are all tasty. I might like the berry one a tad better, because it has real whole mountain blueberries in it - pretty awesome to open up a sugar free jam and find real fruit inside. :)

  2. HI Sherri, Love the pics, and you look great!! About the Natures hollow, I love raspberry, peach, but they are all very good.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. Sherri, I love your pictures!! We made a little trip up there a couple years ago and had such a nice time. The Falls are really something! I'm also intimidated with dance/exercise classes. I'll be curious to see what you think.

  4. You look so pretty and thin in your pictures. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary. I love the raspberry one the best, then the mountain berry would be my 2nd choice. I understand the fear of taking the class when you dont have any rhythm that is one reason I have not tried Zumba yet.

  5. Hi Sherri..Thank you for leaving your wonderful comment on my site a while back ago..I was MIA from I apologize for the delay. And BTW I like the peach nature hollows..but its because Im not a berry girl.

  6. I love your pics, it looks like you guys had a nice time...Happy Anniversary! I've only had the raspberry natures hollow it was good and I would buy it again.

  7. I enjoyed your pics. You look great! Good job sticking with your points. Keep on keeping on.

  8. Hi Sherri. Just catching up on all the blogs. You look great and I hope you had a wonderful time at the falls. I love the natures hollow and I love the mountain berry, although I just ordered the apricot and blueberry. I like their sugar free ketchup too. I order from this site called They ship everything for one low price of $4.99. I also got these Mama Lupe tortillas, and they have lots of great stuff. The natures hollow is a little cheaper than the natures hollow web site. I bought the flat out wraps and they were way cheaper than in my supermarket. The order comes really fast too. Check it out. Hugs to you. I missed my blogging buddies while I was away!